Overwatch – Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost! Causes and Solutions

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Sometimes you may encounter an error called ‘Your Rendering Device has been Lost!’ while playing Overwatch. This error occurs when your graphics card isn’t functioning properly and you’re running an outdated version of its drivers. Other reasons for this error could be a faulty power supply or outdated graphics card drivers. In this article we’ll discuss some common causes of this error and how to fix them.

Fixing ”Your Rendering Device has Been Lost!” error

This ”Your Rendering Device has been lost!” error code usually happens when your GPU has stopped responding. If you’ve been experiencing this problem you might have overclocked your GPU or have a driver conflict. If this is the case you can try updating your drivers or turning off GPU scaling. If these steps don’t fix the error you can try these other solutions.

In some rare cases the LED screen will simply go black or go backwards and then crash the game. Other causes may be hardware-related or a software problem. Sometimes outdated device drivers or the super fetch service can cause this error. If you’re experiencing this error you should take steps to fix the problem as soon as possible. These methods are both easy and safe to use.

Some background applications may cause the ”Your Rendering Device has been lost!” error. These applications may conflict with the Overwatch game and cause the ”Your Rendering Device has been lost!” error. If you’re having problems playing Overwatch try disabling certain background applications such as TeamViewer. This fix should fix the problem.

Fixing ”Your Rendering Device has Been Lost” error caused by outdated graphics card drivers

The error is usually caused by a number of factors including an outdated graphics card driver and/or chipset driver. If either of these causes is present updating the drivers will fix the issue. If you encounter this error on your computer there are several workarounds you can try. Listed below are some of them. Follow the steps outlined below to resolve the error.

You can also try changing the graphical settings for AMD graphics cards. If you haven’t done so yet go to AMD Radeon Settings. You’ll see an option called GPU Scaling. Open this option and make sure it’s set to ‘Scaled’.

The Overwatch Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost error can also occur when you have a corrupted Windows system file. Try running sfc /scannow to check for any corrupted files on your PC. If your GPU driver is the problem download the latest graphics card drivers from Nvidia’s website. Afterwards install the new graphics card drivers.

Besides the outdated graphics card drivers you should also try disabling certain applications that are causing the problem. Some applications may conflict with each other. You may try disabling them but it is best to not disable Windows-essential processes. Overclocked components may also cause the ”Your rendering device has been lost” error. To resolve the problem you can use Task Manager to disable the conflicting applications.

Fixing ”Your Rendering Device has Been Lost!” error caused by faulty power supply

There are various causes of the ”Your rendering device has been lost” error in Overwatch. First of all your power supply might be faulty. A faulty power supply unit can cause numerous problems ranging from devices not working to a system crash. Then there’s the problem of overclocked hardware. If you are seeing this error message on your Overwatch PC then you should check whether the frequency of your graphics card is overclocked. You can try resetting the frequency and re-starting Overwatch to see if it fixes the problem.

A faulty power supply is the most common cause of the ”Your rendering device has been lost” error in PC gaming. It can cause a black screen or the GPU can overheat. To prevent this problem you can check your GPU temperature and monitor its fan speeds. If you can’t monitor these things you can also use a temperature monitoring application to see if any of the components are overheating.

One of the first steps in fixing the ”Your rendering device has been lost!’ error is to update your video card’s chipset and graphics drivers. This should automatically update the drivers. If you’re unable to install the latest driver you can also try uninstalling any recent drivers that are associated with your video card. If you’re still experiencing this error after uninstalling the latest drivers it’s possible that you are installing an older version of the video card.

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