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It’s 1997. The iPhone won’t be released for another 10 years, and the majority of people walking around don’t have any sort of mobile phone in their pocket. You read the newspaper when you wake up instead of checking your phone, and you read a book before bedtime instead of scrolling your Twitter feed.

Along with the Pokemon craze in 1996, this wasn’t the only thing to come out of Japan towards the turn of the millennium. I’m talking of course, about one of the biggest toy crazes of the last few decades. Yep – the tamagotchi.

Bandai released the Tamagotchi in Japan in 1996, and by 1997 it spread throughout the rest of the world like wildfire. The chance for parents to subdue their children with a virtual puppy as opposed to being forced to get a real one was apparent. And before you knew it, half the kids in the playground had their own Tamagotchi to use and take care of.

With almost 100 million Tamagotchi’s sold worldwide, it’s no surprise than Bandai re-released the product recently. Though it’s without much altercation – it’s pretty much the same old tamagotchi you may have been used to, with a little adjusting to bring it up to date. You can almost smell the nostalgia in the air.

The Best Tamagotchi

When it comes to digital pets, the right model will really depend on what you want from your tamagotchi. For those that are more interested in mini games, then you could consider a different type of digital pets game. However if you want the typical experience like the original version, then that’s what you should stick with.

The OG Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi Electronic Game, White/Pink
  • The Original Tamagotchi digital pet you loved back in 1997 is back with the original programming!
  • Feed it, turn lights on/off, play with it, give it medicine, flush after it’s used the bathroom, check it’s health and discipline your Tamagotchi if he bothers you when he’s happy, fed and all cleaned up
  • Includes character game where you have to guess which way the Tamagotchi will move next!

It’s not hard to find the original tamagotchi online – and yes, it’s exactly the same as it was all those years ago! Depending on which tamagotchi you buy, it will represent a different generation of tamagotchi, which will have slightly different features.

This one follows the same path as the old tamagotchi. You need to raise and nurture your pet until it becomes an adult. And depending on how good of a job you do, will determine what adult pet you end up with! There are 7 different ending scenarios that you can get, so it’s important to make sure that you make the right choices with your virtual pet.

New versions of the Tamagotchi may vary, like having color screens – you may even find some with few features in comparison to the older versions, as they try to focus on the main activities that most consumers want.

It also has a nifty character game, where you’ll have to guess which way the tamagotchi is going to move. It’s a great idea for kids, and a good way to bring back some of the memories of the old tamagotchi you may have once had.

Bandai Tamagotchi 4U

Bandai Tamagotchi 4U White ( Tamagotchi 4U White)
  • TAMAGOTCHI toy/device itself

If you’re looking for an updated version of the Tamagotchi, then Bandai have that for you as well. The 4U is an upgraded version of the original tamagotchi, and it has over 16 characters in total. This is pretty awesome, as is a definite step up on the original tamagotchi.

The good thing about this tamagotchi is that if you have the right phone, you can connect it to it and download things online. This is pretty cool, and it does make it much different in comparison to other older tamagotchis. You need to train your tamagotchi in a variety of different areas, whether that be get ready for bed, cleaning or even using the restroom!

The main issue with this one? Everything is in Japanese. And nope, you can’t change it. Whilst you might think that this makes it unusual, it really isn’t that difficult to get the hang of things, as the interactions with your pet are going to be using the buttons, which are pretty self explanatory. Still, for a younger child, this 4u Tamagotchi may be a little confusing.

Special Release Tamagotchis (Gudetama)

Gudetama Tamagotchi - Yellow Gudetama
  • Sanrio’s Gudetama (the lazy egg) can be taken care of in a Tamagotchi environment.
  • Feed, play, turn lights on/off and give attention So you don't end up with an egg dish
  • When wants to play, Play a game where you guess where is hiding!

There are a few special releases of new tamagotchi that are being released. After the Eevee pokemon tamagotchi was released for a super short period of time, you can also find other versions of the tamagotchi which may make your child scream with joy.

My personal favorite is this Gudetama tamagotchi, largely because the character of Gudetama itself is so awesome. If you look online, you can actually find some gameplay of how the tamagotchi works, which is super cool.

Giga Pets

Giga Pets AR Puppy Dog Virtual Pet, White
  • The Electronic virtual pet that was So popular 20 years ago is back with many added features! Gigapets makes a great stocking stuffer for this holiday season!
  • Free app for your smartphone to get a 3D experience with augmented reality (AR)
  • More fantastic game play from the original game designers

Although Giga Pets never quite reached the same levels as tamagotchis did, they’ll still bring back some nostalgia for a lot of people. As soon as tamagotchis took over, Giga Pets seemed to follow and definitely had their fair share of the market.

Overall looking at it now, this new Giga Pet is the same as the old one and it isn’t that impressive. However, it does get significantly better if you add in the fact that you can use it with your smartphone.

This gives you the ability to use it with augmented reality, which in itself can be a fun experience. If you’re not going to use it with your smartphone however, then this might be one that you’re going to want to avoid.

