Common Vizio TV sound problems & how to fix them

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When sound is unable to work on Vizio television, it can cause frustration and confusion. You wanted to hear all the news about this show that is happening and there hasn’t even been any change to the story. How do you hear music from Vizio TV?

Take the cable box out and wait 1 minute until it’s fully plugged. Turn your television off – disconnect from the wall. Hold the power button for 10 seconds. Try lowering the volume of the television rather than using your remote.

Turn speakers off in audio settings and turn the volume off. This can give you pause for a second. Whenever your warranty fails, your warranty is valid.

Vizio TV sound problems – The fix

You might have seen Vizio television, but it seems to have a different mood on it. Vizio users say volumes could randomly fluctuate cut-in or drop or no response. This article can help you solve the problems with television screen problems by showing you various solutions.

The volume on a Vizio TV may change if audio settings like TrueVolume clash with your device. It may also have a firmware error or defective power button, cable, or television output settings. The volume won’t respond unless debris is found beneath the button or the remote is disconnected. Below we list the most detailed details.

Vizio TV volume won’t turn up/down

If the Vizio TV volume doesn’t function please ensure there will not be a malfunction in the remote controls. You may need to remove the battery before you use your Remote Control Device.

But when a battery goes dead there isn’ t a way to control it using a remote control. If you’re using remote volume buttons only you may have debris on the pad or the remote may need resets. It can happen by using these methods:

1. Disconnect the battery from remote. Step 2: Press all buttons of the remote once. This discharged any power left on remotes for reset. 3. Press the volume button multiple times to remove dirt underneath the pad.

Vizio TV Sound Keeps Going Down

The volume can be decreased if it’s triggered by the setting ‘Tru Volume’ and other volume features found here – in the first part.

The volume down button in your remote is often held and is locked. In that case, it is necessary to reset the button manually or simply remove the button, as described below. This is possible with a remote on a Vizio device you use at work.

Because the remote has identical programming, the device could interfere with the signal, and it can send a command to your TV without you being aware of it. You could check by shutting off an infrared receiver on a television to see if it is stopping.

Vizio TV Volume Low

If you are having trouble listening to television audio, turn the TV or speakers off. Follow this procedure for turning off your television speakers. 1. Click ‘Menu’ to start. Step 2. Go to Sound Settings > TV Speakers > On.

Make careful connections to cables and ensure the sound output of your speakers is optimal in an external speaker. In this section of the audio, the following parameters should be changed as shown above. Step 2: Turn on TV speakers. 2nd Step: Put your digital audio on stream. Added audio out to audio out. 4th :

Why does my Vizio TV keep losing sound?

In the most cases this step will bring the sound to the television as well as make it enjoyable to watch. For most people, however, Vizio’s sound can sound like something which rises or descends alone. Sometimes it’s a clash between your device and your television’s sound settings. You can disable it to stop you from hearing anything.

This procedure includes turning off all audio level settings for all devices. For satellites or cable devices you can turn the audio settings from HDMI Automatic to HDMI Fixed to assist.

The background noise is louder than the talking

Sometimes the sounds are incredibly loud, but they are often accompanied by background noise. It makes it hard to hear people talk. The TV features the TruSurround feature. This will allow a balanced volume for you to hear all the action during the show.

Vizio TV Sound Keeps Going In and Out/Keeps Changing

Fluctuation of volume when removing or changing a volume will typically result in an unresolvable problem in your device. Check for it using a device that does not have a USB cable. Its primary problem has been the ‘SRS TruVolume’ function.

Perform Factory Reset

Factory resets are the simplest way to solve problems that may have occurred when using the TV in Vizio’s network. It restores the original settings of the television including the firmware. This reset deletes your stored preferences and downloads so you should only do this if there’s nothing else.

How can we restore a TV to the original factory configuration? Start by pressing the ‘menus’ icon on the remote. Step 3: Click on Settings > Reset Administrator. 3. Choose ‘Reset TV to factory default’. Step 4: Give ‘0000’ to your TV Passcode. Step 6: Choose ‘Reset’ for the factory reset procedure. Sixte. :

Disable SRS TruVolume Function

TruVolume SRS functions auto adjustment of volume to enhance audio experience. This can sometimes cause issues for an external system. Deactivating such functionality may solve your problem. This step is followed below.

Start with the Menu button of the remote. Step 3: Select Audio settings > Audio advanced. Turn RRS TruVolume Off. Several additional setting options that automatically adjust a music device may cause excessive volume fluctuations. Among them are the ‘TruSurround’, the ‘surround Sound’ and the volume levels.

Performing a hard reset

Re-setting of the TV is necessary if the device is affected or unable. The application doesn’t remove all of the files downloaded to the computer, and will not be used for any problem.

Step 1. Turn on the television. Step 1: Unlock the television power supply. 3. Press the ‘Power’ button on the television for 30 seconds. Step 4: Wait ten minutes without disconnecting your television. Step 6: Re-install your computer and turn them off.

Update the TV’s Firmware

Another possibility would be operating software with an issue. When Vizio discovers some of its common problems, they fix this problem with new software updates. Usually your television will install these updates automatically.

If there’s any possibility of running a newer version of Vizio television then follow the above procedure to update. Step 1: Click ‘Menu’ from remote. Go to Settings > Check Updates.

Check your Cables

When sound breaks out there’s the risk that it is due to an inefficient cable. The cables are either HDMI cables or coaxial cables. Make a quick disconnect to remove the cables.

