Traxxas vs HPI – UDR, Vorza Flux

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Traxxas and HPI are two of the biggest brands in the RC car industry, with them producing some of the fastest RC cars known to man. But is one of these brands better than the other, or are they both relatively similar?

As with most tech stuff, a lot of this is decided by the specifications of the car itself. Whilst the brand is important, a good HPI car is going to be better than a bad Traxxas, and vice versa. So, it’s worth taking that into account if you’re going to get a Traxxas or a HPI car, you’re better off looking at the individual model and what they can offer.

Saying this, you do still have to take the brands into account to some degree. For things like parts, customer service and the reputation of the brand itself, then you do need to take this into account.

Traxxas vs HPI

Traxxas are undoubtedly the biggest brand within the RC car industry right now, followed closely by Redcat Racing. Their cars are some of the best around, and if you’re looking to get an advanced RC car, then this is likely to be the best choice for you. Traxxas make the fastest cars around, and there’s a ton of different options in terms of modification for the majority of different Traxxas models.

HPI offer a wide range of different models – they’re probably best known for their Savage range. The HPI Savage range is full of various different RC monster trucks that are some of the best around, with oversized tyres that can deal with any terrain. They also have a ton of other cars, including some awesome replicas as well (though not as many as Japanese brand Tamiya).

So, clearly these are two of the best brands around if you’re considering getting an RC car. It’s worth looking at both of them if you want to get an RC car. Now, we’ll take a look at some of the best models that each brand have to offer.

Traxxas UDR

Traxxas have some awesome models that you’ll likely want to consider. Aside from offering the XO-1, which is the fastest stock RC car in the world, they have a variety of other options available too.

Another of Traxxas premium range is the Unlimited Desert Racer , commonly referred to by fans as the UDR. It’s fast (does 50mph with a LiPo battery) and in terms of aesthetics, it’s one of my favorite looking cars too.

Although in the images it might appear to be quite small, it’s actually 1/7th scale, so it’s pretty big. It has an all metal drive chain and a 2200kv motor. There aren’t many cars that can keep the pace with this one. Not only that, but it’s also much sturdier than other RC cars because it’s a 4×4, opposed to the typical touring design.

It’s acceleration is insane for it’s bulky size, so if you like fast remote control cars, then this is likely to interest you a lot. It has pretty crazy detail, which is to be expected from Traxxas nowadays. The 8 damper suspension system give you an awesome level of control over the car.

If you’re looking for a scale truck and not necessarily a car, then you’ll struggle to find one that can beat the UDR in my opinion.

HPI Racing Vorza Flux

If you aren’t interested in trucks and you’re trying to avoid typical touring car styles too, then you might want to look at getting a buggy. One of the best examples of a decent buggy is the Vorza Flux  by HPI Racing. It’s unfair to compare it directly to the UDR as they have different styles, but they both can exceed the 50mph mark pretty easily.

Although you might not think this looks as able to hack off roading as the UDR, you’d be surprised. It’s actually great for off roading, primarily due to the four 16mm bore shocks that the Vorza has. This helps it a lot, especially if you’re heading off road to difficult terrain.

It’s actually the fastest buggy that HPI have released to date, and although it can definitely do 50mph, at a push you might be able to get it up to 60-70mph with the right batteries. It’s a 1/8th scale RC car, so it’s still big and much bigger than any sort of entry level RC car. All in all, this is another top option if you’re looking for a premium range RC car.


Overall, there actually isn’t too much of a difference between the two brands. They’re both pretty good options if you’re looking for a decent RC car, and you should look at both of them if you’re in the market for a new drifting RC car. Whilst Traxxas are the more well known name, HPI also produce some of the best RC cars around too, so you don’t want to overlook them.

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