How long do Tamagotchis live?

Although it’s different for different models, tamagotchis generally equate 1 day to 1 year in human terms. So as a  virtual pet, the maximum that your tamagotchi can live is 20 something years, or days in real time. Of course, many tamagotchis don’t live that long due to neglect and mistreatment!

When do Tamagotchis evolve?

Depending on your tamagotchi, then can evolve as quickly as within a few days. This is provided you take proper care of it, which is essential for your tamagotchi to grow.

The History of Tamagotchi

Most Tamagotchi character names end in chi (ち) in Japanese, with a few exceptions. Most Tamagotchi character names end in chi (ち) in Japanese, with a few exceptions. When the Tamagotchi was launched in Japan, Bandai initially marketed it exclusively to teenage girls. Bandai and WiZ later developed a male counterpart to the Tamagotchi, the Digital Monster, which gave rise to the Digimon series.

The first Tamagotchis could only be paused by setting the clock, effectively stopping the passage of time in the game, but later models incorporated a pause function. Following the original English spelling of watch, the name is sometimes rewritten in Japan as Tamagotch without the “i”.

Both were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997, which makes them the father and mother of the Tamagotchi. Most Tamagotchis are housed in a small egg-shaped handheld video game with a user interface consisting of three buttons, although the Tamagotchi Pix also has a shutter button on the top to activate the camera.

Unlike its predecessors, the Tamagotchi 4U does not have infrared, which meant that it sold rather poorly. In the 1990s, children often took digital Tamagotchi pets to school, because in the first two versions (Generation 1 and Generation , a figure could die in less than half a day if it was not adequately cared for.

Products According to Bandai, the name is a portmanteau of the two Japanese words tamago (たまご), meaning “egg”, and uotchi (ウオッチ) “clock”. In addition to the original Tamagotchi, the first wave of Tamagotchi toys also included Christmas, angel and sea-themed versions.

Newer models such as the Tamagotchi 4U and the Tamagotchi 4U can connect to other Tamagotchi 4U devices as well as smartphones and tablets via near-field communication.

The Japanese Tamagotchi toys usually show a ghost and a tombstone when the pet dies, but the English-language versions have been modified to show an angel at death, or with good care or a high training bar, a floating UFO and the pet laying an egg to indicate its return to its home planet.

The Chou Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi also introduced abilities that can be acquired by playing certain games with the pet or using certain toys or food purchased in the e-tamago or game. In Japan, there is an arcade machine called TamaStation where players can win prizes for their Tamagotchi.

The Tamagotchi Pix is equipped with a camera that allows users to select a pet based on the skin tone and age of the face, take photos and walk the pet.

Tamagotchi figures

The original Tamagotchi was the first virtual pet in the series and was released in Japan on 23 November 1996 and worldwide the following year. The modern Tamagotchi franchise, also known as Color Generation, is the third major iteration of Tamagotchi after the Connection era.

Which teenager you get depends on the HB they have as they grow, and the Care Misses (CM) they got in the child phase. In the reveal trailer, it was shown that these characters will be accessible on the Tamagotchi Smart via a Tama SmaCard, but further details are currently unknown.

While certain characters are exclusive to certain devices, their genetics can be transferred to other devices when connected. This release introduced many new features that are now common to Tamagotchis, such as wearable accessories, different places to visit, room makeovers and the inclusion of Tama pets.

The likes and dislikes of the My Tama are determined by the inherited body and correspond to those of the character from which the body originated. In the tamagotchi On app, there are several tamagotchi roaming around the park that are not owned by the players.

The user has the task of hatching and caring for a baby, with the quality of care determining which adult it becomes and how long it lives.



If you’re looking for the best tamagotchi, you’ve come to the right place. I scoured through dozens of models, sorting each one on functionality, quality and overall best tamagotchi score.

Once you read this article you’ll know exactly what features are available in a best tamagotchi, which statistics are the best and where to find them for purchase at the best price.

I’m sure you’re wondering: What is a best tamagotchi? At first glance it may look like just another digital gadget aimed at kids, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. best tamagotchi can capture your child’s imagination in ways that no other toy or device can. It is interactive AND educational so children have fun

It’s hard to say exactly which is the best tamagotchi, as many of them have similar features. Of course, you also have many of the competitors that popped up when tamagotchi gained traction like Giga Pets – before we knew it, virtual pets were everywhere. But nowadays, which is the best tamagotchi to go for? Should you opt for the old original Tamagotchi, or are there other options that are better than the original?

Overall, a tamagotchi pet can be a fun way for you to bond with your kids. It gives you a chance to show them a taste of your childhood, in comparison to their which is likely filled with smartphones and tablets.

Whilst you might not think that tamagotchis are going to be entertaining in the present day, they’ll still prove entertaining, especially for younger children. If you’re after another stocking filler for Christmas, then a tamagotchi can be an awesome addition that most children will love.

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