Using AURA RGB Software to Control Your ASUS RGB Strip

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There are several different types of AURA RGB software on the market. Some of them are compatible with other AURA software while others do not. This is because they both use the same primary components but may compete for an external resource. Therefore if you use AURA software make sure you look at the other products’ specifications before deciding on the one for you. Listed below are some of the best options for RGB software.

mdl khl

The MDL RGB Strip Header is a great way to add customizable illumination to your ASUS gaming rig. Not only will your LAN party guests be dazzled by your system’s RGB illumination but you’ll be able to match the colors to the other components in your gaming rig. The Aura RGB Strip Header also supports standard 5050RGB LED strips. They have a maximum power rating of 12V/2A and you’ll want to keep them within a two-meter distance for best results.

AURA software

Before you can use AURA software to control your RGB strip it’s important to make sure that it is compatible with your system. If your RGB strips don’t appear on your computer you may have issues with them. Some of these issues stem from faulty connections or wiring. Make sure you are using the correct type of RGB connectors to operate AURA software. The two main types are addressable and standard.

The AURA software for Asus RGB strips comes with a variety of useful features including customization modes that let you adjust the brightness and color saturation of individual LEDs. It is important to remember that the strip can be connected to either a standard PC port or a special connector. Once connected the software will store your settings and synchronize them to produce stunning effects. This software is free to download and install.

AURA remote control

If you want to use your ASUS RGB strip wirelessly you can get the AURA remote control. The remote is designed to control the LEDs and change their lighting modes. Most ASUS motherboards have a RGB header. If you are not sure whether your system has this RGB header check the back panel. Aura RGB strips are compatible with ASUS Aura Sync. You can use it to customize your gaming experience with the ASUS Aura RGB strip.

Aura is designed to provide a nearly limitless spectrum of color. The software lets you link your lighting to your music in-game action and CPU/GPU temperatures. The Aura RGB strip works in sync with other products that use the same technology. You can use the RGB connector for most components. However some do not have an RGB header so you will have to connect them with two separate RGB headers.

AURA software not working on ASUS motherboards

If your AURA software isn’t working on your ASUS RGB strip motherboard there are a few things you can do. Try un-ticking the switch to turn on ‘fast startup’ in your BIOS. If this doesn’t solve your issue try the next solution. This step is particularly important if you’ve recently upgraded your system. However be warned that if you still have problems you may need to consult a technician for a more detailed diagnosis.

First you should try to download the latest version of AURA software from the official ASUS website. The latest version can be downloaded by double-clicking a file. You should ensure you download the correct one. If you’re having trouble installing the software try to install it in a location other than the default one. Be sure to install the software from a location other than your desktop as doing so will make it useless. Finally restart the computer. This should solve your problem.

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