Why Discord Deactivates Accounts With An Invalid Phone Number

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Many users are wondering why Discord deactivates accounts without verified phone numbers. This article will answer these questions and more. First you should understand why Discord requires users to enter their mobile phone numbers for verification. You must select the country code from which you received your phone number. Discord is not able to verify phone numbers with VOIP or Burner/Prepaid numbers. You can only use your mobile number for verification.

Discord deactivates accounts that don’t have a verified phone number

If you have accidentally disabled or deleted your Discord account you should try to get it back. In case you did you can do this in your settings. After you click ‘disable’ your account will be in red and disabled. If you do not receive a response you can request a reinstatement. If you do not receive a response after two or three days you can still reinstate your account. However you will not be able to receive notifications.

If you have accidentally deleted your Discord account you can unlink your personal phone number by navigating to the Settings menu. You can choose to either change your phone number to another one or delete your entire account. Discord is an excellent service but users should always be able to remove sensitive information from their account. This is because the server needs to verify the phone number to prevent it from being used for malicious purposes.

To solve this issue you can send a support request to Discord. In the ‘description’ field be sure to explain your problem. Once the support team gets your support request they can help you recover your account. If you can’t get the answer to your question from the support team you can send an email to discord.com. Make sure to put a valid phone number in the ‘description’ field.

Is it possible to add a phone number to a Discord account without a phone?

Discord uses a unique verification process to verify your account. You can only add one phone number to your Discord account so it is important to select the right one. You can’t add two numbers with the same country code and the verification process will reject both accounts. Make sure to select the correct country code for your account too! To avoid spammers and phishing attacks make sure to verify your Discord account before joining.

The first thing to do is enable two-factor authentication. You can do this by installing an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy. This process requires you to enter a verification code sent to your phone number. Discord does not support landlines or VOIP numbers so you must use a cell phone in order to use this feature.

After you have confirmed your account details you can choose to add or remove your phone number. You can also delete the account. After you’ve removed your phone number you can still use Discord but you should make sure to provide a valid number. If you have any trouble adding or removing a phone number you can always contact Discord Support. You can also change your username or email if you’d like.

Is it possible to add a verified phone number to a Discord account without a phone?

If you don’t have a phone you may have run into this problem. To get verified you’ll need to enter your phone number into the ‘Verify Your Number’ page. Once you’ve entered your number Discord will send you a text message containing a six-digit verification code. To complete the verification process enter the code and your password.

If you can’t find a phone you can always use a virtual phone number. You can use one for Discord if you don’t have a phone. It’s the easiest way to avoid a verification error because you’ll have a virtual phone number that’s unassociated with a location or device. It’s an easy way to avoid a verification error and continue using the app.

You can also use someone else’s phone to verify your account. The trick is to use a phone number that you have access to and not one that Discord already has. But you can still get verified if you don’t have a phone. Another option is to use a friend’s or parent’s phone number. This option will require patience.

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