YouTube not working on Roku TV? Here’s why

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Roku can stream various television channels on iMac and smart phone devices. Roku ties you to your television and can provide streaming of online content. When the video is not loading, the Roku can sometimes be frozen and the YouTube apps can’t load properly.

Maybe it’s an issue with internet connectivity causing an issue with your YouTube accounts or a device issue on your Roku. Alternatively you can not log into YouTube or watch any video you have created. This problem may arise at anytime. The solution is simple to solve.

YouTube not working on Roku TV

This is a free streaming website to view a variety of video formats such as television shows or sports. Download it to your Roku channels or stream endless entertainment. How will Youtube work without Roku? Tell me the plan.

How can I solve this issue? So there is not much need for transport! It has become an extremely popular streaming player and works well, but not always smooth! Sometimes it is difficult to access YouTube or other video streaming services on Roku. The following guide explains why YouTube does not work on Roku. Read this article and you’ll get the answer! Content of the site.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku?

There’s an easier way to solve the Youtube problem. The best fast solutions to these problems are shown. 1. Check internet connection. Start with verification of internet connection. Sometimes a wireless connection might be disconnected and you cannot launch the application or watch videos. In these circumstances the network should be restarted.

Disconnecting the router is advisable. Connect your Roku device to WiFi and you’ll be able to watch videos from YouTube.

  1. Check for slow connection.
  2. Change theme to default Roku theme
  3. Set up screen saver on a roku clock if possible
  4. Check updates for the settings/systems.
  5. Remove the Yt app, restart the system, setting/System/System restart.
  6. Reset connection settings in a system setting.
  7. Remove all power from Roku after 10 min – test again later. Factory reset.

Reinstalling the application is usually troubleshooting and YouTubers with Roku problems can’t get the application installed if it was removed. YouTubers contacted them via telegram. The site tells users not to re-open their account if they delete their video app on iRoku.

Access can be made by going to YouTube homepage. This will make your life easier. 1. You’ll see the video on your Roku device. 2. Choose YouTube TV in the navigation box.

Other potential issues

Several Twitter posts show that the problem has not yet been fixed or that the problem will return. YouTube Support confirmed that the apps are no longer supported by Roku devices.

We know that YT does not support Roku devices so this is a communication that we have shared this information with the Roku team. We suggest you share the feedback with your colleagues by clicking the link below to request feedback. Thank you very much!

Chromecast and TiVo issues

Google Chromecast and Tivo devices are being offered to consumers via YouTube TV today. YouTube TV has no timetable for 4K streaming, but users can download 720p 4k content on the TV for offline use.

Users also have the option of adding unlimited concurrent streaming while in their home which is a massive increase compared to three limits previously set for. Over the last two weeks, Roku dropped 6.7% in the NASDAQ.

How to Fix a Roku device with Youtube

Roku is the largest streaming player available today. It has a wide range of channels, enabling easy and quick access for Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix and many other streaming applications.

The streaming system also offers other options to satisfy consumer demands regarding entertainment devices. It is a common issue that YouTube cannot play video content on Roku streaming devices.

Restart Roku device

If the Youtube App isn’t experiencing any problems, restarting the Roku device is a straightforward solution. This method can improve streaming devices’ performance by generally eliminating freezing, lagging, and sometimes crashes.

If you restart an existing Roku computer you will be unable to delete or update the settings on your device. Follow this guide to start a Roku streaming system.

Do Factory Reset Roku

The other effective way for removing videos from Roku is a factory reset. Before you get to this solution you need to understand that the settings stored in Roku devices must be removed permanently. You must be logged in to the streaming channel Netflix. Tell me the best way of pairing Roku to TV.

Check for reported outages on Youtube servers

If Youtube does not work, then first check the app if the outages are recorded. Try accessing Youtube to check whether it occurs only on Roku devices.

You may also use the internet to get real-time information from DownDetector and find other people having the same problem on YouTube.

Update to the current Roku OS

Similar to other streaming services, Roku’s developer provides periodic updates. Roku users are required to use these updates as they intend on improving present features and fixing known errors. Update your Roku OS with this guide.

Check the internet speed of your Roku device

When Youtube doesn’t work on RCTV suddenly you should check your internet connection as that may cause the problem. If you need internet access, you will need to download videos from the YouTube app.

Delete and reinstall Youtube App

If the above solutions do not fix your problems, we recommend that you delete the existing Youtube app since some bugs might arise.

Troubleshoot your internet connection

How can I improve internet speeds for a Roku Youtube video app? If you can’t find YouTube on any computer then you’ve probably installed and searched this application incorrectly before. How can I fix this problem?

Step – 1: Choose stream channels from Roku menu. Step 2. Enter YouTube in search. Step 2: Select your application from this list. 3. Click the channels. Upon installation, the channel appears at the Roku TV screen.


The Roku streaming device can be used to connect any television to a smart TV. Streaming software such as YouTube is also available. How can I know a YouTube app won’t work on my Roku phone?

It is possible to do several easy fixes yourself. How does YouTube stop working for Roku and how should it be fixed? Tap home five times on a remote control. You can also press the arrow up and press rewind twice. Finish pressed forward two times. So it requires restarting. Until it restarts, let it restart for about 15 seconds before launching Roku again.

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