Why is Fortnite Not Working on Your Phone Or PC?

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If you’ve ever wondered why Fortnite isn’t working on your phone or PC you’re not alone. Other gamers have been facing similar problems and here are a few of the most common reasons. These include EasyAntiCheat Connectivity problems and the Cartoonish art style. However whatever your reason you can be sure that we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to fix your Fortnite problem!


If your Fortnite game has stopped working because of EasyAntiCheat you can fix this problem by uninstalling the software and reinstalling it. This process will remove the EasyAntiCheat software but it may leave a remnant on your computer. To remove EasyAntiCheat open the Start menu and type ‘add or remove programs.’ In the list find EasyAntiCheat Setup and click the Repair button to delete it. Then download the latest patch from the official Fortnite website and install it. Once you have done this restart your computer. After the update is completed the launcher will be closed and your game will work again.

If you have installed EasyAntiCheat and still encounter this error message the problem could be your anti-virus program. Sometimes the issue is related to an outdated or corrupted file. To fix this problem first verify that your game installation directory is accessible via the Settings menu. If it doesn’t try removing the game installation folder from the exception list. You can find instructions to create an exception list on the software developer’s website. Some are listed in the anti-virus compatibility guide.

Connectivity issues

If you’re having connectivity issues when playing Fortnite you’re not alone. Many players have been experiencing lags or freezing while playing this popular game. Sometimes it can even be as complicated as rebooting your device which may fix the problem. If nothing seems to work try checking your network fidelity and restarting your router to make sure that it’s working properly. If all else fails try speedifying your Internet connection.

The first thing to do if you’re experiencing connectivity issues when playing Fortnite is to make sure that you have a fast Internet connection. If you’re not getting lag check your internet connection and firewall. If you’re on a slow connection contact your ISP to upgrade your broadband. Finally check your PC’s system requirements. Depending on the version of the game you’re playing your PC may not have the minimum specifications required for the game.

Cartoonish art style

The popular black and grey art style is one of the most widely imitated in gaming and Fortnite is no exception. Some Fortnite players are celebrating the inclusion of Bendy and the Ink Machine while others are annoyed by the change. Regardless of the reason Fortnite’s fans should not spam the game’s forums with irrelevant messages. They will not change the gamer’s mind if they aren’t able to find the game they’re looking for.

The cartoonish art style is also very popular but it’s important to note that the game was released seven to eight years ago so it’s unlikely to become outdated anytime soon. In fact it’s the one aspect of Fortnite that makes it a popular game with both kids and adults. Because the game is aimed at a broad demographic the game’s art style isn’t as likely to become outdated as other more serious art styles.

Availability of Battle Royale mode

The upcoming Battle Royale mode for ‘Fortnite’ was first announced by Epic Games in September 2017. The game features 100 online players in a battle to the death until only one person is left alive. It has become immensely popular racking up 45 million players worldwide. It’s also the most-streamed game on Twitch. Now Epic Games is acknowledging the influence of PUBG by introducing the mode. It will launch on September 26.

The safe zone of Fortnite Battle Royale gets smaller as time goes on and players who get caught outside of this zone take damage. It’s also worth mentioning that supply drops are now popping up randomly during a match. These drops provide players with random items. In addition to the four main modes players have the option to select ‘No Fill’ if they want to play without random teammates.

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