Vizio TV won’t turn on? Here’s what to do

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If you have a Vizio TV and it won’t turn on, then you’re not alone – it’s a pretty common issue that most Visio TV owners have come across on occasion. The good news is that it’s actually relatively easy for you to fix your TV and get back to watching your favorite TV shows – here’s what to do.

Vizio TV won’t turn on: How to troubleshoot and fix

The first things you should do if your Vizio TV won’t turn on are;

  • Unplug the TV from the wall.
  • Hold down the power button on the Vizio TV for 30 seconds.
  • Wait 60 seconds and allow the television to reset.
  • Plug the television back in and switch it back on.

After doing this, you can go ahead and turn on the TV. Your Vizio TV should power back on quickly without issue, and resolve the issue completely.

When Vizio Television suddenly stops running, that is frustrating. The cost of replacing an old television is expensive, and repairs may be expensive and time-consuming for some people. I have no worries.

If you cant start the Vizion, there aren’t any reasons for panicking. Scenarios can occur in a number of possible ways. Then you can simply start fixing up the television in a few minutes. We’re looking to see whether your television is receiving electricity.

Imagine you are making your own plate of food while you watch some movies on TV without the television going off. Frustration. Several Vizio TV users are now facing such problems. The cost to get an updated TV is very high, do I have any power issues?

The reason for these powering issues can often be explained by a variety of possible causes, including faulty televisions. Sometimes just a little tinkering can help make the TV fully functioning again.

How can I stop watching TV? All electronics are subject to electrical faults. They could be the result of faulty components on a TV, a power surge or wiring problem at the home.

Power problems can require servicing or replacement of the electronics in the television. The TV is a simple device which can be used to repair the TV without any problems. This step is quick without the use of a tool. Hopefully your television should work for minutes!

How do I know if my TV has power issues?

When the TV doesn’t show a picture on its screen and plays no sound through speakers then it might be plugged in. Most Vizio TVs have power lamps on the left hand side. The light flashes whenever a button is pressed.

The lights normally turn on when they turn on after a moment or so. It might still glow even when the TV goes on.

Use the power button on the TV instead of the remote

Problems with remotes may be causing people to believe that they have problems with television sets. The screen may work fine however remote has been damaged.

Use the power buttons on the backside of the television to determine the cause of this issue. Sometimes the user thinks Vizio’s TV is without the button. Nearly all televisions produced after 2014 are equipped with a power key and are easy to ignore. Place the TV in the bottom right corner.

This button is in front on a television and could be the best tool for letting the television run smoothly. TV models manufactured before 2014 have on/off buttons on their left or right sides. Normally the problem comes from a remote control.

Verify The Display Is Not Showing An Image

If your television is on black screens, then it means nothing. Usually, this is an issue on panels rather than a problem in power supplies.

Tap MENU on the remotes or the television’s front panel. When TV menus are displayed after pressing this button the TV is turned on. There are no problems with power. Black Screens are often caused by sources such as faulty cable or satellite services.

What should I do if my Vizio TV won’t turn on?

The Vizio TV owners shared many scenarios. Unfortunately many owners were faced with power problems. Fortunately the problem can be repaired immediately in the case of Vizio televisions not responding to the light.

Double check the power cord

The problem with Vizio televisions is often broken cords. A broken electrical cord will sometimes hinder an experienced technical person’s work.

It’s much more common for people who have small dogs running around the room or have long cable runs on the power supply. Make sure the cable is correctly connected to the electrical outlet and to the TV.

Even sluggish power connections could interrupt the TV’s power and sometimes it is not apparent whether the TV has lost power. Also disconnecting the cables and connecting the plugs again should give you more confidence that everything has been secured.

Check the Vizio TV’s Power Supply

If your television is still not working or the remote is working properly then check power. Check whether the push buttons give the result, or not. Sometimes TVs can be turned on but on empty screens. Remotes and TVs have a button that can be controlled by the menus.

To test whether the menu displays push the two buttons together (although not simultaneously). In case each test fails the battery will malfunction. Ensure the television is connected to an appropriate outlet before removing the TV.

Power Off

If you think there are power issues you can try a power switch to power off the television. This involves tapping on the power button. Is there a physical button in a Vizio television?

The button is mounted on the front and is different depending upon the model and version of the device. How do I powercycle Xvid video game? However, in cases where it fails, you have to try the next step.

Factory reset your TV

If the whole process fails, try resetting the Vizio TV to re-energize it. Before you begin the reset procedure you should note that factory resets erase all the settings on the TV.

How to factory reset Vizio television? If this isn’t happening then take this final step. How can you reset your television without a cable or wireless adaptor?

Check the Remote

It’s possible that Vizio TV is disabled via remote control. Instead it could simply happen on a remote device. One common cause for battery failures is battery dying. Replace battery power again to see if it is true. If nothing happens, it might be a distant issue we should investigate.

Vizio TVs have the similar problem, that they just cannot turn on. There have been many cases where Vizio television owners have been dealing with these issues for years! There should be a relatively simple way to fix most Vizio television failures.

If you cannot turn off the television, you will be prompted with a reset button. Unplugging the TV and waiting 60 seconds. After 30 seconds, you can connect to your Vizio TV again. It soft resets the device so that the computer will automatically restart without problems to start.

Take The Power Cord Out & Plug Back In

Apparently a damaged power supply could cause this problem. It is able to be disconnected for most Vizio Television.

This device will easily disconnect a dog or if a TV is being removed from cleaning, it will not work properly. Unplug the power cord and reconnect them again before examining the television.

Power cycle the TV

Power cycling your television can resolve some unusual TV problems in Vizio – this is why we recommend it as the best option when your Visio TV won’t turn on.

First, disconnect your TV’s electrical cable and turn off your plug. Then, hold the power button down on your television to power cycle your device – you can tell if this is done by looking for the power indicator light on the television showing.

The power button will remain on the television for about 10 seconds. If it’s been 10 seconds you can release the switch, then put the power off, then start the computer.


It can happen on any day of the week – you’re relaxing watching the Vizio TV shows and then find the screen does not turn on. You can’t get better.

Generally, if the TV is faulty and needs repair by an electrician, that’s a whole other issue. Whenever something happens on your Vizio television, don’t lose your patience, because the situation is probably less grave. It is worth the extra minute to repair your Vizio TV.

The Vizio TV may be unable to turn on, knowing a possible reason will help with quick resolution to the problem.

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