NH-D15 Vs NH-D15S

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You may be wondering which is better – the NH-D15 or the NH-D15S? Here’s a comparison between the two. The S variant allows for future fan addition while the normal variant does not. As you can see the difference between these two graphics cards is minimal. But what are the major differences between them? Read on to learn more! And make sure to rate both!


The NH-D15S is similar to the DH-D15 in almost every way. The two models have the same benchmarks specification and packaging. But the NH-D15S uses two fans instead of one. This configuration offers good cooling performance and less noise than the NH-D15. Read on for more information about both models. You can also read the NH-D15 review to find out which one suits your needs best.

The Noctua NH-D15S offers excellent dual tower compatibility. It includes a full six-year manufacturer’s warranty SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system and NT-H1 thermal compound. This case offers excellent compatibility and flexible upgrade options so it’s worth a look if you want dual tower efficiency.

The base output level of the two air coolers is the same. However the dual fan NH-D15 offers a more efficient performance. It can lower temperatures by up to 3-4 degrees Celsius. Nonetheless the single fan NH-D15s keeps its maximum temperature at 60 degrees C. It’s not necessary to add a second fan to your system if you are satisfied with the performance of the single one.

Moreover the Noctua NH-D15S comes with an offset asymmetric design that fixes some of the flaws in the original NH-D14 cooler. The original NH-D14 had no adjustable brackets and the height of the RAM sticks was limited. The NH-D15S addresses these issues and offers a better price-to-performance ratio. In addition the NH-D15S comes with the most user-friendly mounting kit.

The NH-D15 has a slightly wider footprint than the NH-D15S. However the NH-D15S is five millimeters shorter than the NH-D15. It’s also more compact allowing it to fit in many mini-ITX cases. The NH-D15S is compatible with socket/PCIe placement which is crucial for modern gaming PCs.


The NH-D15S and NH-D15 are nearly identical if not identical. The two models have virtually the same features installation and performance. I’ll give a brief overview of the NH-D15S and compare their performance. You can also find more information about the two models in my NH-D15 review.

The NH-D15S features an asymmetrical design with a large aluminium cooling fin stack. A cutout is present at the bottom making the unit easy to install. The cooler comes with one or two 120 mm fans or two 140mm round fans. It also features six 6mm heatpipes. The asymmetrical shape and mirror-like finish of the NH-D15S make it a good choice for many mini-ITX cases.

The NF-A15 is another notable upgrade from the NH-D15. This 140mm PWM fan offers automatic speed control via the motherboard. The fan’s 140mm size is compatible with 120mm fan mounting kits and it comes with an extra NF-A15 PWM fan. This fan also supports Flow Acceleration Channels (FACs) which reduce suction side flow separation. In addition to these features the NF-A15 has a 6-year manufacturer warranty and a SecuFirm 2 mounting kit.

The Noctua NH-D15S is the company’s flagship cooler a version of the NH-D15. The NH-D15S is compatible with larger RAM modules and VRMs. Both models are highly compatible with modern RAM but the NH-D15S has a more compact design and is more silent. The difference between these two models lies in the fan’s placement.

Compared to the NH-D15 the NH-D15S has a single-fan configuration and a single NF-A15 fan. The NH-D15S offers superior RAM and PCIe compatibility and is compatible with AMD and LGA 2011 sockets. You can choose from a variety of RAM mounting options depending on your budget and the kind of memory modules you intend to install.

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