Samsung tv won’t turn on – How to fix

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When your Samsung TV has not been turned off try resetting your device. Restart the cord and release the TV power button. Plug the TV back into the TV after waiting several minutes. Power off. The option for standby lighting would be red and flashing, or no working or green. It usually indicates that your television has poor power sources.

If your system doesn’t work then it’s power issue. If standby lights are green then this might cause problems with the panel. The hardest thing about returning home when a long day ends is that you turn the TV off and receive nothing.

Samsung TV won’t turn on no red light – Fixed

Samsung TVs will bring you an extraordinary experience. With a wide variety of remote controls, features and applications you can easily get the best possible TV experience. If you are facing an Apple device that does not light up when running the movie, you can use a few of these fixes.

Samsung’s lack of a red-light LED is one of the problems many customers have encountered and we’ve created this comprehensive guide to the problem. The guide focuses primarily on user-friendly solutions depending upon their requirements, as well as their experience.

Samsung TV won’t turn on and the standby light is green

If the lights are green and TV doesn’t turn on, the experts will conduct an extensive diagnostic. It starts with test on motherboards where the voltages are measured using specialized devices. A further test has begun to be carried out for commands such as backlighting indicators and turning on TV.

When the lights are on to confirm the system’s functioning, but the main board doesn’t send the signal this indicates software problems. Use the remote control and turn on your device. Hardware failures of motherboards can be resolved by replacing the damaged part.

Samsung TV doesn’t turn on but red light is on

You might be able to use a power cycling method to power cycle TV by disconnecting the televisions from the walls and pressing the “Power Off” key for 15 seconds. Then plug it out. In some cases the Launch configuration is corrupt or needs reset; by following these steps, the settings are restored back to their previous factory settings.

Your television will probably work perfectly but your cable may be connected wrongly. You can check if everything has worked well by tapping and a screen that blinks. If yes then screen works but not displaying any images.

The red light is ok but when the TV is off it means this is normal this means it receives electricity. First you need to activate the tv remote with power button. Occasionally, indicators glow green, but turn red. The central processor has been created and sends signals to other modules.

The LEDs change colour continuously and the television does not go on. Inputs or transducers cause faults. Contacting the service centre is essential so they can fix the defective parts.

Test the Samsung Power Button

Press the Power button on the TV for at least 10 seconds. You can turn the television’s power button off in the rear or on the bezel. What is the power switch for your TV? The power button can be accessed from the front or back of the TV.

The model can be located in the center of the lower panel or in the lower left corner of the screen (bottom right for those facing TV screens). For the current generation model. If the TV is started without powering down the battery, check the status indicator. Upon pressing the button the lock will turn off the internal lock and the lock will turn off.

Check the TV remote

The battery needs to be replaced. If there are any keys that are stuck, it might only work for a couple of clicks. In the case the channel is not turned on once again, it may cause problems with the broken infrared sensor.

These faults result from mechanical damage or ingress of fluids in a device. You can also control the TV remotely by purchasing a new remote or installing another smartphone app.

Check your source selection

If you are looking at television in the background and don’t have a good image, please make sure you select the right signal source. The HDMI connection to the TV is likely to have been disconnected and the connection to the antenna switched off.

If your device doesn’t support TV use, then check for HDMI converter software which will connect your Samsung device to the TV.

Samsung TV won’t turn on no red light – Troubleshooting and diagnosis

There is something wrong with television repair. Most TV problems are attributed to lack of electricity. If it’s not working properly, then don t be afraid of costly repairs if it’s an annoying problem. It is straightforward.

If your television doesn’t work please see the article. You can take anything and take everything apart. A television can also not be brought out for repair in a very expensive place. This guide shows you how to fix faulty televisions yourself.

Try pressing random buttons

If you feel confused you can press some buttons on the television remote. It’s an idea that can be repeated many times and is usually successful. The buttons send the signals to the TV using an infrared light. Rather, you need to open the remote by clicking several buttons.

It generally solves the problems that are present. It may take you a bit of time to hit a button or to use the buttons. If the television is displaying the blinking screen, you can solve the error by using buttons on the televisions or the remote control.

Use a Different Power Outlet

When a Samsung TV does not turn ON it will probably come from a bad outlet. There are various possible causes of problems: it is either a temporary problem or a longer lasting problem like the blowing of the fuse.

So before you get started, check your electrical supply before proceeding. This test will be performed to check if the problem occurs because of the power outlet. Just disconnect the cord from the TV and wait a few seconds. Moving the TV into another outlet will check if the TV is turned off.

Blown Fuse

If you turn the lights on your television then it’s ok. It can be another component that is blown out like switches and relays. The easiest way of solving a problem is to do simple repairs to the electronics themselves and have confidence in them.

If not you can get an electrician. It still costs less than getting new TVs. When your TV is getting bad you may find the relay at the back is not functioning properly. Most likely, this issue will resolve itself if we get our televisions back.

IR window is blocked

Now let us take the IR screen off your television if there are issues with it. In such situations, the television doesn’t receive incoming data from the remote. Try different angles.

If your remote control has an outdated battery or a faulty function you may need to upgrade the unit to the new battery. Installing battery replacements can possibly restore functionality if you try this before purchasing any new remotes.

Low voltage problem

Check first what voltage you need. The manual details this, the standard voltage is usually 120V. Make sure the voltage you are getting at your house isn’t lower.. Typically, voltage error is what causes problems with voltage. Give it up.

