Why are my airpods so quiet all of a sudden?

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When you save for the perfect chance of spotting the AirPod, chances are you had some good expectations about its performance. In general, they are pretty reliable – however sometimes, they can be quiet. Why are Airpods becoming louder and quieter?

The main reason your headphones are quiet is the fact that ear wax dirt and sweat have accumulated on your head. If you use a clean dry brush to remove dust from air pods, they will start to be loud. However, there are a few more reasons why your Airpods may have stopped working.

The 5 Best Ways to Fix AirPods Volume Being Too Quiet All of a Sudden

How much volume do the AirPods have? You might be listening to Spotify or watching TV when suddenly you hear the loud noise coming from your AirPods. It is very frustrating to find that the volume output of the AirPod is not loud enough to handle.

And when your Airpods are dead, it can be even more difficult to work out what’s wrong with them. Here’s what to do if your airpods have become quiet all of a sudden/

Clean your AirPods

Having dirt in your AirPods can be beneficial for voice quality. It’s a common problem that causes your AirPod to have a sound problem. Aside from dirt, using the Airpod can cause poor sound quality. To fix the problem your AirPod will need regular cleaning.

The AirPod Pro needs to remove the tip and check to see if there’s debris in the speakers. The important thing is that you will be cleaning sensitive electronics and you should always do this right the first time.

Outdated or Malicious Software

Also, if the computer isn’t updated you could probably experience this issue. Updates should prevent these problems. In other words, if your AirPod doesn’t work in a particular direction, software problems can occur.

You’ll need to update your device’s software to do so. Check for viruses and malicious software. This will be your first step towards your goal.

Dead battery

That’s an obvious point of contention. The AirPod batteries have died. Basically if the battery gets below 5% it’s going to be difficult. Then your Airpod can only play with a few earphones. It’s an easy solution.

You’ll want the airpod charged. This is a very quick charge and allows for the playback of music on your iPod for hours at a 10 min charge.

Volume limits can cause the issue

There will be an alarm system for all mobile devices, and it prefers to keep the volume up to the extent that the noise can damage the ears. Often people don’t notice this mechanism because it helps with listening while decreasing your ears.

However, it may not be a good solution. Please try this step to correct this problem below.

Configure the AirPods with your iPhone

It can cause your airpod or iPhone to be calibrated and the two devices may differ in how full volumes can be used and so the AirPod may stop being fully accessible.

The problem may appear complicated, but the solution is really simple. Place the AirPods on your head and play music. Use the volume button on your iPhone to lower its volume. The music can be heard now on the AirPod. Tap on the Bluetooth button to disable the Bluetooth button. Make sure the headphones are on.

The following are reasons why your volume drops and how they can be fixed. We’ll get right into this.

Why are my AirPods quiet when I call someone?

Many users reported problems using airpods during their call time. The person doesn’t understand the person who spoke or the person who spoke couldn’t hear. In such cases the main cause of such problems may be network issues.

You may try reconnecting your AirPods and reconnecting them again before checking for another problem. You can even restart the computer to look at any issues with the internet connection.The next thing is check your volume and then shut the volume down for a high volume. When someone doesn’t hear you on the telephone, you should check the microphone’s position.

Why are my Airpods so quiet on Spotify?

It’s a common problem reported by many people. It happened to them when they listened to music on Spotify. This problem is caused by the wrong Bluetooth settings in the smartphone.

When a Bluetooth device is turned on, the volume will be affected by Bluetooth based headphones. You might even choose to increase the volume but this level remains below the limit.

You have to change your sound settings to make it sound better for your computer. To start, open Settings and hover on the Sound Settings option. You can set audio settings and then disable the equaliser.

Why is my left airpod quiet?

Do AirPod users experience issues resetting the device when they hear something on the phone? Do you wonder how it happened to you? It can be caused by many factors. A common explanation is that they are unable to get their fees correct.

In these situations the customer must check that a charging charge has been fully paid. When charged, both your headphones should stay on your head while your headphones are open. Upon arrival, the fees are checked.

Put both ears in and check for the sound in both ears. If not then you must reset the AirPod settings.

Why are my AirPods so quiet?

Did the AirPods function well or are you still using them? Why is this happening? There is no specific motive. However, heat exposure and moisture may cause some of these problems. It’s easy to forget your AirPod when you wash your clothing and put them away. Sometimes a phone may need software upgrades or battery failure.

Hardware problems tend to be rarer, but when something happens suddenly there’s an obvious hardware problem as a result. Also make sure your AirPod is not slow while calling.

Why are my AirPods so quiet on Android?

Airpod works normally for Android devices too. Some users find AirPods quieter than they thought. Usually this is the case with music on an app such as YouTube. In such an instance there’s many methods for removing this problem.

You can also disconnect your AirPod from an Android phone. It solves most problems. But in this situation you could try to reboot the device once more. It might be a problem when you use a smartphone. Finally, you can use a new Airpod.

How can I change the volume on my AirPods?

The volume buttons in the AirPods can change depending on how the AirPod is turned on or off when using the iPhone app. Apple’s voice commands can be integrated into Airpods without requiring Siri. How do I control my iPod volume?

You can even ask Siri how much volume he is raising or how much volume is being increased. he said “Hi Siri, increase your volume to 20%” or “Hi Siri, increase your volume to 90%”.


If your earphones are loud enough to fit you, there are tricks for getting more volume out. We’ve looked at some solutions for a working Airpod. Our website includes the following steps listed for reference. Make all steps consistent to prevent problems.

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