PlayStation 5 Error Code – CE-108255-1

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The PlayStation 5 error CE-108255-1 is a common problem that causes you to encounter problems while playing certain games. In this article we will explain the causes of the error fixes and updates. We will also discuss the options that you have in case this problem occurs. To avoid experiencing the same problem it is recommended to perform the following troubleshooting steps. Read on! If you experience the error follow these simple steps to fix it.

PlayStation 5 error code CE-108255-1

A PlayStation 5 error code called CE-108255-1 can be frustrating. It can occur while you’re playing a certain game or a new game you bought. It could be caused by a number of different things including corrupt game files or a system software error. Here are some solutions to help you solve this problem. You might need to contact Sony to have your PlayStation 5 fixed. This process could take a while.

A corrupt game file or failing hardware could be to blame. Ensure that your game disk is updated and free from any errors. You can also try performing a hard reset to repair the problem. However this solution is not ideal as it will wipe out all of your user data. Backing up your files is recommended to avoid a recurrence of the problem. If you’ve already tried all the suggestions listed on the PlayStation support page it may be too late.


If you’ve recently received the error message CE-108255-1 you’re not the only one. If you’ve been having trouble with your PlayStation 5 console you’re not alone. There are several reasons why you’re experiencing this issue and we’ll discuss the most common one here. This error occurs when your console is unable to properly accept a firmware update. Resetting the console or reinstalling the system software may solve the problem.

The first cause of CE-108255-1 error code may be a conflict between your game and the language pack on your computer. If you’re using a PlayStation 4 you’ll need to turn off HDCP in the game settings in order to resolve the problem. Alternatively you can try disabling HDCP in your computer’s settings. However this may have a negative impact on your video sharing and should be addressed as soon as possible.


If your PlayStation 5 is encountering the error CE-108255-1 you may want to try the fixes described below. This error occurs due to a software fault with the SystemSystem. You need to update the software on your console to fix this issue. However this process may not be effective in all cases. You can try resetting your console or reinstalling its system software. These fixes are effective in addressing the problem caused by the error code.

Some of the common causes of this error include an old version of software or an incompatible installation file. In such cases you can try reinstalling the game to fix the problem. Other possible causes include an issue with the language pack. If you are playing a game that uses the American English language switching to the European version will fix this issue. Listed below are some fixes for the error code. You can also try the suggestions mentioned above.


The first step in resolving the Updates for CE 108255-1 error is to install the most recent update available for your PlayStation. You can perform this update by going to the Downloads / Updates menu and then selecting the ‘Update System Software’ option. After installing the update restart your console and check if the error still occurs. If it does follow the steps outlined below to restore your console’s functionality.

The next step to fix the problem is to restart your PlayStation 5. Firstly turn on your PS5 console in Safe Mode. Hold the power button until the second beep appears. Then choose the option ‘Update System Software’ or ‘Update from USB storage device.’ Wait for a few seconds until the system checks the integrity of the update files and then installs them. Once the update is installed restart the PS5 console and check if the error continues to appear. If the problem persists it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest firmware version from Sony.

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