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One of the best selling Nerf guns of recent years is the Nerf Disruptor. It’s known as the perfect first gun for anyone interested in Nerf, but not sure whether it’s really for them. So, it only makes sense that I make a review on it seeing as I picked up an extra one recently.

The Nerf Disruptor was released in 2016, and since it’s become one of the fan favorites from Nerf fans. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why the Nerf Disruptor might be a good option if you’re after a new Nerf gun (or if you’re interested in other choices, check out my guide to all the best Nerf guns!).

Nerf Elite Disruptor Review

NERF Disruptor Elite Blaster -- 6-Dart Rotating Drum, Slam Fire, Includes 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts -- For Kids, Teens, Adults
  • 6-dart rotating drum: The blaster has a 6-dart rotating drum
  • Quick-draw blaster: Strike fast with this quick-draw blaster
  • Slam-fire action: Fire all 6 darts rapidly with slam-fire action

After owning a ton of Nerf Disruptors over the years, I recently decided to purchase myself a new one to see how well it worked. I headed over to Amazon and picked it up for around $10 bucks, which  is a great price for any Nerf gun.

People usually assume that with the cheaper, smaller Nerf guns that they’re not going to have any power. This isn’t the case with the Disruptor, as it’s as powerful as some of the Nerf guns twice its size. So although it’s pretty small the gun itself is well made and packs a bit of a punch too.

You can see from the design of the Disruptor that it’s designed like your average pistol. Looking at it online, you might think that the Disruptor is really small. But the reality is that it really isn’t that small – in fact, it’s a pretty decent size for a Nerf gun. It has to be to hold its 6 dart clip, which is impressive for a gun of this size.

To prime the Disruptor, you just need to pull back the base of the gun one for each dart fired. This means that if you hold down the trigger and continually pull it back, then you can fire at a pretty past rate. But personally, I prefer using the Disruptor as a stealth gun as opposed to competing as a blast em all type of gun.

Accuracy and Firepower

One thing that you’re probably going to be impressive with the Disruptor is its accuracy. It really is one of the most accurate and easy to use Nerf guns available. In terms of distance, the dart will fire to around 50-60 feet pretty easily if you’re outside and shoot it at the right trajectory.

Unlike larger Nerf guns, you won’t have to worry about using two hands to use the Elite Disruptor – one steady hand is all you’re going to need to pop a few shots off. The only downside of that is that there’s not a great deal of ammo and you’ll have to reload pretty quickly!

Pros and Cons


  • Price – The Disruptor is one of the lowest prices Nerf guns available. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners or those new to Nerf.
  • Accurate – Nerf guns in general are actually pretty accurate. But the Disruptor I find is particularly accurate, probably due to the easy to use sights.
  • One hand wield – In general, the majority of large Nerf guns take two hands to wield. But with smaller Nerf guns like this, you can actually use it with only one hand. This means that you can easily use it with Nerf melee toy weapons, or you can sneak around with it easily.
  • 6 dart capacity – My favorite Nerf toys are often the smaller ones, but one of the reasons I like larger Nerf toys is due to the capacity. A 6 dart capacity for a small Nerf gun is pretty impressive.


  • Not enough for serious Nerf pros – One thing to say about the Disruptor is that it’s the cheap and cheerful option. If you’re looking to get serious about Nerf, then you’re going to want to look at the Rival series or another larger form of Nerf gun.
  • No different to the Strongarm- If you have the Nerf Strongarm and are considering upgrading, then it’s really not worth it. They’re pretty much the same Nerf gun except for a few slight differences.


Overall, I’d recommend the Disruptor as the perfect Entry Level Nerf gun. If you’re not sure whether Nerf is for you, or you’re on a tight budget and don’t have a ton of cash to spend, then the Disruptor is going to be the best choice for you. You could also look at the Nerf melee range to find some more fun! It would be the perfect gun for a Nerf Party, too.

For its size, it has awesome firepower and unlike other Nerf guns like the Jolt and the Mega BigShock, you don’t just get one or two bullets with it. A small pistol with a 6 dart clip is particularly impressive, and you won’t need to spend a ton of time reloading as you would with lower capacity guns. Sure, there are undoubtedly better Nerf guns available if you’re willing to up your budget significantly. But for it’s price, the Nerf Disruptor is definitely pretty hard to beat.

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