Photos App Not Working Windows 10?

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The Photo app is a tool developed by Microsoft to organise and edit your photographs, if you have Windows installed on your PC then you already have this app installed as part of the essential kit.

You can import pictures and videos, upload your content, find your photographs with ease and use the basic editing tools to make improvements on red-eye etc. Some other things you can do with Photos include:

  • View images as a slideshow
  • Trim video to upload to social media such as YouTube.
  • Add 3D effects to videos
  • Search with ease using tags.

Although this app is great, users have complained of some issues with its ability to run smoothly.

If you are trying to use this app and have encountered some of the problems listed below then this article can help you get back on your way to a working app. Below are some of the quickest and most effective fixes around.

Reasons why your Windows 10 Photo App might not work

  • The app doesn’t display photos.
  • The app is crashing during use.
  • The app won’t open.
  • You cannot sync with the app itself.
  • Photo app is running slowly.

How do I update my Operating System?

When your Photos app isn’t working, the best thing you can do first is check for any updates that may be available on your computer. These updates improve the functionality of the apps you use and maximise performance as they run.

Taking out any bugs with the new patches. If you choose to delay them you may end up with compatibility issues between your device and the app you may be trying to use. To update:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key.
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. Go to Update and Security
  4. Click the option that says ‘Windows Update’
  5. This will then check for updates that are available for your operating system.

How do I optimise my app settings?

If your photos app is running badly then you can always have a look in the settings in order to try and free up some space and optimise the output from the app.

Due to what the apps function is it can end up running slowly due to the amount of memory the app itself requires.

  1. Go to the Photos app
  2. Go to the three dots at the top right corner.
  3. Choose settings from the options.
  4. Turn off the ‘Display delete confirmation dialogue’ this will free up some memory alone.

Here you can continue to tweak your settings to optimise your performance for the Photos app.

How do I update my photos app?

When everything else is failing, update, update, update. You can do this to help improve the bugs in the Photos app by using the Microsoft App store.

It is important to update your app for the same reason you need to keep your operating system up to date. Without doing so you will run into some problems with the app eventually.

To update your app:

  1. Go to the top right-hand corner of the Microsoft App Store
  2. Find ‘Downloads and Updates.’
  3. Click ‘Get Updates.’
  4. Let the new software install and then restart your computer to apply changes.
  5. Boot the Photos app again to see if this fixes the issue.

How do I install Windows Media Pack?

One of the noticeable differences with Windows 10 is that there is no Windows Media Player installed on the desktop as there have been in previous versions of the OS.

This means there are also no libraries of media available, for some reason, this seems to affect the running of the Photos app. To fix this problem go to ‘About your PC’ and see what version of Windows is next to your OS build.

If the letter is an ‘N’ or a ‘KN’ then you should download Windows 10 Media Feature Pack and this should then rectify any issues.


The Photos app is a really good feature of Windows 10, the only downfall is that it does seem to be prone to issues when it comes to its efficiency of running. For simple viewing of your photographs and some fine-tuning essentials, the Photos app is a great solution by Microsoft.

But for those days when it is not doing its job, we have provided you with some solutions ad to why the Photo app may be malfunctioning and how to fix these issues.

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