Your Internet Connection Is Unstable

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You are experiencing problems with your Internet connection. Rather than calling a technician and spending a small fortune you should attempt troubleshooting steps first. These steps include resetting your router disabling HD video in Zoom and monitoring network performance. If none of these steps resolves the problem try a few of the following:


The error message ‘your internet connection is unstable zoom’ can mean one of several things. Perhaps your internet connection isn’t stable enough to allow Zoom to operate correctly. Perhaps you’re too far from your router or you’re using outdated network hardware. Whatever the case it’s important to troubleshoot the problem to get zoom back up and running. Below are a few solutions to the problem.

First troubleshoot your internet connection. You may have an unstable internet connection if you’re using VoIP. Check that your modem and Wi-Fi network are working properly. Another factor that can affect the speed of your internet connection is its strength. If it isn’t try a different ISP or try downloading faster. Sometimes the problem may be as simple as outdated network adapter drivers.

Resetting the router

One of the most common reasons that your internet connection is unstable is that your device is out of date. This can happen with your wired/wireless router or Cable/DSL modem. If this is the case you may want to replace them. Before resetting the router though check whether the device is still in good working order. Also you can try updating the operating system and the network card. If none of these methods work try resetting your router.

Resetting the router is the easiest way to fix the problem. To do this simply turn the router off and on again. You should see a new IP address in the status tab. If this doesn’t fix the problem move on to step three. You may also try restarting your computer. The restart will allow the router to run at a new speed and solve your problem. Usually it takes about 10 seconds.

Disabling HD video in Zoom

When you’re working on a project you might notice that your webcam is taking up a lot of data. To save bandwidth you can disable the webcam feed in your Zoom client. Then you can still use video during introductions and questions. Disabling HD video will help your Zoom sessions to run as smoothly as possible. And if your internet connection is still unstable you can always call the number that is in the Zoom invitation email.

If you can’t resolve the problem try changing the Zoom video settings to a lower resolution. In some cases the problem might be due to a malfunction in your router or PC. Rebooting your PC and network devices may resolve the problem. If the problem persists unplug your PC and router from the power source. This step will automatically update the driver. However if you don’t have time to do it yourself you can contact the manufacturer of your Zoom video card to see if it will fix your issue.

Monitoring network performance

If you are having trouble using Zoom you might experience an unstable internet connection. There are several things you can do to ensure you have a stable and fast connection. First make sure your Wi-Fi network and modem are working. If your internet connection is slow it might be due to a malfunction of your ISP. You can try using a different ISP or download faster service to see if this solves the problem.

Another way to identify if your Zoom internet connection is experiencing problems is to monitor the network performance using an app. A network monitoring tool can help you determine if the problem is local or in AWS’s network. A good tool to use when your Zoom internet connection is unstable is the Obkio network monitoring service. It uses AWS infrastructure to provide security and content distribution. Then you can use this monitoring service to troubleshoot the network performance of Zoom applications.

Using a public monitoring agent

A performance monitoring tool will allow you to determine when your internet connection is slow or out of service. It can track your connection from multiple locations and identify outages. Using a performance monitoring tool will also let you know when your web servers are down and which hop caused the problem. A performance report will detail the specific issues and give you an idea of how to troubleshoot them. You can even set up notifications for performance problems by email SMS or pager alerts.

Using a public monitoring agent when your Internet connection is unstable is easy and you can find the data center closest to your location in the Zoom settings. By monitoring your cloud app you can identify if problems are local or within Amazon’s network. Zoom also makes use of Amazon’s AWS infrastructure to store customer data. If you experience problems in one of its data centers you can use a public monitoring agent located in the nearest AWS data center.

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