Voicemod Not Working on Discord

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When using Voicemod you might run into a problem. This article will explain some of the common problems that people face when using this mod and how to fix them. If you are not able to solve your issue you can also try uninstalling the mod. However this will result in a loss of all your settings and the voicemod will no longer work. If you are unable to fix your issue you may want to reinstall it.

Problems people encounter while using Voicemod

While using Voicemod on Discord you might come across a few common problems. Firstly you might have to check the audio settings in Discord. The ‘Sound Control’ panel in the Control Panel should have the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device checked under the Playback tab. Make sure it’s not muted or set to zero. You can also check your mic settings in the Voicemod App.

Some Discord users have reported microphone audio issues. To fix this problem you can download a free app called Voicemod. It is open source and can be installed on any Android or iOS device. It uses your device’s audio drivers to connect to your microphone. Another issue users have reported is background noise. It’s often a result of a USB cable issue. While Discord generally doesn’t have this problem the app has added new settings since your last response which might fix this issue.

One of the most common problems is that the mic is not working properly. When you’re having issues you should try restarting your computer and try again. This will often fix the problem. If that still doesn’t work try updating the Clownfish. You can find more information about this software on the official website. However if you don’t find any of the above problems you may need to upgrade your version of Windows.

Ways to fix them

If you can’t hear anyone’s voice on Discord try reinstalling the app or removing it and reinstalling it. In some cases the app’s settings are corrupted or faulty and you may need to reboot your computer. To resolve this issue follow the steps below. If you’re still unable to hear other users’ voices on Discord try one of the above methods.

First open Windows Settings to check your audio settings. If your audio is set to a different device than your default audio device this problem may be caused by your computer’s sound settings. To fix this go to the System section of the Settings App and select Sound. Make sure that you select the Voicemod Virtual audio microphone option. If the voicemod isn’t working on your computer you can uninstall it and reinstall it.

If you’re using a Windows PC your audio settings may be interfering with the sound in Discord. To fix this problem go to your computer’s settings click the Advanced tab and set the sample rate to 16 bit 48000 Hz. Make sure that your microphone is set to the correct region and then restart your computer. If all else fails try changing the audio settings again and you’ll be ready to play again in no time!

Ways to uninstall it

In some cases the issue with Voicemod on Discord may be caused by miscommunication between the software and the user. To fix this problem the simplest way is to delete the app and reinstall it. Upon reinstallation the issue will be resolved. Restarting the computer is also an effective solution. If the problem persists the software may need to be updated. If the problem persists follow these tips to uninstall Voicemod on Discord.

First try to find the Voicemod folder in the ‘Programs’ tab. If it is not listed double-click on it. Then choose ‘Remove’ from the menu. After that follow the instructions to delete the app from your PC. Alternatively you can also use a third-party program or an expert programming uninstaller. If these methods do not work try removing the application via a command prompt.

If you still cannot get the application to work you may be unable to delete the program. If you cannot uninstall the app completely you can delete the related files by double-clicking them. If you cannot find these files you can also delete them using the recycle bin. If you cannot find the files you may have to run a special uninstaller. If your computer has many complex subfolders a specialized uninstaller will be able to detect all the files in those directories.

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