Oculus Rift S Mic Not Working? 4 Easy Ways to Solve the Problem

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If you’ve just upgraded your PC to Windows 10 and your Oculus Rift S microphone has stopped functioning you’ve come to the right place. This problem is relatively minor and shouldn’t require any complex technical skills. Here are four easy methods you can try if the mic isn’t working. If the problem is software-related follow the steps below to solve the issue. You might also need to update your headset’s drivers.

Oculus Rift S microphone not working

If your Oculus Rift S microphone doesn’t work it’s most likely a software issue. To troubleshoot this issue try checking the power management settings of your Oculus Rift S. The microphone will be in the list of devices. If it’s disabled check the Default Device option to make it enabled. To fix this problem follow the steps below:

First check your sound settings. You can check the settings for your microphone by opening your control panel and clicking on the ‘small’ icon in the lower right corner. Then click on ‘Sound wizard’ and choose the ‘Recording’ tab. Click on the ‘Recording’ option to set the Oculus Rift S microphone as default. You can also try changing your power management settings.

If this doesn’t solve your problem you can try using a different headset. The Oculus Rift S has a microphone hidden underneath the plastic. You can find it by pressing Windows + I. This will launch the settings panel. Choose the Privacy option. Find the Microphone option. Click the Change button on the right-hand panel. Check whether the toggle switch ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ is turned on.

Oculus Quest 2 microphone not working

If you’re experiencing issues with your Oculus Quest 2 headset you may want to try restarting your PC. First try connecting the headset to your PC. Then open the Sound Control Panel. Next check the microphone settings and input menu. Make sure the mic is set to the maximum volume. If that doesn’t help try another headset. If the problem still persists try to contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Lastly you may have disabled the headset’s microphone in Steam settings. This setting controls whether desktop apps can access the microphone. Disabling this setting may solve the problem. Also make sure your Quest 2 Microphone is set to ‘Oculus Virtual Audio Device’ in Steam’s settings. In addition your Oculus Quest headset must be set to be an input device for 3rd party VR software.

Oculus Rift S microphone not working on Windows 10

If the microphone on your Oculus Rift S isn’t working on Windows 10 you should check your audio drivers. If your microphone is working on other devices the issue is most likely caused by a conflict with the Oculus Rift S. You can check your audio drivers and update them as necessary by following the on-screen instructions. Alternatively if your microphone isn’t working try unplugging any other peripherals.

You can update the drivers manually but it requires time and effort. First you need to identify the hardware on your PC and find its driver. From there you can update the USB and Sound drivers manually. The next step is to install the new software. It should take some time so you should choose the software that is easy on your computer. Once you’ve installed the new software you can try the new Oculus Rift S microphone on Windows 10.

Basic troubleshooting techniques for rift s microphone

You may notice that your Oculus Rift S microphone is not working properly after connecting a USB peripheral to your PC. This can be because the other device may conflict with the microphone. It is advisable to check the USB ports of your PC and unplug anything that might be interfering with the microphone. Furthermore you should avoid accidentally bending the cable of the Oculus Rift S headset or connecting the mic to a different USB port.

To troubleshoot the microphone first of all you should disable any USB adapter and then turn on your headset. You can do this by pressing Windows + I. This will launch the settings panel. You can then select the Privacy option and navigate to the Microphone section. Make sure that the toggle switch is on. Also you can check the microphone status by pressing the Windows key and type in ‘control’ to open the Run Box. This should bring up the settings of your Oculus Rift S.

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