Why My Discord Mic Won’t Unmute

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Sometimes Discord users will experience microphone related issues and will be unable to unmute themselves. In these cases you may have to change your output device settings or connect to a voice channel. You can also try changing the microphone volume setting in the Settings menu. If none of these work the next option would be to reset the output device to its default setting. If that still doesn’t fix the problem read on for some solutions.

Discord software won’t unmute

You may be experiencing trouble with your microphone in Discord but don’t worry! There are a few simple solutions that will fix this common problem. Ensure that your web browser is up-to-date as well as your Discord software. Then check that you have your microphone volume set to maximum. If your microphone is still muted make sure that you connect a working mic to your PC before starting the Discord software. If you have no luck try these other solutions:

Sometimes it may be impossible to unmute your mic on Discord especially if you’re using the web browser. If your mic is muted try enabling the ‘Push To Talk’ feature in the Discord software. If that doesn’t fix the problem you can try using the ‘unmute’ shortcut in Discord. Another solution is to reboot your computer and open it in Private Mode. This will prevent any cache issues that might be causing this problem.

Discord can’t access the microphone

You may have trouble using your microphone on Discord because it is not in the default input. To solve this issue follow these steps:

Check whether your audio drivers are up-to-date. If they aren’t you can manually update them using free driver updater software. If you still can’t hear anything try rebooting your PC. If none of these methods work try resetting your voice settings on Discord. These two simple solutions will help you solve this issue and enable microphone access in Discord. But if none of these work it is still best to consult with an expert or technical support.

Try disabling QoS. It’s probably the easiest way to fix the problem. But if this doesn’t work you can also try disabling the mic input. After that you can check the status of the problem in Discord. Otherwise you can try disabling the QoS. If you still can’t access your microphone try disabling the QoS settings in your system.

Your output device settings are incorrect or conflicting

The most common cause of conflicting audio and video output device settings is an application or game. While you can manually change the settings Windows may automatically switch them back. In such a case you must disable the program or game. Fortunately most applications and games do not use the output device settings that you’ve changed. This error will occur only if you have not disabled the audio and video output device in the Audio or Video Control Panel.

To correct the problem open the Audio MIDI Setup application located in your Utilities folder. It will allow you to select the audio channel bit-depth format sample rate and other settings. If you’re still experiencing the error try deleting the app’s profile and restarting it. Once the app has restarted select the built-in output from the Audio MIDI Setup window. In the Audio MIDI Setup window click the toggle next to your output device. You can also manually set the Audio MIDI Setup application’s output device by right-clicking the Built-in Output and choosing ‘Edit’ from the menu. If the problem persists create an ‘Aggregate Device’ to increase the number of audio inputs and outputs. You can find more information about this device in

You’re not connected to a voice channel

If you’re getting the message ‘You’re not connected to a voice channel’ there are several possible causes of this issue. Sometimes your computer’s Internet connection is the problem. This error message can occur if your device’s IP address is different than the one you have on Discord. However if you are connected to a network that has the same IP address as your device you can try connecting to a voice channel hosted on a different continent. If this doesn’t work ask the server admin for permission to join a server that is closer to your home.

First check your internet connection. If it’s working properly on your computer try connecting to Discord using a regular Wi-Fi connection. Your computer’s firewall might be blocking Discord so you’ll need to enable the service in your computer’s settings. Another potential cause is Windows Firewall. Check the manual of your Windows firewall to see if you can enable the service.

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