VLC is Unable to Open the MRL File

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If you have a problem in which VLC is unable to open the MRL file this article is for you. Windows Firewall is the main culprit of this issue. Read on to find out how you can fix the issue and enjoy watching MRL files on your computer again. This is the most common issue of vlc not being able to open the mrl file.

vlc is unable to access the mrl

If you’re experiencing the VLC is unable to access the MRL error you’ve probably tried to open a URL-based video or a video stream from another source. Unfortunately your computer’s firewall is blocking access to the file. If the error persists follow these steps to fix the problem. First make sure the URL is working before trying to open it. To open the URL hold down Ctrl+N and select ‘Open Network Stream.’ Then copy the URL of the stream and paste it into another video player to confirm that it works.

If you’re trying to open a video file from an external hard drive or removable drive you can fix the MRL error by resolving the ownership issues. To do this you must take ownership of the file. If this does not work try restarting the VLC player. If you’re still experiencing the error you may want to disable your firewall and take ownership of the file you’re trying to play.

Another easy way to fix VLC is to change the permissions of the owner of the file. If you’ve added the file to a network drive for example you can change the security settings so that it will open properly. You can also try to open the file using your web browser. Once you’ve tried these steps you should be able to access your MRL file once again.

Windows Firewall is major culprit for vlc being unable to open the mrl

VLC is unable to open MRL files if Windows Firewall is enabled. You can solve this problem by adding VLC to the exception list. To do this go to Windows Control Panel > System and Security>Windows Firewall. From there select ‘Applications’ and then ‘Allow an App through Windows Firewall.’

This issue could be caused by outdated VLC client or improperly configured firewall. To fix this uninstall VLC and then install it from an official website. Otherwise you may also have corrupted VLC. The easiest way to fix this is to download the latest VLC client from the official website. Otherwise you can try some other solutions to fix this problem.

The error occurs when trying to play URL-based content. You can test the validity of the URL by opening it in a browser or by pasting it into another video player. If the URL is valid the problem is more likely with the source of the file or the version of VLC player. If you’ve already tried these solutions you may need to tweak Windows Firewall to fix the problem.

Another major cause of vlc being unable to open MRL files is an overzealous firewall. Windows Firewall may flag a DVD or external hard drive as ‘dangerous’ and thereby prevent VLC from opening it. This error can also occur if your computer is using a third-party antivirus program. If you are experiencing the error on your computer check whether this program has the right permissions to open the file. If not you may need to reinstall VLC media player.

Resolving vlc is unable to open the mrl

There are a number of causes for this error including a corrupted source file an internal firewall barrier or a mistake involving remotely hosted material. In either case you should try taking ownership of the file to fix the issue. If none of these options resolve your problem here are a few steps you can take to try to fix VLC is unable to open the mrl error.

First of all you should try to reinstall VLC on your computer. Delete the program from its installation directory and then reinstall it from a fresh download. This will clear any previous files that may be preventing VLC from accessing them. If all these steps fail you can try different troubleshooting methods and workarounds to fix VLC error.

Alternatively you can try uninstalling your antivirus software or firewall. Some antivirus programs block VLC’s path to the internet which may be the reason for this error. If the firewall is enabled simply go to the firewall settings and enable VLC. If this fails you may also want to update VLC. Lastly you should upgrade your media player to the latest version.

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