Why is the Discord Overlay Not Showing Up on My Desktop?

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The Discord overlay is not showing up on your desktop? If so the error might be caused by running two versions of Discord at the same time. Try disabling hardware acceleration and antivirus programs. If these don’t help you can try reinstalling Discord. If none of these methods works please contact us to get the best solution. We will be happy to help! We will be more than happy to assist you in resolving your Discord overlay issue!

Disable antivirus or security software

If your Discord overlay won’t show up you may have a conflict with your anti-virus software or Windows Firewall. In order to get your overlay back you must add Discord to your anti-virus whitelist or temporarily disable the security software. Here’s how to do that. To disable antivirus or security software open the Windows Security app and go to the Virus and Threat Protection settings. Click the Exclusions tab. Then select Folder and add the folder where you installed Discord.

If you’re using Windows 10 you can disable antivirus and security software by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘I’. From there you need to select ‘Update and Security’ and then click on the Virus and Threat Protection tab. Under that heading select ‘Virus and Threat Protection.’ Then select ‘Manage Settings’ and then scroll down to the bottom of the window and click the ‘Add or Remove Exclusions’ button. Then click ‘Folder’ under File Type. Discord should now display correctly.

If your anti-virus or security software is blocking the Discord overlay you might have accidentally disabled a setting in the chat client. Make sure the Enable in-game overlay option is on. Using a third-party anti-virus or security program may cause the overlay to disappear. To fix this you can use PC Repair and Optimizer Tool which is available for Windows 10 8 7 Vista and XP.

Disable hardware acceleration

If you are experiencing a problem with the Discord overlay not showing up try to disabling hardware acceleration on your computer. The option can be found near the bottom of your User Settings menu. Toggling hardware acceleration will quit the application and restart it. You must confirm the change before Discord will work. If the overlay still does not appear you can uninstall and reinstall Discord.

If you still experience the issue after disabling hardware acceleration try disabling third-party antivirus applications. If this still does not work you should reinstall Discord and test it again. Disable hardware acceleration for a few minutes to see if the issue is resolved. To test this method you must first disable your antivirus. This can prevent your computer from being infected with malware.

To enable hardware acceleration you can go to the User Settings menu on your computer’s desktop. From here select the Activity Settings section. In the Activity Settings section you should find the Game Overlay option. To test this feature start a video game. If the overlay still does not show up disable hardware acceleration in Discord. Otherwise restart your PC. The problem should be resolved.

Reinstall Discord

If you’re having problems with the Discord overlay there are several possible solutions to your problem. First check the scaling of your display. If you see the overlay in the bottom right corner of your game window but you don’t see the chat box it’s possible that you’re using the wrong scaling. To fix this problem re-scaling your display screen to 100% will enable the overlay.

To do this open Control Panel and then click on ‘Uninstall a program.’ Locate the Discord executable file on the hard drive. Right-click and select ‘Uninstall.’ Once you’ve found it reinstall Discord from its website. Make sure to use the latest version. Test it to see if it fixes the problem. Otherwise reinstalling the application may fix the problem.

If your Discord overlay still doesn’t show up after reinstalling the program you can try disabling background apps. This may be the culprit. You can also disable a program’s startup settings by using the ‘Startup Applications’ option in Windows. This will stop your computer from automatically starting up programs. Then you can use Discord overlay again. This should resolve your problem. Once you do this you should no longer have problems with the overlay.

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