Origin Won’t Go Online? 5 Reasons Why Origin Won’t Go Online

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Having trouble with your Origin game? Are you wondering why it won’t go online? In this article we’ll cover the possible causes of Origin’s offline problem and ways to solve it. Keep reading to discover more. Until then have fun playing your favorite titles on your gaming computer! Hopefully this article has helped you out! We’ve put together some helpful tips that will get you started on the right path!

Problems with Origin

If you’re having trouble playing your favorite games on Origin you might have encountered one of the following problems: the program doesn’t open. This can occur due to several reasons. It could be that your computer is not compatible with the Origin software or your computer is experiencing compatibility issues. Either way it is likely that you’ll want to contact Origin support. You can also try downloading an older version of the Origin client. However keep in mind that these older versions may contain bugs security flaws and lack developer updates.

If you’ve tried running Origin as an administrator and have yet to receive a download check whether the Origin servers are available in your computer. Also make sure your Internet connection is functioning properly. If you’ve tried this without any success try disabling all services and software in the ‘System configuration’ window. Disabling these services will also prevent Origin from automatically starting up when your computer is turned on. Make sure to restart your PC after disabling services.

The next step to reinstall Origin is to back up any files you wish to keep. To do this press Windows+R to open the %AppData% folder. Then open the Origin folder and delete it. If the problem persists you can repeat the previous steps but make sure to delete the ‘Local’ folder as well. If you’re still experiencing errors you may need to clean your computer’s registry and try reinstalling the Origin launcher.

Possible causes

If you are experiencing problems playing Origin on your PC the problem could be the result of various issues. For example your Internet connection might be unstable or it could be your PC itself that’s causing the problem. Either way if you’re having trouble playing Origin on your PC read this article to find out some solutions for your problem. You can also use a PC optimization tool to fix the problem.

Another common issue with Origin’s online access may be that the time or date is wrong. To check for these errors you can try to change the time and date and restart Origin. To do this you should open the Control Panel and select Clock and Region. Click on the Internet Time tab. Next click Change settings. Click on the date and time to synchronize with the time server. If this doesn’t work try disabling the proxy server settings.


If you’ve ever encountered the frustrating error message ‘Online login is unavailable’ you may be wondering how to fix the issue. Many people complain about Origin not going online so we’re going to list 5 possible fixes for this error. In some cases your connection may be unstable or you may be using an antivirus or firewall to protect your system. Either way we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to find out what to do next.

If you’ve followed these steps your computer may be missing the settings for the hosts file. This file maps hostnames to IP addresses and should be in the System32 folder. You can edit this file manually to reset it to its original settings. If these steps do not help try resetting your hostnames file on your computer. If you can’t connect to the internet try resetting it manually.

One of the most common causes of Origin not going online is an issue with your computer’s firewall. If this is the case you may need to disable the firewall. Then re-run Origin. If this solution still does not work you should try enabling your antivirus. After all the antivirus is not the only cause for this problem and you should check other security settings to make sure that your computer is protected.

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