Windows 10 Mail App Not Working Properly?

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Windows 10 is an emailing system from Microsoft that was developed as part of their operating system.

The biggest problem users found with the app was that it would crash when trying to open or just wouldn’t load full stop but there are more reported issues than the Mail app crashing.

These problems crop up because the Mail app is offered to users as a type of service, which means it is constantly being developed for improvements.

Throughout the use of the Mil app long term, it means you will likely find more issues than when you first begin using it, such as the app not syncing or having issues adding new user accounts.

Other problems people have had with the app, are going to be addressed in this article along with some fixes to each issue you might find when using the app.

Windows 10 Mail App Not Working Properly

How do I troubleshoot when the Windows 10 mail app is not working?
First things first, when your mail app isn’t working, this might be the fact it is not sending emails, not showing up to date received emails or some other issue you are experiencing.

You can use the in-built Windows Store App Troubleshooter to try and identify any issues, and remedies to fix them. To use the troubleshooter:

  1. Go to the ‘Start’ Menu.
  2. Type in ‘Troubleshooter settings’ into the search bar.
  3. Select ‘Windows Store Apps.’
  4. Select the button that says ‘Run the troubleshooter’
  5. Let the OS check any issues and fix any problems it may come across.
  6. Restart your computer once the check is complete.
  7. Open the mail app to see if the issue is now fixed.

How do I reset the Mail app?

One way to fix the subsequent issues with the Mail app is to reset the app from the setting application.

Resetting the Mail app clears out app data, which means it also gets rid of any corrupt files and it is easier than reinstalling the app completely.

More often than not a reset of the app, will rectify the problem with the app so to do this follow the process given here:

  1. Press ‘Windows key’ plus ‘I’ on the keyboard.
  2. This will open your ‘Settings.’
  3. Choose ‘Apps’ from the options given.
  4. Go to ‘Apps and features.’
  5. Choose ‘Mail and Calendar’ from the list given.
  6. Go to ‘Advanced options.’
  7. Hit the ‘Reset’ button.
  8. Click ‘Reset’ again to confirm.
  9. Let the reset option run the process of deleting the files.
  10. Reboot your computer to confirm changes and try your mail app again.

How do I fix a syncing issue with my mail app?

One common complaint of the Mail app for Windows 10 by users is that the email service does not sync new emails. Whatever client the user uses, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or any other email provider, it doesn’t seem to stop this issue.

It doesn’t matter whether you try to fetch new emails as they arrive or download them all over again, this issue persists. So to fix it you can try the following option:

  1. Go into the Mail app.
  2. Go to ‘Settings.’
  3. Go to ‘Manage Accounts.’
  4. Go to the account you want to synchronise.
  5. Go to ‘Change mailbox settings.’
  6. Under the dropdown menu, select ‘Download email from’ and select the option that says ‘any time.’
  7. Go to the menu under ‘Download new content’
  8. Choose ‘As items arrive’ as the new default option.
  9. Check the sync option for Email and Calendar is turned ‘On.’
  10. Press ‘Done and then ‘Save’ to keep your new settings.

How do I reset my firewall?

Users of the mail app have found that sometimes their in-built firewall such as Windows Defender is the reason they are getting issues with the Mail app.

This is because sometimes when you update through Windows Update, firewall settings can get changed automatically and they then impede on the Mail apps default settings.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ on the keyboard.
  2. This will open your ‘Run’ box.
  3. Type the following command into the box and press enter: ms-settings:windowsdefender
  4. This will open the Windows Security tab in the settings menu.
  5. Click on ‘Open Windows Defender Security Centre.’
  6. Inside the new tab, select ‘Firewall and Network Protection.’
  7. In the new tab, find and click ‘Restore firewalls to default’.
  8. Choose the ‘Restore defaults’ to confirm your choice,
  9. Restart your computer and open the mail app to see if your issue is now fixed.


Ultimately the nature of apps means that they get a little buggy the longer they are used for without updates or improvement’s to the performance there can be times where the Mail app just plays up for no real reason that is obvious.

Hopefully, though, we have addressed these issues comprehensively enough that you now have some excellent fixes that get you back on your way to using your emails without any problems, for a little while at least.

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