Projector vs TV – Which should you choose?

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If you’re reading this it means you’re trying to decide between getting a TV and getting a Projector. Generally, projectors offer a larger screen than TVs, but when it comes to brightness TVs are the clear champs.

There is really no definite choice between both screens, as preference varies depending on the use and user. Gamers would likely prefer a different screen than movie watchers. Some of the external factors that might influence your choice include cost, sound, and size.

In this guide, I will walk you through the different qualities you should consider before purchase. Each category has one screen as the clear choice. So, you should read carefully before you make your final decision.

Projector vs TV – Things to Consider


The obvious winner in this category is the projector. On average, TVs cost more and projectors. A decent 80-inch screen TV would set you back over a thousand dollars. For example, you can get a 100-inch projector with HD for around seven hundred dollars. To get a 100 inch TV, you’re going to need a bit more than 700 bucks!

There are different factors that affect the price of a TV. The kind of technology used (e.g. OLED and LED) will have a massive effect. Most people tend to use the size of the screen as a yardstick for choosing their option. The projector is great for you if you need a huge screen on a budget. However, if you want higher quality then opt for a TV.

So in the price category, the winner is the projector, as there are some great cheap projectors available even for those on a tight budget. You can get a decent price for a good projector with decent features including 4K, big screen, and good sound. TVs offer the same and more, for higher prices.


TVs with awesome 4K capabilities are not cheap. Their prices can be astronomical. On the other hand, 4K projectors cost much more to acquire. If you’re looking to get a high resolution machine on the cheap, you should go with a TV.

TVs offer you better resolution for less than it would cost to get a projector of equal capability. It is usually better to go with TVs when you have concerns about resolution. You can buy a good sound system to support your TV when you buy it too, which can help give you a home cinema atmosphere.

The better option when choosing solely based on resolution is the TV. You would get the best bang for your buck when you buy a TV for its resolution. I am sure that most gamers would agree with me that generally, a TV would be the better choice of the two for gaming (especially The Tech Chap – check his video out below).

Screen size

In more recent times, TV manufacturers have started to make larger and larger screens. Projectors still hold the edge in this category, as generally they have larger screens on average. Large screens are ideal for movie lovers, and the projector is obviously the winner in this category if you’re looking for maximum size. The limitations of the TV are apparent when it comes to size. Even though the gap in size is closing, big-screen TVs are usually pricey and not worth the buy.

Getting a projector is a better choice if you’re in the market for a large screen. So, if you’re looking for something to improve your home cinema or movie watching experience, you definitely want to consider a projector if you want maximum magnitude.

Maintenance and use

If you’re considering a screen with low maintenance and want something easy use, you should definitely go with a TV. Although a projector is a small unit and the screen can be kept, most of the time projectors need a good distance to operate at optimum levels and they can be fiddly to get started (especially if you pack them away after use).

When you use a TV, you won’t be disturbed by shadows cast by objects and people moving around you. You would rarely need to replace any part of your TV, unlike projectors, where components such as bulbs will sometimes need to be replaced.

For comfort and ease of use, you definitely want a TV. Between both screens, TVs are the easier one to maintain over time.


Sound, an essential component of any entertainment on a screen, is a big factor for most TV buyers. One big difference that sets a TV and a projector apart is a TV actually has its own speakers. Buying a projector means you definitely need to invest in a good sound system (whether that be with a full sound system or just by investing in some high quality in wall speakers).

Adding the cost of a projector to the cost of a full sound system would mean that the total cost might be a little expensive. Most TVs nowadays give an above-average performance with their inbuilt speakers. You could decide to use your TV without any external support, in which case, the cost of both would be fairly equal. Some projectors come with speakers, but the quality is way worse than what you get with a TV. So for sound, the TV wins this battle.


The picture quality of the content you are watching is an important aspect of a screen. Projectors usually have better color quality than TVs. High-end TVs produce much better color than regular TVs and even top-notch projectors.

This category is pretty much a stalemate and you’ll just have to go with your gut on this. If you rate this based on price to output, then TVs are a better option. If you have money to invest in a proper projector setup, you could easily get a nicer color than you would with a TV. As a bonus, a projector would offer you a widescreen version of what you’d get with a TV.

Depending on how badly you want your screen to have good color accuracy, your decision might sway either way. Based on color, there is no clear winner.


Depending on your reason for buying a screen, both the TV and projector have their pros and cons. All these factors and other factors not mentioned in this guide should be considered before purchase.

A TV or a projector is an investment in your entertainment. It is quite important to consider a wide range of qualities before making a decision. No matter the decision you make, the winning gadget should satisfy all your preferences. Hopefully, this has helped you make the right decision regarding whether to opt for a projector or a TV.

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