No sound on iPad games? Try this

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My problem was no external audio in any apps (games, gba4ios, YouTube, QuickTime, etc) except google play, iTunes and soundcloud.

To unstick it, take a pair of headphones and insert them into the iPad’s headphone jack and then immediately pull them out. Anyway, I found the solution that worked for my Ipad, basically you have to Reset all settings, don’t worry this doesn’t erase any of your data. Guys, if you have tried all this and it still doesn’t work, just turn your iPad on and off and voila, it worked like magic.

No sound on iPad games? Try this

It has an arrow with a circle and says when you tap on it portrait orientation locked or unlocked please help still No app sound. It has an arrow with a circle and says when you tap on it portrait orientation locked or unlocked please help still no sound from apps. My Ipad speakers were not working with certain gaming and video streaming apps; all of which were non Apple apps. This bug happens if you are using one app to play sounds but then open another app that also requires sound, then go back to the first one.

As a last desperate resort, I used an aerosol air “brush” on both the charger and sound jacks and, hello, it’s working again. To learn more about voice control, check out this article from Apple or go to your nearest Apple Store and ask them if they offer any classes, one-on-one instruction or workshops on using voice control with your iPhone and iPad. You can fix your iPad if it is unable to play sound in games by restarting, unmuting, resetting the lock rotation, unmuting the volume in the game app, turning up the game volume from the app, unmuting the iPad using the side switch, fixing iOS 14 and factory reset. Considering the symptoms of scratching, intermittent issues, and now it won’t turn on, it sounds like a hardware issue rather than software.

Many users complain that the sound on their iPad doesn’t work or have other sound issues with their iPad.

Having no sound on iPad is a common problem

If you have an iPad that seems to be working properly, but you can’t hear any sound coming from it, that can be annoying. The first and most obvious reason why the sound may not be working on your iPad could have something to do with the settings. Now, this is going to be pretty annoying if every morning I have to restart the iPad just because it has decided it doesn’t want to play any sound.

I have a recently upgraded iPad Air 2 my iPad did everything I could it has no mute button so I know it’s not muted anyway, it works with headphones plugged in but once I take them out the sound doesn’t come on at all which is extremely annoying since I do a lot of things with my iPad like watch Netflix FaceTime and FaceTime people etc.

Sound issues on an iPad can be difficult to troubleshoot because you might hear the sound of an app one day and the next it’s muted. In that case, contact the place that repaired your iPad screen and let them know that after this repair, you can no longer play any sound from your iPad. If you have tried all these solutions and you still can’t get the sound back on your iPad, it’s probably a hardware problem. I hadn’t changed any settings, nor had I made any changes to my preferred settings, but this morning (as well as yesterday morning), the iPad refuses to play sound, until I restart it.

If Bluetooth is enabled and the iPad is connected to an external device, such as speakers, the tablet produces no sound. I have been unable to get sound to work on videos embedded in the Montage on Demand app I just downloaded on my iPad Pro. Even though my speakers are not muted on my ipad (iOS 14, , some videos on YouTube and Facebook play without sound. Let’s go over some of the possible solutions so you can get your iPad sound working again as soon as possible.

If it’s a temporary glitch, which sometimes comes up with new software updates, this can eliminate it. But when I FaceTimed my friend and tryed to listen to music and tryed to watch YouTube there is no sound I reset the iPad even updated to see if that was the problem but nope PLZ HELP. I broke my iPad dropped it and my sound was working then so my mom took it to a place to get the screen fixed and when I got it back wich is today I tryed Fine Camera to look for Fine stuff. I tried everything to get my ipad mini out of headphones and what worked was getting a toothpick and just slightly scaped inside the charging dock, the sound worked and I was no longer stuck in headphone mode after that.

iPad sound not working at all

If the above does not give any result and there is still no sound on your iPad, then, there must be something wrong. You may have accidentally turned on the mute feature or you may have connected your iPad to external speakers. Overall, here are the top 8 fixes you can try if your ipad sound is not working at all after iOS update. But, if that’s not the case and still no sound on your iPad, then you have to use other solutions to get the sound back.

Your iPad has a feature called “Do Not Disturb” that stops calls, typing noises, and any sound that disturbs you in the middle of your restful sleep or an important meeting you are in. If you don’t hear any sounds, or if the speakerphone button on the Ringer & Alerts slider is dimmed, your speakerphone may need service. So, sounds are played with any nearby speakers like your AirPods, EarPods, headphones, or any other speaker you connect to your iPad. I’ve tried everything to get sound to work in my games on my iPad and there is sound on other things.

The best way to find out would be to open any app on your iPad and check to see if it has music or sound effects. If you’ve tried all the above methods but still can’t hear sound from your iPad then a quick trip to your nearest Apple authorized service provider should be able to clarify and inspect what’s going on, if a component of your iPad requires replacing or if you’re a new iPad buyer then a replacement will be allowed.

And the wireless method is the easiest, the steps are shown below; try testing by disabling and enabling the Mono Audio option and see if your iPad still has the No Sound problem. Basically, if you have a Bluetooth accessory that normally connects your iPad to play a sound, then it is suggested to completely disable Bluetooth on your iPad temporarily to test if that is the reason why the sound is not playing.

How to unmute the iPad

Depending on your iPad or iPhone model, you may see a small lock icon in the top right corner next to the battery indicator. Tap the icon on the far left of the row to lock the iPad screen or mute iPad alerts, notifications, and sound effects. A common question many iPad and iPad Pro users have has to do with sound output and why their iPad doesn’t play sound. If you have an iPad without Face ID, open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom, but if your iPad has Face ID, swipe down from the top right corner.

If your iPad has a headphone jack, make sure you push the headphone jack all the way in, so it’s not loose. Try this – Restart the iPad by holding down the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple logo appears – ignore the red slider – release the buttons. Thanks for your article I’ve been trying a lot of things, but my iPad kept getting stuck in speaker mode. If that happens to you and your iPad appears stuck in mute and silent, first check that Mute is not enabled by checking the silent mode bell icon.

Your iPad is now muted and won’t make any sound, regardless of how loud or quiet the volume is, until you unmute it by tapping the bell icon again. Clearly, it is stated that the button in the control center would mute ALL sound coming from the iPad, not just the ringer and alerts as is actually the case. This switch can be used to go between mute and sound – sliding it to bring up a bell with no line through it, means you’ve turned the sound back on. I don’t have a switch as I have the iPad2 I have checked that I haven’t muted anything but I haven’t rested anything as I don’t want to lose any data.