Screen Recording Failed to Save Due to 5823 – Proven Ways to Fix Error 5823 in Screen Recording

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If your screen recording application is displaying an error message stating that the application is unable to save the problem may be related to several factors. These include low storage space or battery power microphone not being turned on or insufficient free space on your phone. If you can’t save a screen recording try one of the following tips. Hopefully one of these solutions will fix the problem.

Error 5823

If you are getting this error when recording a video it may be due to several reasons. You need to ensure that your phone is fully charged and connected and that the recording device is free of any obstructions. Furthermore you must make sure that your video recording settings are configured correctly. Here are some ways to fix Error 5823 in screen recording. These are proven ways to fix screen recording errors.

Firstly try upgrading your iOS device. This will bring in bug fixes and security updates. Go to Settings and tap on Automatic Updates. Also make sure that you have enough space to store the recording. If you are having trouble recording videos on iOS devices try to use a headset instead of a microphone. If this doesn’t work check the permissions of the app. You may also be recording copy-protected content. In such a case you may find that your recording is not saving properly.

Low power mode

The first thing you should do if your screen recording fails to save is to go into Settings > Battery and make sure that the Low Power Mode toggle is off. If it is on the issue might be caused by the device running out of storage. If so you can clear the storage of your phone to prevent this error. If you’re using Face ID you must hold the Side and Volume buttons simultaneously to make use of the facial recognition feature.

The low power mode is an operating system setting that saves battery life by disabling some of the phone’s features. Unfortunately it can affect screen recording. To fix the problem you’ll need to disable Low Power Mode delete unnecessary applications clear system data and unprotected content (marked with 5823).

Microphone not turned on

If you’re experiencing issues recording videos from your iPhone iPad or iPod touch and are unable to save them to the Photos app there are a few things you can try. First try to see if your device is running low on storage. To find out how much storage your device has left open the Settings app and tap General. Then tap iPhone/iPad Storage. The free space indicator should appear. If you find there is not enough space delete apps or offload other apps that you don’t use often. If these steps don’t work follow these tips to free up some space on your device.

Screen recording can be useful for displaying bugs in an app or demonstrating how to use a feature in an application. However it’s important to note that this feature won’t record anything if the microphone isn’t turned on. You might also encounter an error message that states that your microphone is turned off. This can be a symptom of a more complicated problem. You may also encounter this issue if you use a communication service such as Skype or Viber.

Insufficient free storage space

If you want to save a screen recording but get this error message there are some things you can do. First make sure your device is fully charged. Next make sure you don’t have any other apps running. Finally make sure you’re not recording anything that’s protected with a passcode. If this doesn’t help then you may need to disable low power mode or delete unnecessary applications and system data. If this does not work then you’ll need to delete any content that is marked with 5823.

Another cause of this error is copy protected content. Make sure you don’t have any copy-protected content on your iPhone before you try recording. If you’ve done all of that and still get the error you’ll need to make sure you have enough storage space. Video content can take up a lot of storage space. Therefore make sure you have plenty of free space.

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