Nerf Glasses and Goggles – Are they necessary?

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If you have young children, then the likelihood is that at some point they’re going to ask you about some form of toy gun. This is just natural. And although many people saying it’s just boys that seem to love guns, this doesn’t seem to be the case with my daughter – she absolutely loves them!

Naturally as a parent, the safety of your child is of utmost concern. When I first got my kids a Nerf gun, I was a little dubious as to whether they would be a little dangerous. Naturally as a father, I wanted to wrap my kids up in as much cotton wool as possible to try and protect them from getting hurt. Pretty natural for any parent. So, the first thing I looked into getting along with the Nerf gun was to get them some kid of protection for their eyes.

After a while of forcing them to wear their goggles whilst they played with their Nerf guns, I had to really ask myself whether the glasses I bought were entirely necessary. So, are some form of eye protection (google or glasses) really necessary when using a Nerf Gun?

Nerf Glasses – Yes or No?

For me, I’m of the opinion that you don’t really need to get your child a set of glasses whilst they’re using their Nerf guns. The reality is that Nerf guns do not fire at a particularly fast rate.

Sure, if you’re really close to the gun when you pull the trigger, then you’re a lot more likely to get hurt. Nerf guns travel at an average of 30 miles per hour when they’re released. So if you’re playing Nerf properly, then by the time it gets to your opponent, then the impact is going to be minimal. This isn’t going to cause you any sort of pain, so it’s not too much to worry about.

So instead of making them wear the goggles all the time, I instead sat the kids down and explained to them that there were rules to how they were going to play. The 3 main rules for me were;

  • No shooting at close range – If you’re really close up to your opponent and you shoot them with a Nerf gun, then you can cause a little bit of pain. If you’re close up and you shoot them in the eye, then there is the potential to do a little damage to their eye. Though you’re unlikely to blind anyone, I don’t want to end up driving to A & E dealing with a blind child.
  • Don’t aim for the face – Although it’s unlikely to damage the face if you’re using them at a long distance range, then I still think it’s really important not to use the Nerf guns to target the face. Teaching your kids this could help them to avoid hurting themselves further down the line.
  • Take a break – If your kids are anything like mine, then they can easily get carried away sometimes. I find that the longer they play, the less restraint they have. As they get tired, they care less about the rules and they just want to win (they’re pretty competitive). So, I’ve found it’s best to get them to take regular breaks to avoid them getting too excited.


Overall, the decision of whether you want to get your kids a set of googles to play Nerf with is really subjective. Whilst it’s not weird for a kid to wear glasses whilst playing with guns, it isn’t as necessary as if they’re playing airsoft or paintball.

Generally Nerf have taken a lot of time and they have to go through a ton of different safety measures to ensure that their products aren’t too dangerous for kids. This means that the bullets themselves are really soft, and there’s very little chance of your child actually getting injured whilst playing with Nerf weapons.

If you really are concerned, you can either get your child a set of goggles whilst they play. Or, you could consider getting them a different toy like laser tag, which is great because it’s safe and there’s a ton of different games that you can play. But all in all, your kids generally won’t need a set of glasses to play with their Nerf guns.

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