Spotify Not Detected on Discord? 3 Steps to Get Spotify Detected on Discord

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Spotify is not detected on Discord? There are a few ways to fix this. You can either fix the problem by reinstalling the app or use a third-party music bot to connect to Spotify. If none of these work for you read on. This article will explain how to fix Spotify not being detected on Discord. If you still cannot hear Spotify on Discord here are three steps to get Spotify detected:

Fixing a bug in the app

If you have trouble hearing your friends’ music while playing a game you might be suffering from a bug in the Discord Spotify app. While this isn’t the end of the world it can be frustrating. Here are a few simple steps to solve this problem and get your favorite music back on Discord. After all who doesn’t want to listen to their favorite music while playing a game?

The first thing you should do is to check the status of the Discord Spotify app on the app store. Some services such as Spotify have been offline for days and there’s a high chance that you’re experiencing the same problem. The Discord status page notes that it’s taking time for the service to return to normal and that some features – like media embeds – might take time to come back.

Reinstalling Spotify

If you’re having problems connecting with Spotify on your Discord account you’ve likely encountered a problem with your account’s settings. If you’ve tried this you’ve probably also noticed that your status is not visible on Discord and you’re not able to use the listen-along feature. In such cases you’ll need to re-link your Spotify account to Discord.

If you’ve tried all the suggestions above without success try reinstalling Spotify. Sometimes the problem is in the application itself. You may have to sign out of your Spotify account before installing the app. It’s not a bad idea to try this solution as it won’t do any harm. Try signing out and signing in to Discord again. This way you can eliminate the problem.

Using your PC you can also try reinstalling Spotify. However if you’re using a Mac you can check the storage device to identify the cause of the problem. Some storage devices such as SD cards are prone to read/write errors and bad sectors. If these problems persist reinstalling Spotify will likely solve your problem. If you don’t have the SD card you can also try to clean the contacts on the SD card. If these steps don’t solve your issue you can download the latest version of Spotify.

Using a third-party music bot

When listening to Spotify on Discord you may notice some problems. Your song length and position may be incorrect or the song is not being displayed correctly. You may be listening to a song that is being played by another player in the party. You may also hear the song you are supposed to be listening to before. To fix this you can use a third-party music bot.

There are several bots for Spotify on Discord. Some of them are Quark Eun-bi and Pikaboot. Once you’ve installed the bot you can connect your Spotify account to Discord. Then select your server enable the bot’s permissions and complete a captcha verification. Now you’re all set to start listening to Spotify on Discord!

Reinstalling Discord

Trying to connect Spotify to Discord can solve this problem. The first step is to open your Spotify account and sign in. You can also try reinstalling the Spotify app and logging out and back in. These methods can solve the problem if you’ve tried them before. It’s best to try them all at the same time as one solution may not work for all users. However it won’t hurt to try them all.

Another way to fix Spotify’s not-detected error is to clear your temporary cache. This is applicable to both your browser and Discord client. If the problem still persists try reinstalling the Spotify client and try connecting it again. It’s worth the try. However it may take a while so you may want to check your internet connection before trying this. It may take some time to connect to Spotify so try the steps mentioned above to find the best solution.

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