Spotify Won’t Play Certain Songs – How to Fix Spotify Not Playing Certain Songs

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If you have noticed that your Spotify is not playing certain songs you may have downgraded to the free plan changed your subscription level or changed hardware. This article will help you fix your Spotify not playing certain songs problem. You may also want to try using offline mode. However this requires enough space on your device. To enable offline mode you should update your software and hardware. To do this follow the steps below.

Fixing Spotify not playing certain songs

The first thing you should do when you’re experiencing Spotify not playing certain songs is to restart your device. For some reason the Spotify app may be frozen or crashing. To force close the app hold down the power button until a message pops up. Next choose Restart or Reboot (Advanced) to restart your device. After the device reboots you should be able to listen to songs without interruptions.

Another possible cause for the problem may be your computer’s sound card or your software drivers. If these are the cases try upgrading your software. Then try opening a random web page to test your connection. To check if your firewall is blocking Spotify go to the Settings menu and go to the Troubleshooter. Finally make sure that Spotify is in the white list of your firewall. Some countries impose strict content restrictions on songs. Songs with taboo words may be blocked.

Fixing Spotify not playing certain songs after downgrading to free plan

If you are having trouble with your subscription you might be experiencing issues with your music on Spotify. Perhaps you upgraded to a premium account and downgraded to the free plan and now you can’t play some songs. It’s possible that your Spotify has become overloaded with local files. To fix this issue simply uninstall the local files from the Spotify app and restart your computer. The restart will help clear any errors that have been causing the error and refresh the system.

First of all check the quality of the audio. If the music is too low-quality it might be because you’ve downgraded to the free plan. If the problem persists you can try changing the audio quality to better fit your device’s hardware. Another option is to disable hardware acceleration in your device’s settings. Once you’ve done this restart the Spotify application to see if it works again.

Fixing Spotify not playing certain songs after changing subscription level

You may be experiencing this issue because your subscription has changed but you still cannot play specific songs. You may be experiencing a problem with the audio quality or you may have changed the quality of the streaming from a lower setting to a higher one. You can resolve this problem by adjusting the quality settings on your computer. If you are using Windows or Mac you can try disabling hardware acceleration in the Spotify settings.

Crossfade may also be causing your problem. If it is enabled turn off crossfading and restart your device. Another possible reason why Spotify won’t play certain songs is an outdated version of the app. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Spotify. If it’s not you can check the app store for an update. Once the update is installed you’ll no longer have the problem.

Fixing Spotify not playing certain songs after changing hardware

If you’re having trouble listening to certain songs on Spotify you might have changed your hardware or software settings. If that’s the case you can try the following solutions to fix Spotify not playing certain songs. Check your hardware software and region settings to determine which one is causing the error. If none of these options fix the problem you can try downloading the song to your computer and then installing it on your phone or tablet.

First open the application and click the three-dotted menu icon. From the menu choose ‘Settings.’ In the General tab click the Hardware Acceleration option. In the Hardware Acceleration settings select ‘Allow Spotify to use hardware acceleration.’ This setting will enable the program to use the hardware settings to run more smoothly. Make sure that the software is updated and disabled if necessary. Leaving it turned off can result in the error occurring again.

Fixing Spotify not playing certain songs after force-closing the app

When Spotify isn’t playing certain songs after force-closing it can be caused by a number of reasons. Streaming quality may be too low cache files may be corrupted or your internet connection may be too slow. If these factors are the cause of your problem you can try the fixes listed below to resolve the issue. If none of these solutions work try force-closing and re-installing the app.

Changing your subscription level can also cause this error. If you’ve recently switched to Freemium from a premium subscription this could be the cause of the problem. To fix this error disable the hardware acceleration in Spotify restart the app and try playing the song again. If you still have the error then try the next fix. If the above fixes don’t work you can try using the web version of Spotify. The web version of the app has more options and is completely bug-free.

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