Why is Discord Not Loading Images on My Computer?

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Discord isn’t loading images on your computer? If so you may want to check your Internet connection and Windows Firewall settings. You might also try restarting your device which wipes the RAM and fixes this problem. Then reinstall Discord to see if this fixes the problem. If all else fails read on to learn how to fix the problem. If these solutions don’t work read on to learn more about Discord’s installation process.

Internet connection is critical for Discord image uploading and loading

If you’re experiencing an error with Discord image uploading and loading it’s likely because your Internet connection is too slow. Slow Internet connections can cause the images to take a long time to load or they’ll fail to load at all. There are several ways to fix this problem. First you should check your Internet speed and bandwidth. Many ISPs throttle bandwidth during certain hours. If you’re still experiencing this problem contact your ISP to see if there’s a way to increase your Internet connection.

Another common issue with Discord image uploading and loading is an unstable Internet connection. If your Internet connection is too slow check whether your router and/or modem are turned on and configured correctly. If you’re still having trouble try configuring your device’s general user settings. Make sure you have administrative privileges to access this option. After that click on ‘Connection’ and ‘Network Settings.’

Windows Firewall may block Discord’s connection to your media server

If you are having problems using Discord you may have a conflict with your firewall or antivirus software. To resolve this conflict you should restart your PC and open the Run dialog box. Type ‘control’ and press enter. Then go to the Network Connections tab and then click ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’. This will open the network configuration for Discord and allow it to connect to your media server.

If your Windows Firewall is blocking the application you can try whitelisting it in Windows Firewall. Then restart Discord to fix the problem. If you cannot locate the application in the list you may need to disable Windows Firewall or change the settings to allow it to connect to your media server. While Windows Firewall is a great feature it may be blocking your Discord connection.

Restarting your device wipes the RAM

While restarting your device is a simple fix for most electronics you should be aware that it might not improve performance as much as you’d like. The first reason to restart is because restarting your phone clears out anything that might be in your RAM. Restarting your device is a good way to free up memory from an app that’s been running in the background for a long time. Restarting your device also kills all the apps that are open which can help with speed.

Restarting your device may also solve certain problems. For instance it will force shut down if you’ve installed an incompatible software. If this happens try performing a hard reboot by holding the power button down for a few seconds. This may take a few minutes so be patient and wait. Once the device restarts open it again and try to use it. If it still does not work try reinstalling the software again.

Reinstalling Discord fixes the issue

If the issue of not loading images keeps occurring in your Discord chat room reinstalling the application might be the solution. Discord keeps a cache of files which can be corrupted in your system. It is important to clear out the cache before the application will work properly. Removing cache from Discord is simple. To do this open the ‘Program Data’ folder on your hard drive. Click the ‘discord’ folder and delete everything from it.

If the problem persists after reinstalling the app try disabling or removing any antivirus programs and VPNs from your system. It might be that your antivirus and VPN applications are interfering with the image loading process. Using DISM to check system files should fix the issue. You can also try the web version of Discord. You can try this to fix the image issue on your Discord server.

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