Saber Forge vs Ultrasabers [2022 Update]

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For those looking for a lightsaber from a low to medium quality range, then the likelihood is that you’ve come across Ultrasabers and Saberforge.

They are two of the most popular premium range lightsaber makers around, and if you’re looking for a replica lightsaber, this is probably where you should start. Here’s why these two brands should be the first you look at when buying a new lightsaber, and a list of the differences between the two.

SaberForge vs Ultrasabers

The main difference between the two brands is that whilst Saberforge is better for collectors due to their attention to detail, whilst Ultrasabers are more practical. This means that if you want to actually use your saber, then go with Ultrasaber. If you want a collector’s piece, then opt for Saberforge.

Generally, these are the two biggest names in the lightsaber replica market. There are a couple of others that you’ll want to be aware of, like Vaders Vault (who tend to make higher cost, higher quality lightsabers) and Kyber, who are pretty similar to Ultrasabers and Argentum Sabers if you’re in Europe.

Depending on what exactly it is you want from a lightsaber, there are different things that you’re going to want to consider. This might make one of these lightsabers a more attractive option than the other, so it’s worth looking online thoroughly to ensure that you’re getting the best lightsaber for your needs.

Although these lightsabers are relatively expensive, you can also look at cheaper options if you’re just looking for your average toy lightsaber. Though if you’re interested in the aesthetics, then these are undoubtedly two brands you’ll want to check out.

But if you dig a little deeper, there are some massive differences between the two brands. So, let’s have a look at some of the Pros and Cons of each company.



The V4 Infinity Edge blade is a great example of what Saberforge, sometimes referred to as Saber Forge, have to offer. It’s the standard lightsaber which most people opt for. It has the same whitish appearance as an Ultrasabers model, and most saber enthusiasts will have picked up one of these at some point down the line.

You can get it anywhere between 18 inches and 37 inches in length depending on what you’re looking for. The blade itself is only 1 inch in diameter, but this is more than thick enough for the average person. This type of thin neck type is actually preferential when it comes to appearance, as you’ll end up with a high quality product that looks great too.


  • Awesome attention to detail – If we’re comparing the two based on attention to detail, then Saberforge wins hands down. They pay far more attention to detail, and generally the quality is higher than that of any Ultrasaber equivalent product.
  • Made to last – Although Ultrasabers are of a decent quality too and I don’t think they would break easily, I do think that Saberforge are the better quality if you’re looking for something that’s going to last. They tend to be slightly bigger than Ultrasabers, so whilst they’re heavier, they’re going to feel more realistic when in hand.
  • Good range of products – If you head over to their Etsy page, then you’ll see that you get a really wide variety of products with Saberforge. You’re likely to find something that’s suitable for you.


  • Can take ages to be delivered – If you have a look online about Saberforge delivery times, then you’ll see a decent amount of complaints. Because of the customize nature of the saber, sometimes it can take weeks and weeks for them to send a lightsaber out to you. If you have an event coming up, makes sure you order it with plenty of time to spare.
  • Need to spend a lot – Generally, Saberforce lightsabers are quite a bit more expensive than Ultrasabers. Not only this, but for the best lightsabers, it’s really worth spending more cash, as you’ll see a dramatic increase in quality between cheap Saberforce products and expensive ones.
  • Poor customer service – Saberforge is notorious for their poor customer service. And though I’ve never been on the receiving end of this myself, I thought that it would be worth mentioning.



Whilst I do say that Saberforge are the better for duelling, that doesn’t mean you can’t duel with an Ultrasabers lightsaber. You actually have the choice between a thin walled saber if you’re not that interested in using it, which looks excellent for the price. If you do want to try your hand at using it, then a heavy walled lightsaber is the better choice.

Plus, the good thing about ultra saber hilts is that you get the option to customize them if you want to. They may not make the fancier sabers of the two, but they’re still well made, and could be a more solid option if you’re looking for something heavy grade.


  • Cheaper – Ultrasabers are by comparison, quite a bit cheaper than Saberforge. Their equivalent products usually work out at around $50 cheaper on the lower end, but when we get to more expensive custom sabers, then it can be the difference of a few hundred dollars.
  • Design Differences – Once you know a little more about custom lightsabers, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference between a Saberforge and an Ultrasaber. Some people actually prefer the design of the Ultrasaber, so you should check them both out to see which one is more suited to your taste.
  • Lightweight for kids – For duelling, sometimes people prefer a more lightweight lightsaber. This can allow you more freedom, and when you’re swinging the saber around, it can feel more fluid than with a heavy or overbearing lightsaber. So for kids, Ultrasabers might actually prove to be the better option of the two, as they’re more suitable for those who don’t want something too heavy.


  • Don’t look as realistic – If getting a realistic looking lightsaber is your main priority, then you’re better off going for Saberforge. The attention to detail Saberforge use makes them the more realistic option.
  • Longevity isn’t as good – If you’re opting for something from Ultrasabers, you’re less likely to get something that’s going to last out of these two. This is because Saberforge are thicker and heavier. By no means does this mean that Ultrasabers won’t last, it doesn’t. Ulrasabers will last just fine, but Saberforge will last a little longer if you’re duelling with them.
  • The electronics aren’t great – In comparison to Saberforge and especially Argentum Sabers, the sound effects and LED lighting isn’t as good. You can also check out Vader’s Vault for some good lightsabers too.


Overall, these are just my opinions on comparing these two brands over the past years. They are both still selling a ton of products and have a lot of happy customers, so for the most part, you should find the lightsaber that you like the most and opt for that. They both offer some interesting models, so it’s really down to you to decide which you prefer.

But still, remember to shop around when you’re buying a lightsaber like this. Other brands like Genesis Custom sabers and Stunt sabers may be worth checking out if you’re looking for some strong alternatives. They can get really expensive, so it’s undoubtedly worth getting something you’re really going to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Saber Forge vs Ultrasabers [2022 Update]”

  1. What about Hoth Trading Company sabers? Any experience with them? I seen them for the first time that the LA comic con yesterday the Vader style hilt alone felt like the same weight as the ultra sabers v4 Vader style hilt and blade together.

    • Hey Steve, I don’t own any Hoth’s myself, but have got my hands on one and have to say I was pretty impressed, especially with their functionality. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Awesome write-up, and your Pros and Cons are really fair for both companies. You do have a couple things that are a bit off, and should probably be updated..
    First- if you check domain registration for both sites, Ultrasabers began in 2006, and Saberforge emerged in 2009, making Ultrasabers the original between these two.

    A HUGE con that should be added to the list for Saberforge is that their parts are machined in China. They claim “assembled in the USA” on their site and in their marketing since they are assembled in their shop in Oregon, but parts are ordered and shipped from China which is why it takes so long for orders to be fulfilled. They need to wait for an order large enough to place, then have it shipped overseas, then assemble and send the orders. They’ve gotten much better about having parts on hand, but parts are still crafted and machined in China. Their materials quality is MUCH lower than what you’ll get on Ultrasabers, but their attention to detail and aesthetics are so much better.

    I’d also argue that a con that should be added for Ultrasabers is that they’re a bit heavier than Saberforge sabers (you have it as the opposite in your article), since they’re much larger and somewhat bulkier. It depends largely on the saber, but when taking the same model at both companies, you’re looking at Ultrasabers being a heavier option.

    All things considered, Ultrasabers is a MUCH higher value for your dollar if you’re in to durability and sparring, but if you’re looking for aesthetics and cosplay, go with Saberforge.

    • Hey Hill,

      I think that’s a pretty fair analysis – I’ll leave your comment here and hopefully people get to read it before they make a decision!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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