Xbox one won’t turn on but makes sound – Here’s what to do

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Many reports have stated that Xbox One does nothing but beep. It is a commonly occurring issue and is caused by many causes and influences. The most common issues are solutions you may try for yourself unless you are not dealing with hardware errors.

We will examine the causes and remedies to this problem. You have a good chance of reading this article and try every method listed in the xbox one.

Xbox one won’t turn on but makes sound – The Fix

The “ Xbox One is not turned on but it beeps”. These issues can easily be solved through simple procedures if necessary. If no software issue is identified, the issue with the Xbox 1 will not run but beeps, causing the problem to occur.

Because it is incredibly common for an Xbox One S battery to not be powered, there is not a single cause that has a single root cause. A number of common Xbox One issues are discussed and possible remedies are discussed.

Press sync, eject and power buttons simultaneously

It’s complicated and you can never make it right at once. Please see all of the steps listed here or see the attached video.

The first step is to hold the button for ten minutes and eject the switch. Step 2: After a few seconds release the ejection button. Step three: After a second silence release everything from this button. Step 4: Hold the power button and press the sync button.

When the computer doesn’t boot up, press the sync button several times while pressing power buttons.

Xbox One console button variations

If your last soft reset option does not work for you, then you can try another alternative option by dragging various buttons into the console.

Internal software may be caught in a loop that requires inputs for breaking this loop. It is possible to use the buttons in certain games to make them work.

Eject button tapping

Several Xbox users have posted their own fixes, which is available on many Xbox public forums. It may sound strange, but it has helped reset the internal hardware for many. You can’t put discs in your tray if so, it doesn’t matter.

In this case the software is forced to concentrate on ejecting the disc trays from the disc holder. The easiest way to put the disc into it is to insert a new disc. This could suffice for breaking the software loop so the system can focus on a new task, that is reading that disc.

Triple button

Normally this solution involves placing three buttons in the right place for resetting internal systems. It may be utilized frequently when a problem occurs and will not affect your downloaded game.

Power Cycle your Xbox One

Power cycles are reset and console is on standby. The battery is activated by the Xbox when you turn it off. Keep it pressed for 10 seconds and the battery will flash. If the game is not powered up, restart it by turning it on or off before it starts to run. This doesn’t delete any apps.

Insert a disc in the Disc Drive of the Xbox One

This is the best option in case your console has no discs. When your console is turned off you can insert discs into your drive press the power button and wait to hear the sound. After hearing a beep try pressing the disk slowly and the console accepts the disc and it may start.

Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps?

If you try every common solution and your Xbox still beeps then you have to get it repaired. Because of hardware problems, it may be difficult to solve and it’s not recommended to attempt to fix it yourself. Lists some hardware failures that are causing an unused bootup.

Faulty PSU

Xbox One has an internal PSU which sometimes doesn’t provide sufficient power for initial installation. You can fix this or replace it, however, replacement prices are often more affordable than used Xboxes.

Xbox One error something happened on our end

The problem is mostly due to a lack of software updates. Factory resets the console and the Xbox Downloads this updated software. Setup > System > Consoles > Reset console > Reset and maintain game & application files.

Xbox One shuts down suddenly

One cause of over-heating is: As previously noted, wait a few minutes before you begin the Xbox to remove the air conditioning fans. When this doesn ‘t work then try turning off the console and removing the HDD.

Consoles – Overheating

Console overheating causes other problems with the boot process. If the console is over heated, then no steps are required to disconnect the console. Keep the vents clear if possible to protect your fans.

How do I fix Xbox One’s Beeps?

This bootup problem has several different solutions. There is a list of all commonly reported fixes available here. All fixes are not compatible for me. You can ask the electronics dealer for assistance.

Remove the USB Devices and the External HDD

In this step, you must remove the USB plugs and the external hard drive if you’ve used a computer while you turn off the device. Once that is done, click on the power key and you can start normal operation. It will boot automatically. The USB cable will be reconnected as soon as it boots up.

Reset the internal power supply

It is quite straightforward. Unplug the power cable and wait 10 minutes or so. Afterwards reconnect the cables and press Power buttons. The game starts automatically.

Why does your Xbox One beep but won’t turn on?

Whenever you are trying to find a solution you can ask your technician to repair your console. Here we’ve discussed common hardware errors that limit the console’s ability to boot from the console.

Power cycle and soft reset your Xbox One

The simplest way of fixing an Xbox 1 beeping and not being activated is with a Soft Reset, Power Cycle or both. Please start a soft reset as it will remove all of the storage in the console.

Liquid on Motherboard

The liquid can damage the Xbox and hinder its startup. Sometimes, the Xbox switches on but then shuts down after a couple of seconds. This should be fixed by a qualified professional.

Press the Eject button Repeatedly

It is usually the best option. Press a 10x eject button and the Xbox One starts automatically. It’s possible to try this twice as often and this could also work.

Faulty power brick and cable

If you don’t have a power source you may try replacing the power cable and cable and see if this helps.


The Xbox One is now supported by Microsoft and is expected to launch sometime this fall. However, players continue to have issues with the consoles after completing a series of software updates. If the sound isn’t working, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One.

A common complaint from gamers is the console ringing when they start. Fortunately, this can be resolved quickly. When your computer is having problems, follow the guide to find out what causes these problems.

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