Pokemon GO AR Won’t Work? Here’s How to Fix It

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If your AR mode in Pokemon GO isn’t working you’re not alone. There are several common problems with this game. Listed below are a few simple fixes. This article also covers issues with auto-rotation frozen pokeballs and the gyroscope. If you’re experiencing one of these issues keep reading to learn how to fix them. Hopefully this article has been helpful!

Fixing the AR mode in Pokemon GO

When you have trouble playing Pokemon GO in AR mode you should first try to locate the source of the problem. This error may be caused by a malfunctioning gyroscope sensor or a software issue with your Android device. If you can’t find the source of the problem try uninstalling and reinstalling Pokemon Go and then try to login to the app again. You can also try to turn off the camera in Pokemon GO by pinching the screen and tapping the camera icon.

If you are having trouble with the AR mode in Pokemon GO you can try turning off your camera. First go to the App Info screen and then tap on Permissions. Click on Camera Location and Auto-rotate screen. Once you have enabled these settings restart the game. This should fix the problem and allow you to play the AR mode again. This process will only work once so try it out and see if you can figure it out.

Fixing the auto-rotation

If you’re experiencing problems with the auto-rotation feature in Pokemon GO you’ll probably want to disable it. You can find it in the notification panel of your device. Then tap on it to toggle it off. Sometimes third-party apps may be the cause. In this case uninstalling them may help. But if this solution doesn’t work for you continue reading to learn about some other ways to fix this problem.

If you’re unable to fix this problem you should try restarting your phone. It will kill the system memory and will make the app detect the orientation. You can also turn off the G-sensor and accelerometer by launching the Sensorbox app. After restarting your phone you should see that auto-rotation is working again. If the auto-rotation problem is still there you should update the game.

Fixing the gyroscope

If you’re having trouble with your Gyroscope in Pokemon Go AR mode you’re not alone. This can be an issue with hardware software or even your android system settings. If you’ve tried reinstalling the Pokemon Go app clearing your cache and data or even rebooting your device these fixes may work for you. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to play the game again.

You’ve probably noticed that your Pokémon are missing when you’re playing the AR mode but the camera mode is not the problem. Simply switch to camera mode and try playing again. However it’s not as fun as you would have hoped. Thankfully you can play the game without the Gyroscope issue by logging out of the game and turning off your camera mode.

Fixing the frozen pokeball

If you are stuck playing Pokemon Go and experiencing the frozen Poke Ball problem you have come to the right place. There are a few simple things you can try to fix the issue and get back to playing the game. First make sure you are not closing the app. Hold it open for around 10 to 60 seconds. If the problem still persists try to force close the app and restart it. In the meantime you can try to bounce up the Poke Ball to fix the freezing issue.

Another way to fix this problem is to use an invisible ball. Invisible balls do not freeze. Instead of shaking the Pokeball you must wait for at least five seconds before re-throwing it. This method is time-consuming and wastes a lot of time. You will also find it difficult to aim for a Pokemon with an invisible ball. If you have no idea how to fix this issue you can read on for more helpful tips.

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