Nerf vs Boomco – Who produces the better dart gun?

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BOOMco (who I’ll refer to as Boomco from now on because the capitals are just too much) are a name you might not be too familiar with. And whilst everyone has heard of Nerf, many people aren’t entirely sure as to the quality of the brand products and whether they’re reliable.

Aside from X Shot appearing on the scene in 2011, there haven’t been too many competitors that have stood a chance against the dominance of Nerf. Nerf are so popular, their name essentially replaces the term dart guns in the majority of cases.

But although they’re not that well known, BoomCo are a brand that have very similar products to Nerf without having the same level of interest and prestige. But, are BoomCo guns as good as Nerf guns, or should you stick with Nerf guns in the majority of cases?

Well, let’s have a look at some of the similarities and differences between the two brands.

Nerf vs Boomco – Brand History

How long have Boomco been around?

Although it might seem like longer due to their increasing popularity, Boomco have only actually been around since 2014. Essentially, they’re Mattel’s reply to Hasbros complete domination of this section of the market. Mattel are known for producing some massive products like Barbie, Hot Wheels and even Uno.

What Mattel are doing right is initially releasing a ton of different products at once. This gives us a variety of different guns to choose from, which is one of Nerf’s main assets.

In terms of the products themselves, they pretty much match Nerf (you can’t really say copy, but they’re pretty similar products in almost every way). They have the Flipbow, which is a direct parallel to Nerf’s Zombie Strike Crossbow. You have the basic Clipfire, which looks like a direct competitors to the N Strike (Nerf’s most popular gun).

But more interestingly, Boomco have tried to introduce some more interesting guns. Boomco guns don’t have a front attachment, which makes them a little different to other brands. They have the Colossal Blitz, which is particularly impressive if you want a decent semi automatic dart gun.

Nerf History

Whilst discussing the history of Nerf is important, much of it is public knowledge. As of 2019, the brand have just reached their half century in age. And for a brand that became almost immediately popular with their Nerf balls, it’s pretty impressive that they’re still at the top of the market this many years later.

Though they were originally known for their Nerf balls, they they transcended into toy guns and dart guns, which is what they’re best known for now. Whilst the N Strike is their most popular gun and is still one of their best, there’s a ton of other options that you might want to consider. Namely any of the Zombie Strike Series (including their Nerf melee series), and also the rival Nemesis is particularly impressive.

Overall, Nerf undoubtedly have a long and prestigious history in the toy industry. They’ve never found a match within the toy gun market, likely because they’re the pioneers that created their own industry.

Which is best, Nerf or Boomco?

Unlike with X Shot, which I disregarded completely in favour of Nerf, I do think that Boomco have a better chance standing up to Nerf.

Although I still have a soft spot for the Nerf Zombie Strike line, there are several great guns that Boomco have released that undoubtedly match up to that of Nerf.

This is especially true for the Halo range of guns that Boomco got the licensing too. If you’re a fan of the game Halo, then you’ll probably find them as cool as I do. But they’re definitely impressive and their Halo assault rifle is pretty awesome.

In terms of a direct comparison between the two, then generally Boomco’s models do seem to have better firing power as an all round statement. Whilst the N Strike and most Nerf guns do work well, Nerf have released more than a few duds over the years (ECS-10 and the Snapfire spring to mind). So, its really up to you to do some more research beforehand and find out what the best Nerf gun really is.


There’s no doubting that these are two of the best brands within the toy gun industry. You’re really going to struggle to find anything better. If you’re looking for a safe option with the widest variety, then it’s probably a better choice to go for Nerf as of now. Although Boomco do have a ton of options, they really pale in comparison if you put them up against Nerf.

But if you’re looking for sheer firepower, then it could be worth considering Boomco. They have some pretty awesome guns in their collection that you shouldn’t overlook, especially the Covenant Needle Blaster, which is pretty awesome in itself. Overall, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook any other brands that are out there – but if you stick to one of these two, you should be pretty safe.

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