The Difference Between the Different Minecraft Biomes

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To understand the difference between the different Minecraft biomes you must first know what each one is. There are four basic biomes: Desert Taiga Snowy Plains and Swamp. These biomes have different vegetation and mob types so you should know about them before you start playing. This article will cover each of them in more detail. It will also provide a quick guide to exploring each of them. Here are the four most common biomes: Desert Taiga Snowy Plains and Swamp.


There are several ways to get to the Desert in Minecraft. The desert is usually located near other hot biomes like forests mountains and seas. To find the correct location of a desert read the map. You can also use a command called ‘biome loc’ (only available on the Java edition of the game). If you are looking for a particular biome you can replace ‘desert’ with the biome’s id. The command will then provide coordinates.

Several different types of plants and animals can be found in the desert. They have a variety of properties which you can use to build structures. Some of these are beneficial to the player while others pose risks. The desert is also home to two passive mobs. Listed below are some of the most common desert plants and animals. You can also find desert structures which can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are looking for a place to sleep rest or even practice survival you will find a way to survive.


Taiga is the highest of the different biomes available in Minecraft. It is also the most diverse of them all with its many kinds of trees and countless resources. You can farm for wood and you can dig up cave systems to build structures. This is also one of the hardest biomes to navigate since lava is so plentiful. However the snowy tundra is very pretty and full of spruce trees frozen lakes and villages. In addition to its snowy appearance this biome is also home to wolf packs and rabbits.

The taiga biome is found next to the extreme hills biome. The taiga biome contains spruce trees and ferns. It is common for wolves and foxes to spawn in this area. This biome also has sugarcane though it doesn’t grow as well in colder variants. Luckily there are two variants of Taiga. One is called taigaHills and the other is known as Taiga M.

Snowy Plains

The Snowy Plains in Minecraft is a snowy region with average precipitation. In addition to the snow this biome is home to polar bears and rabbits. There are also small buildings and villagers. Because it is a snow biome you cannot have a garden and most of your buildings are made of snow. The basic building types found in this region include the igloo (a house made entirely of snow blocks) crafting table furnace and redstone torch.

The Snowy Plains biome has flat lands covered by snow. It is home to polar bears skeleton-like hostile creatures and other plant life. You will also find sugar cane and spruce trees. Aside from the passive mobs in this biome you will also find caves and lakes. You may encounter wolves and foxes roaming around the area.


If you’re looking for a new place to explore you’ll want to try the Swamp in Minecraft. This biome is filled with swampy creatures and a swamp hut. These creatures will only spawn in a swamp or if you breed them in the swamp or cure a zombie villager that spawned in a nearby swamp. Swamp biomes are primarily found near the sea where erosion is high. They also tend to have several different temperature clusters and can be found in many types of terrain from snowy regions to deserts.

Regardless of which biome you choose you’ll want to consider what kinds of animals you can encounter in a swamp. Animals wander freely from one biome to the next and there are lots of different kinds of swamp creatures to look out for. Many of these creatures can only be found in the swamp at night and you can also expect to come across endermen zombies and spiders. In addition to animals you’ll want to keep in mind that the amount of slimes that you can find in the swamp is dependent on the phase of the moon so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them in the future.


There are several types of biomes in Minecraft. You can explore the jungle biome by exploring the surrounding area which is rich in foliage and tall trees. Some jungle trees are as large as 2×2 wood blocks. You can also discover various spawns including the mooshroom which is basically a cow with mushrooms growing on it’s body. You can also find pyramids and melons in the jungle.

Other biomes include the swamp and desert. The swamp is identifiable by large green areas with vines and lily pads. You can also find the witch’s hut a black cat and a lot of mushrooms. You’ll find slimes and mushrooms in the swamp and a black cat only spawns here on full moon nights. You can also find mobs and hostile creatures here but it’s not the ideal place for your Minecraft adventure!


The ocean covers 60% of the Minecraft world ranging in depth from 15 to 30 blocks deep. There are two distinct types of oceans: warm and deep. The former is a sea with lots of life – coral reefs and sea pickles are common. Deep oceans are also more dangerous as you can drown by breaking a rock and entering the water. To avoid these dangers it is essential to check the biome of your island before diving in.

The ocean is the largest biome stretching over three thousand blocks. It is a vast expanse filled with islands and all types of water. It is an ideal place for fishing or for exploring the other biomes. If you get lost you can always build a boat and drift downstream. You can also visit beaches at the junction of two ocean biomes. While they are not always populated these locations can be great for finding loot.

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