Origin Won’t Download – How to Fix a Problem Where Origin Won’t Download

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Having a problem where Origin won’t download? This problem can be caused by several things. Antivirus firewall and system optimizing programs may interfere with the download protocol. If none of these causes your issue continue reading for tips and tricks. Listed below are several solutions for the error code 20.6. Follow the steps below to fix this problem and enjoy your new game. But before trying any of them make sure to disable the components of your antivirus software.

UPnP protocol

If you encounter problems downloading movies on Origin there’s a good chance your router is not properly forwarding ports for UPnP. To fix this you can enable the UPnP protocol in your router. UPnP is an industry-standard protocol that enables routers to automatically forward ports for downloads. However if you’re using an older model of router you may need to manually forward ports.

UPnP is often the only significant multicast application in digital home networks. Consequently problems with UPnP often arise from other multicast network misconfigurations. IGMP snooping can interfere with UPnP/DLNA device discovery. IGMP group membership expires after 30 minutes. If you’re experiencing problems with UPnP make sure to disable IGMP snooping on your router.

3rd party programs

When you install Origin you might experience some problems with the download. For example your system may have antivirus or firewall programs that may interfere with the download protocol. You can also try disabling these programs or running the computer in compatibility mode with a previous operating system. In either case it will be impossible for you to download 3rd party software through Origin. If you encounter the same issue again you may need to uninstall the problematic software and reinstall it.

If you’re not sure which program is causing your Origin problem you should try to run the Origin client in compatibility mode. This mode only works for Windows 11 or higher. To do this close Origin and make sure that it’s not running in the background. Next right-click the shortcut for Origin and select Properties. On the Advanced tab check the Run this program in compatibility mode option.

Compatibility issues

If you’ve tried opening Origin on a previous Windows system and still have the same problem you may have encountered compatibility issues. If this is the case you can follow these steps to fix the problem. Listed below are the solutions to the most common compatibility issues. If none of these work you may want to try running the game as administrator. If this doesn’t work you can try running the application in compatibility mode or roll back the recent update.

If you’ve tried the above solutions but still can’t download Origin try resetting your system’s default behavior. To do this close Origin and make sure it isn’t running in the background. Then right-click the Origin shortcut and select Properties. Select the Run this program in compatibility mode option and choose Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Error code 20.6

Upon installation of Origin you might receive the 20.2 error. It’s because the installation process detects an active VPN tunneling or ping booster. To solve the problem you’ll have to uninstall the software temporarily and reinstall it after it completes successfully. Before you can continue make sure that you have enough free disk space on your computer. If the system partition is full Origin will refuse to install.

If you are using Windows you may experience this error when trying to install Origin. Many people report this error to be related to insufficient disk space. If you’re unable to create the required space on your hard drive try installing Origin in a different drive or by setting up the install as administrator. Also make sure to disable your Windows Defender Firewall or any other third-party firewall solution that might be blocking the installation.

Uninstalling Origin

If you’ve installed Origin on your PC you may be wondering how to uninstall it. Fortunately there are many ways to do this. Using the iMyMac PowerMyMac app is a great way to uninstall this application completely. It will locate and remove every single piece of software from your computer including Origin. It will even make sure that no leftover files are left behind. Download the app today and start uninstalling applications with it!

If you’ve installed the latest version of Windows the main executable of Origin should be admin rights. If not you can force it to run as administrator. If you’ve used Windows 11 and are still having problems with the app you can try running it in compatibility mode. Then you can resume your downloads. After you’ve fixed this issue make sure you open the app with admin privileges each time.

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