Pokemon GO Snapshot Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

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If you’re having trouble with your Pokemon GO Snapshot you’re not alone! You’re probably frustrated with the app’s crappy countdowns or you simply want to take a better-looking photo. In this article we’ll go over some common fixes for the issue. Hopefully one of these methods will work for you. Keep reading to find out how to fix your iPhone’s Snapshot!

Fixes for Pokemon GO Snapshot not working

The latest update of the popular mobile game Pokemon GO has introduced a new feature called Snapshot which is not functioning on some Android and iOS devices. Earlier this feature was available only on iOS devices but in recent months it has been experiencing some bugs. In such cases you may want to try one of the following fixes. Below you will find some simple and effective ways to fix the problem.

To fix the problem you should check the permissions and allow the camera to be accessed by the app. Once you grant permission this problem will go away. If the issue persists you can try restarting your phone. After restarting your device tap the camera icon on the display screen. Now you will be prompted to select the Pokémon from the menu. Afterward you’ll be able to take the snapshot.

Another fix is to disable AR+ on your device. It will allow you to take pictures with your camera but will not count for Snapshot quest progress. If this problem doesn’t persist you may want to disable AR+ in your game settings. Then you can enable AR+ again. This method will work for all versions of Pokemon GO. Nevertheless you need to restart your device before it will take effect.

Fixes for Pokemon GO Snapshot not counting

If you’ve noticed that your Snapshots are not counting you’re not alone. This glitch affects many players as it prevents them from progressing through Snapshot quests. To fix this problem you’ll need to disable AR+ in your game settings. In the meantime here are some fixes for the Snapshot not counting issue. Try one at a time to see which ones will work for you.

One of the best fixes is to make sure that your phone’s camera orientation is set properly. It will fix the Snapshot not counting issue if you’re using the iOS platform. Depending on your device you’ll have to perform a software update. Alternatively you can try allowing Pokemon GO to use your camera. In either case a new update is needed. Then reinstall the game.

Another quick fix is to disable the Advanced AR function. This can prevent you from taking a snapshot but you may be unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Another common cause is an initialization problem. Restarting or refreshing the game should correct the problem. Ultimately there’s no single solution for the Snapshot task/quest glitch but these fixes are worth a try.

Fixes for Pokemon GO Snapshot not working on iPhone

If you’re experiencing a problem with the Pokemon GO camera you may have just upgraded to iOS 10 beta. This update has some known bugs that have been identified by users. The good news is that iOS 9 and earlier versions don’t have this problem. Hopefully one of these fixes will fix your problem and you’ll be able to play in AR mode once again.

Oftentimes the Snapshot feature does not work on iOS devices. The most obvious fix is to enable camera permission. Using the camera in this way should fix your problem but this step will only work if your iPhone is running iOS 10.

Alternatively you can go into Settings and disable AR+. This should solve the problem but you may need to restart your iPhone to get the fixes. Once you’re back in the game your Snapshot should begin to count. In most cases it should start working right away. If it doesn’t check your device’s settings and enable AR+ again. It will work again.

Another possible fix is to delete the app’s permissions. It’s not listed on the Pokemon GO Known Issues website but you should still be able to remove it if your device has it. Once you’ve done that you can then open your device’s settings. Go to the Applications or Programs section. Click on the ‘Pokemon GO App’ option. You should then be able to take a snapshot of your Pokemon and pose for the camera.

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