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Like any retro item, Space Hoppers certainly had their peak in popularity. Whilst kids today might play on their iPads or their Playstations, this wasn’t the case for kids 50 years ago.

Towards the end of the sixties, space hoppers (or hopper balls) were introduced. It took a few years for them to gain popularity, but throughout the seventies and even into the eighties, every kid wanted a space hopper (this is especially true in the United Kingdom – the craze didn’t spread to the United States as much). In fact, they still remain mildly popular today, and you’ll find a few of them online. They can make a great toy for your kids to play with, so it’s worth considering if you want to encourage your kids to get outside.

There isn’t a lot of difference between hoppers, but there are a few brands that are likely better than others. So, let’s have a look at some of the best space hoppers.

Best Space Hopper (Bouncy Ball with Handle!)

When you’re looking for the best space hopper online, you need to be careful. Best space hoppers can’t just be bought anywhere – You’ve got to do it right and use the best resource available.

To find the Best Space Hopper of 2021 we looked through all the reviews on Best Space Hopper we could get our hands on. We then picked out the most popular Best Space Hoppers for our readers below, so you’ll know which Best Space Hopper is best.


Hedstrom Pink Polka Dot Hopper Ball, Kid's Ride-on Toy, Bouncy Hopping Ball with Handle - 15 Inch
  • The Hedstrom Hopper ball is the original Hopper. Hedstrom has been making toys like the Hopper Ball since 1913! Quality Hop Balls come from Hedstrom
  • Hedstrom Hopper Balls promote coordination, balance, and exercise. This is one of the best toys for children’s exercise and because kids can hop either inside or outside this is a must have toy for any child.
  • The 15 inch diamater size is perfect for children ages 4-6 and makes it easy to take along or store anywhere.

Hedstrom Space Hoppers are a great idea if you want a variety of different colors. They have a big choice of different colors to choose from, so if you’re looking for something specific, then they’re you’re best bet.

Hedstrom is one of the oldest toy brands around, and are closing in on 100 years in the business. It’s reasons like this that separate them from other newer brands – with Hedstrom if you have an issue with your product, then you’re more likely to get a helpful response and a replacement. So, it could be worth considering getting a bouncy ball from them.

Their bouncy balls usually have a 15 inch diameter, which is a good size for smaller children. It’s not ideal for older children, but it’s great for younger ages (ideally less than 6 years old).

XinoSports Space Hopper

Xino Sports Hopping Ball for Kids - Teens and Adults, Offers Hours of Fun for Boys & Girls, Hopper Ball, Jumping Ball with Handle, 22 Inch Diameter (Blue)
  • 💥 GREAT ACTIVITY - This hopping ball is a perfect workout for children, teens, and even adults. Hopping fun for the whole family.
  • 💥 ADVANTAGES - This hippity hop improves coordination and balance; Strengthens and tones your body
  • 💥 FEATURES - 22 inch Hopper Ball available in blue and orange colors, at an affordable price! Stronger and more durable than the competition!

If you want something larger that’s suitable for bigger kids, then you may want to consider this Space Hopper instead. It has a whopping 170lbs weight limit in comparison to other options, making it far more suitable for bigger kids. It can be difficult getting a bouncy ball for the youngest and excluding the older child, so ensure that you get something everyone can use.

Although ZinoSports might sound like a cheap Chinese brand, they’re actually based in the United States. This makes any issue that you might have with your space hopper extremely easy to solve should you have any issues. Overall, for a large space hopper, XinoSports offer another good choice.

Bintiva Hippity Hop

Hippity Hop 45 cm / 18 Inch Diameter Including Free Foot Pump, for Children Ages 3-6 Space Hopper, Hop Ball Bouncing Toy - 1 Ball
  • Crafted especially for children with safe, tested, materials.
  • A fun and stimulating toy for children ages 3-6, that satisfies the parents, and the child.
  • Hippity hop encourages children to exercise and strengthen their bodies, in an enjoyable manner.

Somewhere in the mid range between the 15 inch and 22 inch space hoppers previously mentioned is this Bintiva Hippity Hop. It’s 18 inches, which makes it a good size for younger kids, but you could also use it for under 6’s.

If you want a hopper that’s focussed on stability, this would be a really good option. The reason for this is that the handle is well made, and enables a child to cling onto it well. It’s really easy to grip, as opposed to other hoppers which can be a little more difficult. It’s also made out of eco friendly materials, which makes it a better option than other plastic hoppers that might not be so good for the environment. Overall, this is another good option for a space hopper.

Appleround Unicorn Bouncer

AppleRound Unicorn Bouncer with Hand Pump, Inflatable Space Hopper, Ride-on Bouncy Animal (White)
  • Stable 4 legged Space Hopper, Bouncy Unicorn. Inflated size appr. Length: 63cm/25in from nose to tail; Seat height: 26cm/10in; Body height: 47cm/18.5in from ear to floor.
  • Lab tested, conforms to the toy safety requirements, durable and safe.
  • It is delivered deflated. A two-way hand pump is included for pumping up the space hopper.

The Appleround Unicorn Bouncer is one of the best options if you’re looking for something that isn’t necessarily an actual typical bouncer. It’s more of an adaption of your regular space hopper, though it will undoubtedly appeal to some people.

It’s available in a few different colors, which are definitely some of the most attractive hoppers you’ll find. They’re a general evolution of the original space hopper, but nowadays we have the ability to create more unique hoppers. You can find hoppers like this Unicorn one, but you can also find a variety of different animals. That means that if your child is cow crazy, then undoubtedly you’re going to have the option to find a cow hopper somewhere online.

This isn’t typically a space hopper, but it follows the same premise as other hoppers that you’re going to find.

AppleRound Space Hopper

AppleRound Space Hopper Ball with Pump, 18in/45cm Diameter for Ages 3-6, Hop Ball, Kangaroo Bouncer, Hoppity Hippity Hop
  • Color of Plain Red, no any graphics on the ball.
  • Inflated size appr. 45cm/18in in diameter. Durable Grab n' grip handle. Maximum sustainable weight of 160 pounds or 70 kgs.
  • Age group 3-6 years. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Age under 3 should be under direct supervision of an adult.

AppleRound don’t just offer animal Space Hoppers, they also offer regular space hoppers that are of a decent quality. It is another 18 inch space hopper, so this is going to be a good option if you’re looking for something for young children.

Unlike the different designs that are available with their other products, this is a really basic design for a space hopper. If you want something plain without a great deal of different details on it, then this would make a perfect option. Though if you’re looking for something more attractive, then it’s a little basic for most.

Reasons to get a Toy like a Space Hopper

Why should you get a space hopper? Well, there are a few reasons why this would be a really good idea.

  • Exercise – Unsurprisingly, space hoppers are actually a really good work out. If you’re looking to ensure that your kids are getting enough exercise, then a space hopper is a good way to wear them out.
  • Gets them outside – It’s getting more and more difficult to drag the kids away from their iPads and outside into the fresh air. An enjoyable toy like a space hopper is a great way to get them outside in the fresh air. Other things like playing laser tag and getting outside with a Nerf gun are also good ideas.
  • Cheap and Cheerful – Another reason why space hoppers are good for pretty much any kid is that they’re so cheap. You don’t have a huge outlay with space hoppers, and whilst they won’t last forever, they can definitely provide some much deserved fun.


Overall, space hoppers can be an awesome toy for young children. There aren’t too many toys nowadays that you’re going to find that aren’t technological. Sometimes it’s nice to get your child a more typical gift like this, that they can add to their toy collection.

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