Pokemon Go Motion and Fitness Tracking

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If you’re having trouble with your motion and fitness tracking it might be because you’re too fast. If you’re walking more than ten kilometers per hour your distance won’t be recorded. If this is the case try logging out of the related health app and sign back in. This may help to resolve the problem. Otherwise there are a few things you can do to get your health tracker working again.

Adventure Sync

If you can’t find your steps in the synchronization process with your fitness tracker there’s a chance that you’re using low accuracy mode. To fix this follow these steps:

First open the game then tap the settings icon in the bottom right corner. Click on the Adventure Sync section. On the Adventure Sync settings page enable the tracking of fitness data for Pokemon Go. In addition to providing an in-depth activity report this feature also allows you to earn bonus items and track your progress over time. After you’ve enabled Adventure Sync you can sync your steps using your fitness app. You may need to wait several hours for the synchronization process to complete.

Ensure that the fitness tracker you use has native support for HealthKit and Google Fit. This will prevent the app from counting distance as manually inputted data. It’s not a good idea to use 3rd party peripherals that have been credited with distance before the feature was introduced. Similarly if you’ve used a third-party app that lets you record your steps and distance it may not work with Pokemon GO.

Then set the device to sync hourly or more often if you’re in a hurry. The system should sync with Google Fit or Apple Health to update the distance and activity data in real time. Hopefully this update will come soon. After all the newest version of Pokemon Go will incorporate social traits and track indoor activities. If you’re considering upgrading your fitness tracker to incorporate Pokemon GO’s new features you can read more about this update on the official website.

Tracking walking distances with Google Fit

You can track walking distances in Pokemon Go without having to use the Google Fit app. You can use your phone pedometer to track your movement and location. Your device will record your distance and speed within the set speed limit. You can turn Adventure Sync on to record your activity data for a full day. But if you’d like to track a particular distance over a longer period you’ll need to manually enter your location information.

The app has a speed cap of 10.5 km/h so if you’re walking faster it won’t record your distance. If you’re biking or running at a faster speed however this will not affect your distance. In addition you will have to log out of related health apps and re-log in to check if the problem has been resolved. Otherwise you may be logged out of the Pokemon Go app and the app won’t register your distance.

To track walking distances with Google Fit for Pokemon Go you should download the Adventure Sync feature and activate it. You’ll need to have this feature enabled on your phone as it’s required to earn rewards from the game. To activate this feature you must first opt-in to the app. After installing you’ll need to select how much data you want to share with health apps.

Using Apple Health

To use the new feature you need to update the Pokemon Go app. You can do this either by turning off the app or by turning on the location toggle. For iOS you’ll need to enable the ‘Location’ option. For Android go to the settings menu and enable Location. For Apple Health go to ‘Sources’ and then tap on the button next to Fitness Tracking.

Once you’ve enabled this feature you’ll need to enable Google Fit. If you have a Google Fit account you’ll need to allow Google Fit access to your Apple Health. You’ll also need to enable the Adventure Sync feature on Google Fit. Once you’ve enabled both options you’ll see your new data in the ‘Connected services’ section. You can now begin counting your steps and distance traveled.

If you’re having trouble follow these steps. First log out of any health apps connected to your iPhone or iPad. Tap ‘Update’ when the application pops up. Wait for the update to complete. Then open the App Store and tap ‘Today’ or ‘Profile.’

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