Your Request Could Not Be Processed. We’re Unable to Verify This Credit Card

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Your request could not be processed. we’re unable to verify this credit card. occurs for a variety of reasons. In some cases a customer’s bank declined the transaction. This may be because their card does not support the transaction. Other times it may be a setup or connectivity issue. Rarely this error indicates a problem with the amount of the transaction. In such cases contact your bank to get more information about the issue and use a different payment method.

Invalid transaction type

You can see the reason for the decline in your payment gateway account and make a change if necessary. The status of a transaction may be declined for many reasons. The credit card company may have declined the transaction for a number of reasons including the validity of the card’s billing address or the card’s security code. In such a case you can either contact the customer or destroy the card before it is used again.

An error occurred when submitting the transaction. For instance the card used was not supported by the card’s primary CPU. The SE number entered was incorrect. In addition the transaction was declined due to the invalid reference transaction ID. You need to check the card’s eligibility for this type of transaction. If you have a valid card you can try a different type of transaction instead.

You can try a different credit card or another method to complete the transaction. Sometimes a credit card issuer refuses a transaction if it’s invalid but it’s not impossible. The card issuer may not allow the transaction or it might have been invalidly set up at the processor’s end. This is usually resolved by contacting the bank. In some cases invalid card validation may also be caused by an invalid PIN. In this case it’s best to retry the transaction after contacting the bank.

If you have a physical card of the customer you can try to manually call the card-issuing bank and verify the card. If you don’t have the card you can try a different payment method from the customer. In any case the authorized amount must be greater than zero and in a format that is suitable for PayPal’s payment system. If you received an error message on a mobile device try to complete the authentication process on your computer. If the error is still present you can try resubmitting the transaction by supplying the proper SKU Number.

In most cases you can use a MasterCard or Visa debit card to make a purchase. You can also use a debit card if you don’t have a residential billing address. However you should note that if you don’t have a residential address you won’t be able to use PayPal. The error message could include ‘Check with your bank’ or ‘8012271F.’

Invalid store ID

This error can occur because the issuer has declined the transaction or because the payment method is invalid. For a Visa card present transaction the issuer may refuse to process the transaction because they suspect fraud. A Mastercard transaction is rejected if the issuer or processor has downtime and cannot authorize the transaction. To resolve this problem the shopper should contact their card issuer and try the transaction again with a different payment method.

If you believe that the cardholder has entered the incorrect PIN try contacting the issuer. For a FDI Australia card try setting validationMode to test Mode and then retry the payment. If you do receive the same error message you can try another payment method or add funds to your bank account. If you are unsure of the credit card issuer call customer service and ask them to verify the information for you.

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