Three Popular Fanless CPU Coolers

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When buying a fanless CPU cooler it is best to choose one that can reduce noise and is quiet. There are several fanless CPU coolers on the market but there are a few key differences between them. To simplify the comparison we’ll discuss three popular fanless options: Noctua’s NH-P1 SilverStone’s CR-95C and NF-A14.

Noctua’s NH-P1

Noctua’s NHP1 fanless CPU cooler is designed for passive operation. Its six heat pipes and large evenly spaced heatsink fins provide a very effective way to cool modern high-end CPUs. The cooler is also compatible with a low-speed ultra-quiet 120mm fan which is a handy feature for high-end builds with more power.

Noctua’s CR-95C

The Noctua CR-95C fanless CPU cooler looks very promising. The company originally intended to launch the cooler before the end of this year. However it has delayed its release to the first quarter of 2021. The company has a lot to do with the release of this cooler and has been partnering with FanlessTech to drum up excitement. The CR-95C is set to feature a patented cooling system.

SilverStone’s CR-95C

Compared to its predecessors SilverStone’s CR-95S offers better cooling performance and is more affordable. However the Arctic Alpine 12 is a more complex design requiring patience and a long screwdriver to install. At $16 the Arctic Alpine 12 offers good value but limits your power settings in BIOS. The SilverStone HE02 is the best buy for $68.


The NF-A14 is Noctua’s most popular 140mm case or water cooling fan. The unique square frame allows for optimal coverage and pressure efficiency and includes mounting holes to allow it to be a premium-grade replacement for case fans. The Chromax Black Swap edition blends the quiet cooling performance of this fan with a sleek stylish black frame which is complemented by anti-vibration pads.


The CR-95 fanless CPU cooler is designed to keep your processor at room temperature while keeping your fan noise to a minimum. The CR-95C comes in two different versions: nickel-plated Pearl Black and plain copper. The nickel-plated version is slightly more expensive than the copper-plated version but will stay the same colour forever. The copper-plated version on the other hand will fade over time due to copper oxidation but is still a solid choice for quiet and efficient cooling.


The CR-100A fanless CPU cooler is a small fanless cooling solution that uses bent bicycle spokes to direct heat away from the CPU. It can accommodate processors with TDP ratings up to 100W including Intel’s Sandy Bridge models. It measures nearly nine inches in diameter and just over five inches high. It weighs close to two pounds. You can expect to pay around $500 for the kit.


The CR-80EH fanless CPU cooler is made of aluminum and copper with 400 times faster thermal conductivity. It supports CPUs up to 80W and fits AMD and Intel sockets. Its design eliminates vibration and noise and it’s dust-free so it requires very little maintenance. It’s perfect for those who are concerned about noise and dust. It’s an excellent choice for gamers who want to keep the temperature of their CPUs down.

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