Contact Samsung TV Technical Services for a free quote. If you would rather let the experts handle the whole thing then you are freer to concentrate on the things you enjoy.

Broken power cables

If your TV shows nothing else than blank screens, you probably have faulty cables. Make sure the cord was inserted into a clean place with a good plug. If your outlet has more than one outlet, check to see if one of the batteries is gone out.

TV’s power cables have the tendency of succumbing to a constant surge and may cause hefty wear and tear. You should consider re-using unused cables to replace them.

Disconnect all devices

You can switch off the TV with a few clicks without having to change the TV. This device will stop you from turning the TV on once. If a device doesn’t function properly, it may be best for you to remove it.

To test this theory we suggest disconnecting any wireless device in proximity to your television for several minutes. They could eliminate it! Can a television work correctly without a screen?

Try Resetting Samsung Smart TV

If the lights are off but you don’t see anything in it, try the reset. When the TV’s settings are broken, a quick restart will solve the problem. Turn on your television and restart your TV settings for several minutes.

During power-off, lights will light up the side to indicate it’s on. Show the steps of resetting your Samsung TVs.

The power supply has gone bad

Television’s power supply simply cannot function. Rare are sudden stops in operation that are not causing any problems. The most commonly occurring reasons power supply fails are electrical shock caused by lightning storms causing power failure.

You can control a lot of electrical power before the batteries get overloaded or break, and lightning isn’t an affront. Lightning can hit and penetrate electrical wiring inside your walls and shock anything connected to your electrical outlet.

HDMI Glitch

A video game console might prevent your television from turning off via an HDMI(input) error. It happens when the monitor is shut off without changing the input source for the HDMI output. In such situations, games consoles may stop the television from starting properly.

Surge Protector Failure

Sometimes power lines are damaged. They are connected to the AC outlet which can cause damage if it is not connected to the device. Try resetting a TV surge protector to see whether they need replacing.

Check for fluctuating voltage

Check equipment at home that may experience rapid fluctuations in voltage, which could cause interruption of electricity from other appliances. Cables with loose connections also cause fluctuations in voltage.

The dynamic voltage stabilizer can easily destabilise a current flow. You can purchase it from whichever store you’re shopping at or purchase a product online. Please check the required equipment before buying online.

Unplug your power cable and reconnect it

Sometimes power cables may interrupt power to get your television on or off. If there was a problem with this device the easiest way would be to turn off power, disconnect the power cables and disconnect the TV.

This lets cables and televisions drain any remaining current. Put it on the TV and the problem will be solved. If the problem persists, you can restart your Samsung TV. Exactly like those mentioned earlier.

What should I do if my Samsung TV won’t turn on?

A simple way of restarting an Android TV. Many electrical problems can come from hardware issues, so getting a professional service technician can help you if it is troublesome. It will take some time to get to the home.

Upon standby the TV will display a red light on the top left of the screen. To restart TV broadcasting, it must be left in standby. PLEASE RECOMMEND: Experts recommend not to leave the TV in standby mode for a long time as power supply circuits remain active and might cause problems.

Samsung TV won’t turn on and the Red Light Flashes

When the television is not turning on or blinking then the problems are caused. The red light is essentially a failure indicator and the problem must be specific. In order to detect flashing red lights in televisions, the entire diagnosis needs thorough analysis.

The power supply can also be checked by the oscilloscope. Usually when red light blinks it is a result of power issues at Samsung TVs which is why it is not able to be turned on. For example, there have been short circuits on the contacts.

Final thoughts on your Samsung TV not turning on

When you have an understanding of electronics you should be able to repair them easily with more technical techniques and tools. In addition, this issue may be associated with a different issue in your system that I have not mentioned here. If there are any issues with your Samsung Television, you should contact their Support team.

Almost all Samsung TV’s are eventually faced with this problem and they don’t start. Many owners of TVs say the Samsung issue was the result of a long time. The solution is relatively quick: Around 80% of Samsung televisions are still unable to start.

When your Samsung phone doesn’t work it should be reset. Turn off the TV. The television can only be turned off if the battery is on for 30 seconds. Once you have 60 seconds on your device, you should restart your Samsung television again.

Common Questions about Samsung TVs

How do you reset a Samsung TV when it wont turn on?

When the Samsung TV does not work it must be reset manually. Unplugging the TV for 60 seconds. If the TV hasn’t been turned off, hit the power button for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds of silence, the Samsung TV should start working.

What causes a Samsung TV to not turn on?

If it’s impossible to turn the Samsung Smart Television on, you might need a problem with the TV’s outlet or cables. It’s important to have a red flashlight to be spotted. The LED is turned off during use, and the light goes off during usage.

How do I force my Samsung TV to start?

Can I restart my Samsung FrameTV when the TV doesn’t work properly? To pull the cable out of the TV, press/hold the power button for 10 seconds. After a few seconds wait for some time to press again the power button.

Is there a reset button on a Samsung TV?

Activation. Then choose General. Select reset, type 0000 as a default password and click reset. Please finish this process and click OK. Your television restarts immediately.


Samsung is the biggest manufacturer in television industry. However like any other TV, things might not be as planned. It’s very annoying when the TV does not turn on, since the fact that the screen is displaying content is the most important function. It may mean your Samsung TV has a problem with the power supply.

In this case, the replacement costs will typically be anywhere between $300- $300 if not covered under warranty. There could also be glitches in the HDMI port. We’ll go deeper into how to get a Samsung TV off and how to fix it when. Find more info here.

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