TCL TV light blinking issue – Here’s the fix

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A number of owners report that the LED lights on TCL’s logo are stuck on and the lights don’t turn on. Glad to find some good solutions here. When the light on your TV blinks, your television will go into Standby mode.

For this problem you can press a reset button in your television back. The reset is pushed or held by pressing a paper clip. This could happen a couple of times. This will help resetting the TV to work again.

The system took dozens or even hundreds of attempts to get the job done, not only for the first few attempts, but also to finish it quickly! If you have any difficulty, just use the erase marker to re-enter it.

TCL TV light blinking: Common Issues

The TCL TV brand is among the most attractive brands for television purchases. Their televisions offer best audio visual experiences. If you own your TV with TCL you know it’s an excellent choice.

However, many customers have reported problems with their TCL Television. It’s frustrating to see a TCL TV light blinking. Do you see the TCL TV flashing? The answer is here. The flickering lamp may also have other causes.

It sometimes blinks when we hit the remote button. This blink indicates that this command was taken from a TV.

TCL TV flashes black

You know, a white flashing lamp may indicate a disconnect in the TCL cable. Why is the screen not showing any colors? This problem occurs because when a TV is switched on, it goes dark but the pictures do not stay on.

While it may seem like the TV isn’t going on at all that much, it can be quite frustrating to watch the TV uninterrupted. The flash on your TCL TV may be causing minor glitches or causing faulty power supplies.

TCL TV light keeps blinking/flashing

When turning on the TV without problem it should be lit without blinking and flickering. However, many users reported experiencing problems when they watched their television without any problems.

Depending on how many people have experienced this type of problem you can find the solution listed here. If the light on the screen doesn’t illuminate the TV screen, it’s likely that the TV is searching for signals.

TCL light blinking won’t turn on

If a TCL light blinks, this is a sign of power, a fact of promise. When your television lights go off and your TV is turned off the problem may cause owners to question the cause of the problem.

There are countless different reasons why it can happen and you can do it with various troubleshooting methods. If the TV lights blink but it doesn’t work then you should perform a reset to reset the screen.

TCL TV keeps flashing white

There are many possible solutions to the problem that is caused by an unresponsive or unsatisfied TV. When you see your TCL televisions light up, they’re supposed to relay specific messages.

Most televisions have connectivity issues that can be resolved quite quickly. When the screen is white on my computer, typically the message indicates a connection problem with my TV via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

How do I fix my TCL TV?

When televisions blink, the light on their display will remain on standby mode. It’s the red light below TCL’s logo that will remain on even when it doesn’t show up on TCL TV’s screen. It has been fixed by technical issues.

There are six common problems with flashing lights, and what can be done immediately?

Disconnected. Remote

When you’re watching a TV on TCL and your lights are blinking, it should be tested on TCL TV for pairing. Occasionally remote control systems disconnect from their cabled TCL-TVs. The problem is fixed by running power cycles as indicated earlier.

If the TV is returned you can press the remote button. The TV should be unresponsive after 10 minutes. Stand near a screen and press the home button. The remote pairing steps are not complete so maybe the TCL TV needs an update.

Broadband or Ethernet Cable Issues

If a TCL television light keeps blinking, it can be a signal for a computer connection problem. Depending on how many wireless or wired connections there are these issues. Check the signal strength or try changing the connection.

The bandwidth [1] of the internet cannot cope with a large number of customers. The problem might require a switch to another network in case this continues. Internet is wireless: check the cable. Test the connection with ethernet.

This means there are no properly plugged cable inputs to the television. The television may then search for that signal that appears in flashing television lights. You can reconnect your cable connections to the correct outlets. Ensure the wire is completely reattached when the cable breaks down immediately.

TV requires a power cycle

Try switching the power cycle on the TV. This works as with the reset buttons on your Television. However, it will also require removing power from the TV. Shut down your television and disconnect the cable from the socket.

Keep this on for 30 seconds or 30 seconds. Once you’re finished, connect this to a new machine. TIP: For proper reset press power button for 10 seconds. Never press the remote to drain unused energy.

TCL TV needs to be reset

You can reset your television if there are any problems with the device. TIP: Reset buttons are very small and are hard to locate. The RCA connectors are typically attached to the 3.5 – 3.5 – 3.5-inch USB RCA connector.

Resetting television is useful to get rid of constant blinks which are harmful to brain cells. Tell me the best way of getting your television reset?

TCL TVs are outdated

Possibly TLCL TV is in some need of updating based off of the slow blinking during remote pairing. A good television will have a good connection to the Internet. Connect this to the cable for a reliable update process.

Update the firmware

A light blink may alert your system about updates to firmware on its computer. This light is likely to signal some updates. Click the Update button in Update section. We’ll fix it right away!


If your TV doesn’t function and your light flashes, you may have an annoying problem. The lights remain lit but the display does not turn on. It is great that there’s not just a single person complaining about television problems.

This article explains how you can get tcl on TV. If your TV light blinks, see if it is connected. I have not plugged it in yet. Check that there is a new battery inside the remote. Try removing and reinstalling TVs. See what the light in your router is blinking.

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