Why is My Discord Verification Email Not Sending?

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If you’ve set up a Discord account and now your verification email isn’t coming in you’re probably wondering what to do. You’ve already checked your Gmail and Yahoo inbox for the message with the subject line ‘Verify your email address for Discord.’ But it still hasn’t arrived. The email might have been sent to your spam folder or it’s not receiving the signal at all. If this is the case there are a few things you can do.

Discord’s authentication process ensures that only one Discord account can be associated with a particular email address

One way to prevent abuse is to use a unique email address for every Discord account. Using a unique email address is recommended because it makes it more difficult for people to use the same account for multiple purposes. Fortunately Discord offers two-factor authentication which allows you to verify your identity with an authenticator app on your phone. You can also enable SMS Authentication which sends a text message to your Discord account when you login.

If you are concerned about spam Discord provides features for preventing such abuse. Users can create special communities on Discord which allows them to communicate through different methods. This social networking application was launched in 2015 but has already attracted millions of users with over four billion minutes of daily usage. For the sake of security Discord has introduced security measures like two-factor authentication and phone verification to prevent users from being a robot. By doing this Discord is reducing the number of text scams that take place in the community.

Poor network signal reception

If you are experiencing poor network signal reception when sending the Discord verification email it might be a server-side problem. To check if the server is having network problems check out its official server status page. You can also look up the issue by checking its Downdetector page and Twitter account. However if the problem persists you may need to contact Discord’s support department and follow the troubleshooting instructions provided there.

The Discord dashboard shows several statistics including API response times and uptimes of specific functionalities. The status is indicated by bars – green for good service red for poor service. You can also see whether or not there have been any previous incidents. Usually the Discord team reports connection problems as soon as they occur and will take the necessary steps to fix them. If you are still experiencing the problem try connecting to another network to see if this resolves the issue.

Unavailability of the carrier’s network

There are several reasons why you may not receive your Discord verification email. First you might have entered an invalid email address or mistyped characters. This is why you should always double check the email address you entered while setting up your account. If your email does not exist it is highly likely that you will receive an error message. In that case you should resend your email to get your verification code.

If you have tried updating your e-mail address you should not experience this issue. Discord will only send your verification code to the e-mail address you provided when you created your account. However if your e-mail provider’s network is unavailable it will not send your verification email. If you do not receive it you should contact your carrier and request a refund.

Fake Discord accounts

If your email is not being sent to you after registering with Discord the problem could be your account. You must have an active email account in order to register. However sometimes the verification email you receive is not valid or invalid. If this happens to you try changing your account’s email address. Below are some steps to change your email address. Read these instructions carefully and use them at your own risk!

First verify your email address. If the verification email is not coming check your spam or socials folder. Make sure you check your spam and junk folders as some fake accounts may be attempting to register using the wrong email address. If you don’t receive a verification email after registering with Discord you may have entered the wrong email address. To make sure your email address is valid click on the link provided in the verification email.

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