The Best PC Water Cooling Kit

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If you are looking for the best PC water cooling kit then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss the Corsair H100 Thermaltake Pacific CL360 Max D5 Hard Line Kit and EKWB TBE 200 D5 models. Then we will talk about which ones are the best in the market. Read on to learn more about each of them! Hopefully you will be able to decide which one is best for you!

Thermaltake Pacific CL360 Max D5 Hard Line Kit

If you are considering purchasing a PC water cooling system Thermaltake Pacific CL360 Max D5 Hardline Kit is an excellent option. This cooling kit comes with nearly everything you need to build a water cooling system including a heat gun and bending kit. Thermaltake’s Pacific CL360 Max kit is a great overall choice and it is RGB-enabled and compatible with Razer Chroma and Amazon Alexa.

This kit comes with three fans an extra tubing two compression fittings and a pump/reservoir combo. It also includes two 90-degree angle adapters a bending kit and cutting tools. Unlike some kits this kit is very easy to install. If you have some experience with hard tube PC water cooling systems you can use this kit to build your own high-performance water cooling system.

Corsair H100

The Hydro Series H100 is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that comes with an integrated RGB LED pump head and 240mm radiator. This model also features two 120mm ML Series magnetic levitation PWM fans. Its design makes it easy to install and maintenance-free. Its digital fan control features low-noise balanced and maximum cooling modes. This kit is compatible with both AMD and Intel processors. It also comes with Corsair’s proprietary iCUE software which lets you customize the settings of your system and save money.

The Hydro Series H100i comes with a double-wide radiator pre-filled with fluid and requires no priming or refilling. The large surface area and low-pitch fan blades provide efficient cooling while maintaining a low noise level. Corsair has designed a low-profile and lightweight cooling unit that is perfect for any system. It comes with a thermal paste and push-button control and can even work with a standard CPU case.

Thermaltake H115i RGB PLATINUM

The Thermaltake H115i RGB PLATINUM is a complete all-in-one liquid CPU cooler featuring a 280mm radiator and vivid RGB lighting. This PC water cooling kit is suitable for users who want to experience extreme CPU cooling without sacrificing style or durability. The three included fans offer high air flow increasing cooling performance and boosting CPU performance. Thermaltake H115i RGB PLATINUM is compatible with both the original TR4 and new sTRX4 socket.

The Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM from Corsair is one of the best liquid cooling kits available for PCs. This cooling system comes with a 360mm radiator and three 120mm fans which are suitable for gamers and enthusiasts. The Swiftech H220-X is another excellent liquid cooling kit that includes a dual 120mm copper radiator enthusiast grade pump and water block.


The EKWB TBE 200 D5 PC Water Cooling Kit comes with a variety of components that are pre-assembled and ready for installation. It does not include distilled water but it can be purchased separately. A 120mm fan is recommended for one component such as the CPU. To cool the GPU two 120mm fans should be used. EKWB also offers pumpless versions of its reservoirs for increased flexibility.

The Kinetic TBE combo unit can be upgraded to a pumpless version and the EK-Quantum Revo D5 unit can be used with the existing D5 pump. It offers six G1/4′ ports on the top and bottom combo housing and an optional third port on the side can serve as an inlet or drain port. This kit also has a reservoir that is built-in.

NZXT Crystal 680X

The Crystal 680X RGB is a compact case with modern connectivity. It has 1 USB 3.1 Type C port 2 USB 3.0 ports a headphone jack and 3.5 mm microphone jack. The Crystal 680X RGB has 10 expansion slots and two vertical mounting graphics card bays. The case has seven internal hard drive bays and can be installed with no tools required. Lastly the case comes with dust filters on all air intakes.

The Crystal 680X RGB has a dual-chamber tempered glass ATX case with brilliant software-controlled RGB lighting. The Lighting Node PRO turns the 680X RGB into a smart case synchronizing the RGB lighting across compatible products. The system is lit by 48 individually addressable RGB LEDs on three award-winning LL series fans. The Crystal 680X RGB is also compatible with water cooling technology.

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