Origin App Not Loading? Here’s How to Fix It

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Are you having trouble with your Origin app? It might be crashing not updating or not loading altogether. If these problems are plaguing you follow these tips to fix the problem. First run the Origin app as an administrator. If this does not fix the problem try to open System configuration by typing msconfig in the Run window. Next disable all the services except the Windows services and software from automatically starting on the device when you switch it on. Restart your device after doing this to fix the issue.

Origin won’t load

If you’ve recently purchased Origin and are having trouble getting it to load there’s a chance you’ve come across an issue with the application. There are a few simple fixes that you can try to resolve this problem. To start try running Origin as an administrator. Another solution is to launch Task Manager which you can find by pressing the Ctrl Shift and Esc keys together. Once you find the Origin process group you can end it.

Another cause of Origin won’t load is a compatibility issue. If your computer doesn’t have the proper drivers installed the program may not be compatible with the current version of Windows. If this is the case you can run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to fix the problem. If the error persists try deleting the Origin folder from the AppData folder and restart your computer. If none of these solutions work you can try reinstalling Origin.

Origin won’t run

If you’re getting the error ‘Origin won’t run on Windows or Mac’ then the following are some possible solutions. These steps should solve your problem and get you back on the game playing track in no time! You can also try uninstalling the Origin application and trashing it. This may also fix your problem if it was corrupted. If all else fails try reinstalling the Origin application.

Open the Control Panel and go to Appearance and Personalization. Click on Screen Resolution. Click Advanced settings and choose the Monitor tab. Select the True Color (32-bit) option. Click OK. Once you’ve selected this run the Origin compatibility troubleshooter to see if it’s the problem. If it still doesn’t work try method two. This should solve the issue. It’s easy to fix Origin won’t run error on Windows.

Origin won’t update

If your Origin game won’t update it might be because the game’s files are damaged and Windows is not letting it update properly. You can fix this problem by following these steps:

Uninstall any problematic software from your computer. You may also be missing an update or the client won’t open. To find the missing or damaged files you can open the Start Menu and click ‘Run.’ Then double-click the desktop shortcut for Origin to open it. If you’re unable to open the game you can download the latest version of Origin. Once the download is complete double-click the downloaded file to install it again.

Origin won’t open

If you’re experiencing an issue with your Origin client you’re likely wondering why it won’t open. You might have a large amount of memory occupied by the program and the program is causing your game to freeze. In some cases the program may even require administrative privileges to launch properly. To resolve this issue follow one of the solutions listed below. To get started follow these steps:

First check your computer’s operating system compatibility. If it’s a Windows-based PC you can run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. This utility will check if your current windows operating system is compatible with Origin. If it is you should reinstall it. Alternatively you can try running a program compatibility scan on your computer’s software. Origin can also be incompatible with certain browsers so check with your internet provider to see if you can install it.

Origin won’t load properly

If you have a problem where Origin won’t load correctly you can check the process’s name. It can be found in the Start menu or in the network column. If you can see the Origins folder there you can remove it. Once you’ve done that you should restart your computer. Then you should be able to load Origin again. The error may appear again if you try to restart the Origin application while it’s updating.

To fix the error you can reinstall Origin or try logging out and back in. This should solve the problem. If you still don’t see your game you can try running the program in administrator mode and logging in again. You might also want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. This will also fix the problem. Try to use another program to play Origin so that you can check if it is working properly.

Origin won’t load at all

If you’re using a Windows operating system you might be experiencing an issue where the Origin game won’t load at all. There are several steps you can take to fix this issue including running a Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. Once the troubleshooter has finished you can download the latest version of Origin and run it. If the issue persists try reinstalling the game.

If you’re unable to launch Origin or if it won’t open properly try disabling full-screen optimizations. This will often cause this problem. You may be able to reinstall Origin but it will also delete all of the games that you’ve installed. If all else fails you can try reinstalling Origin. However make sure that you don’t remove the game’s registry entries or other junk files.

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