Samsung 970 Vs 980 M.2 SSD Comparison

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If you’re comparing SSDs you may be wondering what the differences are between Samsung’s 970 and 980. The differences in performance NAND Flash and m.2 NVMe are crucial for a solid SSD. Read on to learn more. The Samsung SSD 980 is faster but it is missing an important component that helps an SSD go quickly. Still it’s fast enough to keep you from needing to worry about speed.

samsung 970 vs samsung 980

When it comes to performance the latest M.2 SSD from Samsung has a big edge over the 970 EVO Plus. Both are extremely fast but the 980 PRO is significantly faster in maximum sequential reading and writing and is also 30% faster in peak 4K random read and write speeds. While both are very fast they are nearly identical when it comes to endurance so you should probably choose one over the other if you’re looking for ultimate speed. The following is a comparison table of these two M.2 SSDs.

The Samsung 980 PRO features the new 8nm process and Samsung Elpis controller. This controller has a 128-queue design with support for NVMe 1.3c. The Samsung 980 Pro has higher capacity and a larger form factor than its predecessor and the 970 EVO Plus has a larger capacity of up to 250GB. Samsung recommends purchasing a SSD with at least 500GB of storage capacity if you’re looking to save some money.

m.2 NVMe

The speed and capacity of an SSD play an important role when selecting one. While the Samsung 980 offers 3500 MB/s sequential read and write speeds the smaller 970 Evo comes with higher sequential read and write speeds. While the 980 is a more expensive option its durability MTBF reliability and warranty coverage make it an excellent buy. Here’s a look at the differences between the two drives.

The Samsung 980 SSD offers significantly increased write buffer space. This allows the drive to deliver high performance over a longer period of time. The 980 is still not a Pro-level drive and users who write tons of data will want to opt for the more expensive option. However most consumers will not fall into this category. The Samsung 970 is more affordable and better for most people.

NAND Flash

When comparing the NAND flash capacity of two different SSDs the difference between the two is in the type of cell used. Samsung refers to the 980 as a three-bit MLC SSD. However the same die can be found in both the 970 and the 980. Therefore the higher the data density the lower the read and write speeds will be. The same goes for the speed and the write endurance of both SSDs.

In addition to the different cache sizes the Samsung SSD 980 has a larger fast cache area. This means that the 980 can outperform earlier Samsung EVO models. In addition the 980 is able to delay the dreaded ‘write cliff’ to a considerable extent. However it is important to note that the 980’s higher cache size can reduce performance if the drive fills up with data. As such this is not a good option if you need to perform heavy workloads on your laptop or desktop PC.


When comparing the two Samsung SSDs we’ll focus on the differences between the 980 Pro and the 970 EVO Plus. The 980 Pro offers up to one million IOPS while the 970 EVO Plus only reaches five60000. Both have a similar number of TBW but the Pro scores higher in sequential write. If we compare the two the 980 PRO wins by a slim margin while the 970 EVO Plus scores higher in overall performance.

The 980 Pro has more cache memory which depends on the controller. Older version boxes have a horizontal layout while newer versions are vertical. The controllers represent an integral part of an SSD so the 980 Pro is faster. However its high price means it’s not the best value for money. If you’re on a budget consider the 970 Pro. It’s faster than the 980 PRO but you might be better off with the 980 EVO.


The Samsung 970 EVO Plus and Samsung’s new 980 PRO are both excellent SSDs but there’s a major difference between them in performance. The EVO Plus has sequential read speeds of up to 5000 MB/s while the Pro offers higher sequential write speeds of up to 7000 MB/s. If you’re on a budget the cheaper 970 EVO will do just fine. However if you’re looking to get the most out of your storage the 980 PRO will be more expensive than the 970 EVO Plus.

When it comes to performance the Samsung EVO Plus is the better option. Its sequential read speed is higher than the 980’s but the latter doesn’t have DRAM. The differences are more pronounced if you’re looking for a PCIe 4.0 SSD however. Although the two are almost identical in price the 980 is slightly faster in some aspects including booting up and data transfer.

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