If this does not resolve the problem, then you could try your cable to another TV or you could try another TV for an error. Make sure your cables are compatible with the audio or video signals emitted by your television.

The Ultimate Solution To Fix Vizio TV No Sound When Turned On

Here is the ultimate solution to No Sound Coming from Vizio Television: Use this simple step in determining where the sound originates.

Other streaming devices

VizIO Television no audio problems are resolved by using other streaming devices. If the device displays the same device, like your Roku devices or an Amazon Firestick, try this one first. Keep the confusion at bay. Give us an example. ‘ “

When the sound runs smoothly in a Roku, this indicates a problem was resolved through the HDMI connection or cable. In this case, you can have a Vizio TV without audio via HDMI. You could see a similar thing when connecting your cable to your Roku. This works as expected. If the cable box is unable to connect the port, it might be the cause.

Update Your TV To Fix Vizio TV Sound Not Working

Sometimes outdated software, firmware or operating systems cause these problems, so you should make sure the Vizio TV has been updated. The Vizio remote is accessible by pressing V, selecting Menu and clicking on “Updates”.

It can take some time to verify that the updates are available. When a change has been detected on the screen then click Update and wait until the change is complete. When the problem has been solved, make sure the Vizio TV does not sound.

Vizio TV default audio settings

Another way to find out why Vizio television does not play audio is to set the audio settings back to default. You can do this through the VizioTV settings section. Simply tap the “Restart” button in the Audio.

Before exiting from the audio section, make sure changes are successfully performed after setting audio settings. Please check whether the Vizio TV No Sound issue has been resolved. The chances of fixing the problem are low and worth trying.

Check with other devices

It is necessary for the Vizio TV to provide signals through a cable box or a stroming device. If the input is wrong you should try other software to see how the input causes problems on the Vizia TV.

You can use cable boxes to stream video from your TV, by combining your mobile devices and bringing in another computer device. Normally, after changing your channel it will show up on an audio stream and not on the Vizio TV.

Voltage issue

Sometimes, a lack of voltage in Vizio televisions causes jitters on the screen. Also, it must be removed and left for 60 seconds. It’s possible to power off your Vizio TV, then return to the TV to normal settings.

After 60 seconds, the device can be checked. If Power is to blame, this will solve the matter. Tell me the reason why the Remote Control doesn’t function? Tell me the best way to restore LGTV without Remote?

Check Vizio TV Volume

Fun, but true. Several users have also admitted they intentionally turned off the TV and thus caused Vizio TV’s No Sound issue. You’d have to check whether your television was silenced.

Then click the “Mute” button and a highlighted icon will be displayed with a “no sound”. When a Vizio television has an unrecorded sound, please proceed with the troubleshooting below. Also Read: Getting a new smartphone from LG?

Check if Audio Port Is Free

Is that crazy? Many friends have left headphones blocked by connecting a headset and complain the Vizio TV doesn’t have Sound.

Do you use headphones when viewing television? When we remove the plug from the port, the Vizio TV has no audio and it will cause the Vizio TV to lose its sound. Make sure you remove headphones from TV and check the TV sounds.

Remove external audio devices

Vizio TV No Sound could be due to external sound sources. When the sound device connected to the Vizio TV is disconnected remove the sound device. Likewise check Vizio Television’s speakers default.

The sound of your speakers can be found on a standard screen of your television or audio device. How does an Xbox 360 Remote work?

Check Cables

The next troubleshooting step is to determine whether any cables are correctly attached, moved or knocked down. If you’ve gotten spare cable then you should try replacing the connector.

As an alternative, be sure the original wire will be used, not duplicates. Make sure this issue is resolved now.

Factory reset to fix Vizio TV No Sound Issue

Vizio TV No Sound Problem can be fixed with factory resets on TVs. If you encounter hardware problems, the factory reset cannot be done. It only fixes software errors.

Fix Vizio tv no sound through HDMI?

If it’s impossible to turn off your television in 60 seconds then test it out and if you get any sound you can contact your local Vizio customer support.

Reach out to Vizio Support

The second option of Vizio TV No Sound is to contact Vizio support. Please apply the below mentioned troubleshooting steps before contact Vizio support.

How to fix a tv with no sound but the picture?

If your video player shows nothing but pictures, you are experiencing problems. You could use the following methods and tools to fix this problem.

Here is how to reset Vizio TV

Attention: A Factory Reset wipes out all of your TV data, such as saved passwords, WiFi data, apps, etc. You must download and configure it again.

Is volume not working on Vizio TV?

Checking volume with an external remote can be done.Can I hear a sound when I’m using my computer? Follow these steps for troubleshooting.

Why does my Vizio tv have no sound?

There are many reasons that cause voltage issues and other problems.

Please review the issue and the solutions mentioned below for fixes as Vizio TV Sound is constantly changing.


Vizio TVs don’t make any sound if they are turned off, and in some cases, you may not even be able to turn your Vizio TV on. Several users complained to Vizio TV about Vizio TV audio not working or Vizio TV sound not working. Vizio TV users faced a number other issues with Vizio television, including Vizio Remote Not Working.

Adding an app error. This is an important problem most Vizio TV customers face. I cannot explain why the problems were discovered, but several reasons could have been to the problem. Fortunately, there are several fixes that can fix these problems for sure.

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