Why is My SteelSeries ARCTIS 5 Mic Not Working?

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Are you wondering why your Steelseries ARCTIS 5 microphone isn’t working? If so you’re not alone. In fact a lot of gamers are experiencing this problem. In this article we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot this issue as well as how to determine whether your microphone is damaged or faulty. In addition we’ll look at whether your microphone is accessible in apps as this can sometimes be the cause of the problem.

Fixing a steelseries arctis 5 mic that isn’t working

The microphone on your SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset might be mute. You need to enable this option to use the microphone. To enable the microphone open the headset’s settings and go to ‘General’. Once you’re in this screen you’ll see the ‘Microphone’ option. Click ‘Yes’ to enable it.

Audio drivers for the SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset may be outdated or incompatible. You may have to update the audio drivers for the microphone on your computer. Visit the company’s website to download the latest audio drivers for your headset. If these are not available simply go to ‘Device Manager’ and find the audio drivers. You may need to restart the computer or reinstall the software in order to make changes to the audio drivers.

Another quick fix for a SteelSeries Arctis 5 mic that isn’t functioning is to uninstall the software for your headset. This software will help you adjust the microphone’s settings. After this simply install the latest version of SteelSeries Engine software. If you have a previous version you can try re-installing it.

Troubleshooting a faulty microphone

Your SteelSeries Arctis 5 microphone might be too loud for certain scenarios. If this is the case you can use a paperclip to activate the microphone’s hardware reset feature. Afterward you should be able to configure your headset and enjoy improved audio quality. To do this follow the steps below. You will be able to enjoy improved audio quality and will never have to worry about a faulty microphone again!

First make sure that you’re using the correct audio settings. Your microphone may not be working correctly if it’s attached to the front panel of your computer. To check whether your microphone is connected to the motherboard open your audio settings and find the appropriate setting for your headset. If that doesn’t work try connecting your microphone to the back panel instead. If this method fails try changing the Microphone privacy settings in Windows.

Checking to see if your microphone is damaged or faulty

In case you are using an Arctis 5 headset you might be experiencing problems with the microphone. The first step is to check your microphone settings. If it is set to the default setting your microphone may not work. You can also check if the microphone is faulty by turning on the microphone’s volume. Once you have set the volume correctly you can double-click the Arctis 5 chat button to test it.

You can check if your microphone is faulty or damaged by setting the volume level. To do this go to the device settings on your PC. First open the ‘Sounds’ tab. Then double-click on the ‘SteelSeries Arctis 5 chat’ button. Make sure that the volume is above 50% and the boost is above +08 dB.

Checking if your microphone isn’t being accessed by apps

The first step to solving the problem is checking that your Arctis 5’s microphone is actually working. This can be done by selecting the microphone in the Sound Settings and clicking on Microphone privacy. Make sure the microphone is turned on and that you have selected the correct input device. Once you have done this try switching the volume of your Arctis 5’s microphone and see if the issue is resolved.

Next install the SteelSeries engine on your computer. Run this software and select the Arctis 5 headset. The headset should then be installed within the SteelSeries engine. After that make sure that you have selected the correct device as the default. If you’ve selected the wrong device the microphone won’t be accessible by applications.

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