Tips For Choosing a Purple Discord Icon

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If you haven’t heard of Discord you’ve probably seen a blue or purple Discord icon floating around the internet. This popular social network allows users to communicate with one another and organize their groups. The Discord icon referred to as Clyde is an easy-to-remember symbol for users. It comes in blue and purple colors so you can consider it either purple or blue. Listed below are some tips for choosing a purple Discord icon.


The Discord icon can be viewed as either blue or purple. The official color specifications for the Discord logo indicate that it is blue. However many users prefer purple. The blue color is associated with the ‘discord’ tag while the purple color represents the Discord server itself. Whether or not you choose to use the purple or blue Discord icon is up for debate. However whichever color you prefer you’ll find that the Discord icon is more distinctive.

For starters the Blurple Purple Discord icon is a good option for those who want to change the color of their Discord icon. This theme changes the button colors fonts and also solves the background problem. Installing a Discord theme is easy. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the Custom CSS of your Discord account. Alternatively you can manually edit the theme and change the color of your nicknames.

Blue and purple

You may already be aware of the Discord icon. It is the logo of the VoIP application that allows users to chat while playing games. The purple and blue color schemes are used to highlight the DISCORD PMS code. You can use either color combination to make your logo stand out and there are many options for customizing your icon. The following are some suggestions for discord icon design:

Discord is officially classified as blue and purple. The blue and purple version is available in the Discord brand guidelines and color specifications. However you can always go for purple if you want to make your Discord icon more distinctive. Despite this you may not want to use the purple version unless you really want to create a personal brand image for yourself. The purple version is not as unique as the blue version but it is the most memorable.


After several iterations Discord has finally changed its icon. The square purple shape now contains a face and an emote. The new icon also has a more solid design. Gone are the days when the Discord icon looked like a rounded rectangle. Now the Discord icon lives in a square much like the text on the app. The Square Purple Discord icon has become a recognizable icon on the mobile web and on the desktop client.

Despite the fact that Discord is an early adopter its logo still stands out from the crowd. This logo is painted in the same color scheme as the Discord logotype using a smooth yet lively purple on a white background. These colors bring an air of ambition and independence while the Discord logotype points to the purpose of the application. It’s not the only Discord icon however. Whether used separately or together it will definitely add personality and sophistication to your project.

Abstract image

Among the fastest-growing online community platforms is Discord a platform that allows group organization and communication. The Discord logo or Clyde is a bluish-purple hue that is both blue and purple. In fact this color scheme is so popular that it is listed in both Discord’s brand guidelines and color specs. If you’re looking to design a new Discord icon here are some tips.

The Discord icon was designed to help gamers communicate during gameplay. Its mascot the Wumpus appears in branding stickers and easter eggs. You can find Wumpus everywhere from stickers and easter eggs to the Discord client itself. Using this icon as your contact page will give you the opportunity to promote Discord without letting your followers know about it. But if you don’t want to use the Discord icon as your profile image you can also use an image of the purple heart that accompanies the icon on your website.


The purple Discord icon has caused a stir on Reddit. Its new font and bold purple background have drawn criticism from users as amateurish. Fortunately the company has already made an effort to fix the problem. In addition to fixing the font they also changed the color of the icon to brighten it up. Discord users have responded by posting a number of memes mocking the new logo. Here are some of their opinions.

To create a Discord icon you’ll need a simple font. The typeface for the icon should be a simple sans serif. This will ensure easy reading at small sizes. Avoid bold and complex fonts. Instead use a smart online logo maker such as EaseUS Logo Maker. This tool has many professionally designed logo templates. It also features a powerful wizard that helps you customize the icon.

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