What is an Airprint Printer for iPad and mobile devices?

One of the hardest things to purchase if you’re not clued up on them is printers. In the last decade, printers have evolved a lot to incorporate WiFi printing, and it can be difficult to know what some of the information given even means.

As technology advances, we get the ability to make our lives easier and easier in tiny ways that all add up. One way that printers have become much easier to use is the ability to print from them wirelessly, without the necessity for cables. We also now have the ability to print directly from our mobile phones, which has the ability to make our lives infinitely easier.

But what exactly is an airprint printer, and how can you use it with your iPad and your other mobile devices? Well, there are a few things that you’ll probably want to clarify about Airprint printers before purchasing one.

What is an Airprint Printer for iPad and mobile devices?

An airprint printer is quite simply the ability to print documents without the necessity of having additional drivers installed. This means that you can print from pretty much any apple device – mac, iPad, iPhone and even your iPod touch. You can do this without compromising quality, which is why it’s become a popular option to your older standard laser color printer.

More and more printers have an airprint feature nowdays, no matter the brand; HP, Canon and Brother all release Airprint Printers. It’s a common misconception that a Airprint printer is small and portable, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Although it might seem relatively new, Airprint was actually introduced back in 2012. It works by either sharing a file directly to the Airprint printer itself, or if you don’t have an airprint printer, then you can use Airprint to send the file to your computer or Mac, which will then print off whatever you need. The ability to print directly from your mobile is invaluable, and undoubtedly a massive advantage for business people and individuals alike.

Is an Airprint Printer different to a WiFi printer?

An Airprint printer is essentially a WiFi printer – it’s pretty much like asking if an iPhone is a smartphone. Yes, it’s a smartphone like the others, but it works in a slightly unique way specific to Apple.

AirPrint vs Google Cloud Print

Most people think that Airprint and Cloud print work in the same way, but this isn’t really true. Whilst Airprint works through Wifi, Cloud print actually works through the internet (which makes sense, it’s Google). If you’re often using Google Drive and Google Docs, then using Cloud print might actually be easier.

Are all printers Airprint nowadays?

More and more printers nowadays are becoming Airprint. When they released Airprint in 2012, it was only released with a few select HP models – around a dozen upon the first released. Nowadays, all the other big printing companies have jumped on board and there’s over a thousand models of Airprint printer available. However, this still doesn’t mean that all printers are going to be Airprint compatible, so it’s definitely worth looking online beforehand and ensuring that you get the right printer for you.

If you don’t have an airprint printer at home, then there’s a good chance that there’s an app that you can download that will give you similar functionality.


Overall, an airprint printer is essentially a type of printer that has the ability to print through WiFi with Apple products. If you’re looking for something really easy to use, then it’s worth getting an Airprint or Wifi printer as this can make things infinitely more simple for you. If you want to print directly from your phone to the printer, then it’s worth looking at getting one with Airprint capability.

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