Oculus Quest 2 Steam VR Alternatives

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The Oculus Quest 2 steam VR headset requires a quick setup process. The device requires a Facebook account and requires you to set up a gaming area. The entire setup process takes less than 10 minutes. It is not comfortable enough for long periods of use. The only major complaint is the price which is around $300. It does not support high-end games like Far Cry or Call of Duty.

Alternatives to Oculus Quest 2

While Oculus Quest 2 has similar outward-facing cameras as the Oculus Rift S it does not have dedicated gaming PC processing power. A high-end mobile processor is enough to push smooth graphics and offer a more versatile VR experience. Here are three alternatives that provide similar visuals and performance. Listed below are their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend them to users who are considering purchasing one of the VR headsets.

The Oculus Quest 2 has a lot of the same positive qualities as its predecessor. However it’s a bit hot in the inside. It’s easy to get soaked in sweat while playing games. You might want to invest in some disposable face masks if you’re sharing your headset with others. In addition the Quest 2 lacks an outside lever to adjust the interpupillary distance. Instead you have to reach inside the headset and push directly on the lenses increasing the risk of smudges and dirty lenses.

Another alternative to Oculus Quest 2 is the HTC Vive. It offers superior details compared to its predecessors with a 120-degree horizontal field of view. But you’ll need a more powerful PC to use it. In addition you’ll need to have an ethernet cable or a 5GHz wireless router to run the SteamVR app. Finally it’s important to note that Oculus Link is not compatible with older versions of the app so it’s worth checking the version number of the desktop app.

Alternatives to Oculus Link

For many gamers Oculus Link is a must-have accessory for Oculus Quest 2 Steam VR. However the cable isn’t always reliable and can damage the Quest 2’s hardware. The Oculus Link cable can snap off the USB-C head and render the headset useless if it can’t be charged. Here are some alternatives to the cable that will still allow you to enjoy your VR experience.

Virtual Desktop is another option an official Quest store app that enables you to play PC VR games without a cable. It allows you to use your PC in-headset and the wireless streaming can reach up to 120Hz if your PC’s processing power and router can keep up with data transfers. Oculus has recently approved wireless tech so it’s no longer necessary to use sideloading methods. This alternative is compatible with most Rift and Steam VR games but has limited support for games like Minecraft.

The Oculus Link requires a USB-C cable but not all PCs have this port. In these cases you can purchase a USB-C to A adapter. However some PCs don’t have USB-C ports and the Oculus Link may act sluggishly. A better alternative is the VR Cover Link Cable a 16-foot USB-C cable with the same specs.

Compatible games with Oculus Quest 2

When playing compatible games with Oculus Quest 2 be sure to choose a PC with a USB-C port. The Oculus Link requires a USB 2.0 or USB-C port. For stability and higher image quality it is best to connect using USB 3.0. This way you can avoid problems with your wireless connection. Alternatively you can use a wired connection. The following guide will explain how to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your PC.

The Oculus Quest 2 requires a PC with a VR compatible video card and can run SteamVR games. You do not need to purchase games from the Oculus VR store. You can download and play popular PC games such as Larcenauts Onward and Population One. If you prefer standalone VR games you can also download and play these games from the Oculus Quest store.

A new update for Oculus Quest headsets improved the reliability of the SteamVR software. Previously users experienced connection blips and had to restart the software to fix the problem. With the latest beta 1.21.5 update this issue has been solved and SteamVR is more reliable. If you’ve been experiencing trouble loading your games with Oculus Quest try this fix. It’s easy to install and will improve the performance of your SteamVR headset.

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